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Caudalie Premier Cru Line, Review

Caudalie Premier Cru Line Review

the older the grapes, the sweeter the wine (and better the skincare)


It has been a long time coming but after months of testing the revamped Premier Cru line, I am ready to share my thoughts with you guys. This collection has received a lot of praise in the beauty community, however, is it worth the hype?

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My Skin: dry, sensitive

About the Collection

If you are a friend of the blog (big hug!) then you already know that for the past year or two, Caudalie have been reintroducing their cult favorite lines one by one. The brand is now fully vegan and cruelty-free. There is a big emphasis on the new sustainable initiatives and earlier this spring an upgraded Premier Cru line was reintroduced to us. Also, all of these products were created in a collaboration with the Harvard Medical School (so they are backed up by science, baby).

The key ingredients listed are Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), various molecular sizes of Sodium Hyaluronate, and Grape Seed Oil. The core formula is essentially water-based with a peculiar mix of Tightening Sugars (which should smooth wrinkles in 3 minutes and last for up to 6 hours) and Viniferine (effective anti-dark spot treatment). There is a faint added fragrance in both face products, which is listed towards the end of the list (so its content is low). To me Premier Cru smells like spa skincare - it is a very clean scent that does not linger for long. The patented TET8™ technology promises to quickly tighten your skin and target signs of aging.

At the moment there are three products offered: face serum, eye cream, and moisturizer (all of which we will talk about in a second).

The Face Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Face Serum (129 USD; Made in France) - is described as an intensely hydrating face serum that should improve skin's elasticity and help fade dark spots, lines, and wrinkles.

The serum comes in a mattified glass bottle, containing 30 ml/ 1 oz of product. This packaging has a chic yet minimal feel to it, but the best part is - it is fully recyclable.

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum Review

image source: Caudalie

As far as texture goes, this serum has a milky/gel-like consistency and gets easily absorbed, leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This texture does not feel sticky and although it is quite moisturizing, it does not look greasy which makes me think that all skin types would enjoy this well-balanced formulation.

Ideally, you can use the Premier Cru Anti-Aging Face Serum during both your AM and PM routine. It creates a nice occlusive layer for other products to go on top of and does not feel heavy. Little goes a long way, so I would suggest using about a pearl-sized amount for the face and adding more if you wish to cover the neck/decollete.

Initial Results

Skin feels soft, hydrated, and bouncy. No signs of irritation.

Long-term Results

Signs of pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are lessened. Skin is plump, clear, and bright. Results are gentle yet visible. Although I am not the exact target audience for this line (think 40+), even at my young age I notice just how radiant and healthy my skin has become. Knowing the potency of this formula, I only use it a few times a week (rotating between my other serums). However, I can imagine how magical it can be for beauties of a particular age who will use it regularly.

Final Thoughts

If you are 40+, then the Premier Cru Anti-Aging Face Serum will work wonders for you. I asked my mom to kindly test it with me so that I can have a better understanding of the formula on different skin types, and she is truly loving this new serum. On mature skin, it is quite skin tightening and refreshing, without ever feeling heavy or irritating. We both think that this formula shines when it comes to keeping the skin bouncy, well hydrated, and luminous. For those that don't mind investing in their skincare, this is a lovely option. I give it an A rating.

The Eye Cream

Caudalie Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream Review

Caudalie Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream (79 USD; Made in France) - is described as a lightweight formula that brightens, and lifts the eye contour. It promises to tackle wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Unlike other Premier Cru products, this one is fragrance-free.

As you can see from the image below, this eye cream has a handy metallic applicator that you can use to distribute the product and gently massage the skin. It usually keeps the same cool temperature, which feels extra nice (especially if you are feeling puffy or tired).

The tube is hygienic and perfect for travel; it contains 15 ml/ 0.5 oz of product. Aside from the skin-loving ingredients mentioned earlier, the Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream does have added pearlized particles of a natural origin in it (to add a touch of brightness). This cream is also rich in Avocado and Olive Oils.

Caudalie Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream

image source: Caudalie

The texture feels quite creamy, yet lightweight at the same time. This eye cream has a slight, beige tint to it, yet it sets clear. I do not notice the pearl bits as much, as they are quite finely milled and not at all sparkly or shimmery. If you want a cooling effect, use the applicator. Otherwise, go in with your fingers for a quicker application. The Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream can be used both day and night; it plays well with makeup and is generally a hassle-free/straight-to-the-point type of product.

Initial Results

Skin is visibly brighter and well-hydrated.

Long-term Results

Noticeably improved fine/smile lines. Small texture bumps under the eye caused by dryness (not to be confused with milia) are flattened, practically gone after a month of use. I am a proud owner of hereditary dark circles, so my pandas did not go anywhere. But! I am so impressed with how well this formula worked for me texture-wise, so I don't mind it.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a hunt for a potent, effective, result-driven eye cream - look this way. Eye skincare is always quite pricey, so it is important to know whether or not you will be seeing the results. From my experience with the Premier Cru Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream, I noticed them after a week of use. I genuinely love all of the Caudalie eye creams I have tried in the past (they are the only ones I continuously repurchase), and this one is probably the most advanced "grown up" formula that they offer. As a preventative, anti-aging solution it is lovely. I have extremely sensitive eyes and thankfully this product not only keeps the delicate under-eye hydrated, but it also improves skin texture over time, and for that alone, I give it A+. If you only want to try one product from this line, get the eye cream. If you prefer more of a gel-like texture, try the brand's Resveratrol Lift Firming Eye Gel Cream instead.

The Face Cream

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti Aging Cream Moisturizer (119 USD; Made in France) - is described as a powerful anti-aging formula that visibly plumps and tightens the skin. It promises to improve elasticity/firmness and diminish fine lines/wrinkles. This is the only product in the line that comes with refillable cups that can be purchased separately.

The glass jar has quite a "high-end" weight to it and contains 50 ml/ 1.6 oz worth of product (the same amount for the refills). It is quite well-made, so I can easily see how you can only buy the refills once you have the original packaging.

The formula is certainly on the rich cream side, so it might not work that well for people that prefer more of a gel-like texture. I have dry skin, so for me, it is perfect. You only need a cent-sized amount for your face and neck. Similar to other Premier Cru products discussed in this post, you can use this cream both in the morning and in the evening. I prefer the latter, especially during hot months of the year, opting for something like the brand's Vinosource Hydra Moisturizing Sorbet during the daytime (which is quite moisturizing yet not as potent).

Initial Results

Skin is mega hydrated and soft. Even on days when it is a bit irritated (breakouts, redness, etc.), the cream manages to calm and soothe it.

Long-term Results

As time goes by, skin is becoming more silky smooth and plump. There is little to no texture; dry patches re-appear at a much slower pace (I might notice some texture around the nose perhaps once a month if not less). Breakouts heal faster and hyperpigmentation is minimized. Overall, skin is radiant, well balanced, and glowing.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier in this post, in theory, I am not "old enough" to be using such advanced skincare. However! Can you blame a girl for trying? Even though I have years ahead of me before I turn 40+, I am still quite impressed with the results I got from using this cream as part of my nighttime routine for several months now. The Premier Cru Anti Aging Cream Moisturizer is a wonderfully rich moisturizer that will be loved by beauties of all ages with drier skin types. As far as sensitivity goes, I noticed that my skin is more resilient now compared to how it was back in March before I started using this line. This cream works beautifully with the Premier Cru serum, however, you can use them separately. Those of you that don't mind splurging on skincare and want a formula that goes an extra mile, look this way. Another hit for me, A.

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