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Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Palette, Review

Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review

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And by that I mean, eyeshadow love. In today's post, we will chat about that one 2023 palette that sold out in record times across the Globe. Let's finally discuss Natasha Denona's latest creation I Need A Nude Palette. Is it worth your time and money?

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About the Product

Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Palette (69 USD; Made in Italy) - is the brand's newest medium-sized, 15-pan eyeshadow palette. It has a cool-toned color story with all-new shades in various finishes.

Packaging: the I Need A Nude Palette comes in a nude-toned design. The 3D plexiglass details on the lid are a standout feature. This palette comes with a high-quality mirror, and as usual, you can easily remove and rearrange the pans to your liking. In total, you get 16.7 g/ 0.589 oz worth of product. This is less than what you would get from Natasha Denona normally (19.25g/ 0.67 oz).

Formula & Texture: Natasha Denona notes that this palette features some never-seen-before textures and colors. Particularly, a new "wet effect" formula in two different finishes - sparkling and glossy. At this point, I own quite a few of her palettes, so I instantly noticed the differences.

The seven mattes in the I Need A Nude Palette have zero kick-up and while they feel smooth, they are also reasonably sheerer compared to the old formula. Not to say that one is better than the other, they are just slightly different. The level of opacity is a bit more subdued compared to BIBA, My Dream Eyeshadow Palette, or even Retro Eyeshadow Palette, which means you are going to get more of a watercolor effect with these shadows. You can easily build up the intensity if desired.

Next up, we have two metallics (Travertine and Whisper) that I would describe more as pearlescent highlight shades. They are nice but also the type of metallics we have seen many times before.

Lastly, we have a very exciting "sparkling foiled" formula (Ella, Muse, Filigree) that feels like buttery smooth heaven, with the most intense pigment and a high-shine sparkly finish. The "sparkling wet" shades (Delilah, Mia) are finely milled silvery shimmers with a colored base to them. They work best as toppers. The last remaining "glossy wet" shade (Sheen) is a glistening warm champagne that is a less intense version of the "sparkling wet" finish.

Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Palette Review

Application: the brand offers some of the best eyeshadow formulations imaginable, which also means that the I Need A Nude Palette is incredibly user-friendly. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will have the best time experimenting with this palette.

I would suggest using your fingertips for the application of shimmery/glittery shades in the palette, as they work best with the warmth of the skin and deliver the most high-shine wet effect. Some toppers might have a bit of fallout. However, this is nothing a micellar water and a Q-tip wouldn't fix.

Mattes blend and fuse beautifully, with some appearing more saturated on the lid (vs swatched on the arm). I would recommend using an eye primer with these shades if you have oily or hooded lids.

As always all of my swatches are raw and unedited (over dry skin; daylight)

Wear: these shadows wear beautifully throughout the day. There might be a slight fading in sight, but that is only towards the 8th-hour mark. I love how shimmers get even shinier towards the end of the day.

Colors: the description of the palette is a "stone feel", which is accurate. Although it is labeled as a cool-toned color story, to me it still runs on the neutral side with some medium-warm shades (Wit, Vague) in the mix. The shade selection in the I Need A Nude Palette is cohesive and beautiful. It would be a perfect choice for events, like bridal makeup, or everyday wear.

Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Palette Review


As a makeup reviewer, I always get excited whenever new eyeshadow palettes are being released. Especially, by the industry geniuses like Natasha Denona. Her formulations are truly outstanding. Which is why my expectations for the new I Need A Nude Palette were high. The best way to describe this palette would be "a delicate color story with a flirtatious sparkle and romantic feel". There are so many looks you can create with these shadows, from an everyday five-minute makeup to a full-on bridal glam. If these cool-neutral undertones speak to you, you are going to love this palette. If you prefer more of a warm tone vibe, with golden or coppery sparkle, it might not be exactly what you are looking for. After all, the shimmers here tend to lean to an icy-silvery side which is not everybody's cup of tea. As for me, I adore this palette for its quality, innovation, and performance. It gets an A rating from me.

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