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Moss Hand & Body Pause Collection, Review

Moss Hand & Body Lotion Pause Hand & Body Wash Pause Review

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Korean beauty is a beloved topic on this platform and today's post is no exception. We will discuss some new products from my friends at Be Mused Korea (a wonderful webshop where you can find a lot of unique KBeauty gems) from the brand called Moss.

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My Skin: dry, sensitive

About the Collection

Moss Hand & Body Wash Pause (32 USD, Made in Korea) and Hand & Body Lotion Pause (32 USD, Made in Korea) are two products that will be the focus of this review. Both claim to soothe your body in mind, as well as refresh and nourish your skin.

Packaging: in line with the latest sustainable technologies, this packaging is fully recycled (and recyclable) and follows eco-friendly initiatives. With each bottle (300 ml/ 10 fl oz) you get a separate pump cap that makes it easy to dispense the product. This design is simple yet modern and will fit in any bathroom setting.

Formula: when it comes to Korean skin or body care brands, we all know that the country is famous for its cutting-edge technologies. However, the use of unique ingredients is what intrigues me the most. Moss is no exception, as the brand created a proprietary blend of rare star ingredients including Icelandic Moss Extract, True Rose of Jericho Extract, Silver Birch Leaf Extract, and Tea Tree Leaf Extract. The formula is meticulously crafted, with each moss being collected from a pristine source so that you can experience the best healing power of nature.

Both products are water-based and rich in Glycerin (moisture retention). The Hand & Body Lotion Pause also lists Shea Butter (nourishing) as one of its key ingredients.

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Texture: while the Hand & Body Wash Pause has this classic liquid gel feel to it, the Hand & Body Lotion Pause has a whipped texture that is very close to that of Greek yogurt (in other words - uber smooth and rich but not sticky or heavy).

Scent: both products list Fragrance high up on the ingredient list, which is something that you easily notice from the get-go. Now, while the scent is very earthy and enjoyable (predominantly woody with some figs in the mix), if you are sensitive to fragrances in your body care as a whole, perhaps you can opt for some other fragrance-free alternatives. On me, the scent lingers for some time before fully disappearing. If you are a fan of Jo Malone's Wood Sage And Sea Salt, you might quite like this scent as I find them to be very similar.

Moss Hand & Body Wash Lotion Pause Review

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This line is great for people, who love indulging their senses, especially when it comes to creating that perfect "spa at home" atmosphere. Moss body-care range is ideal for setting the mood and teleporting yourself into the green world of whimsical forest fairies. What is even better, these products seem to work well for my dry and sensitive skin, keeping it smooth and nourished.


If you like earthy-scented body products (think fig), there might be something here for you. I think Moss did a nice job developing this line. Both products live up to their claims and are enjoyable in daily use. I also find that for the price, you get a great amount of product, which means you will enjoy these for a long time. I would love to see some citrusy, perhaps even sweet scents from the brand in the future.

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