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Bite Beauty Changemaker Complexion System, Review

bite beauty changemaker foundation and primer review

Clean, Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Lovers, Rejoice!


Those of you, who have been reading my blog for a while, know just how much I adore Bite Beauty. I have been a massive fan ever since I created my very own lipstick shade at their Lip Lab in Soho, New York (p.s. I still have and love it) and this year the brand have launched their very first collection of complexion products. I am very excited to finally present it to you guys! Curious? Then please keep on scrolling.

My Skin: dry, sensitive // light-neutral complexion

About the Collection

So what is Changemaker Complexion System all about?

Although Bite Beauty have always been known and appreciated for their clean formulas (that were good enough to eat - literally), starting 2020 the brand is 100% vegan. The new and easy to follow three-step complexion system includes: primer, foundation and pressed powder.

bite beauty changemaker foundation primer powder review

Changemaker Skin-Optimizing Primer

My personal belief is that it is crucial to always prep before makeup application. It can be as simple as making sure your skin is exfoliated, moisturized and protected from the UV rays (obviously).

These primers are uber lightweight and tint-free. They sheer out completely, thus becoming one with your skin and getting absorbed in no time. I find that the normal-to-oily skin version has a very faint clean scent to it, whereas normal-to-dry has none. This should not bother any of you though, because it won't linger anyway. Mattifying primer does smooth and blur pores quite a bit, without feeling tacky or overly balmy/silicone-y; hydrating primer does not only refresh the skin, but [to my surprise] it actually helps hide an appearance of pores and minimize texture too.

Who will enjoy these? If you love a good primer and are on a hunt for a formula that will not just prep, but also have some very needed skincare properties to it, look this way. Both primers feel weightless and help makeup glide on smoother and last longer.

bite beauty changemaker foundation primer powder review

Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation

This is my favorite part, because as you might have guessed from my previous articles, I do love a good foundation. Even more - perfecting my base is the most enjoyable part of any makeup routine.

Having said that, I cannot express just how happy I am that Bite Beauty have created their very first Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation (39.50 USD; Made in Italy). Do not be fooled by this cute tinted moisturizer-esque packaging - this foundation can give you a solid medium coverage in a heartbeat. But here is what I appreciate the most: if you want that second-skin, "no makeup" makeup, eye-deceiving base - this product will do it for you (no questions asked). Oh, have I mentioned that it lasts and looks amazing all day long too?

Now, opposed to what I have expected - this formula does not have a dewy finish; I would describe it as natural-satin, one that looks just like your skin (neither glowy nor matte) and does not accentuate texture or pores. Texture is creamy, weightless and nicely pigmented all at the same time, so you can easily adjust the level of coverage by adding less or more product. Personally speaking, I want to show off fruits of my skincare labor, which is why I use as little foundation as possible. I typically go from the center of my face outwards and by the time I reach my jawline, forehead or chin - I pretty much have nothing left on my fingers. And yes, I do recommend applying a product like this with fingertips (if you want less coverage) or synthetic brushes (if you want more coverage).

Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation has a very light and pleasant scent, which reminds me of rose water toners I love so much. The scent does not last and I am here to report that it did not cause irritation. The star ingredient here is yet again Maqui Berry, which is known for its amazing antioxidant qualities.

I would not expect anything less from the brand and luckily this foundation does live up to its wonderful claims. It never gets cakey, thick or blotchy. It does not move around, get greasy or separate. I would say that it looks exactly the same all day, getting a bit dewy throughout the T-zone (which is normal and happens to me no matter what foundation I wear). I happen to like the way it looks after a few hours of wear and with 32 shades available, there should be a color-match for all of us.

Who will enjoy it? Since this product has a very skin-like finish and it stays put for as long as you choose to wear it, I can easily see how a formula like this could work for all skin types. Naturally, you can prime your skin according to its needs to make sure foundation looks that extra bit flawless. Perfect choice for those of you, who want to even things out in the most natural-looking way possible.

Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder

Please click on images to zoom in

Isn't this the cutest compact you have seen lately? Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder (36 USD; Made in Italy) aka the final step in our Changemaker Complexion System.

This little guy comes in eight shades and is made of finely milled volcanic minerals (so long, talc!) to blur and mattify. It feels extra soft to the touch and depending on the tools that you choose to apply it with, you can either set your base lightly or add more to build the coverage. The finish is natural and velvety smooth.

I do believe that unless you have dry/very dry skin, you won't be able to even notice this product once it is on. It is that fine and undetectable. If you want a weightless powder with a bit of tint to it, you might really enjoy this new antioxidant-rich formula.

Who will enjoy it? In my opinion, this powder is geared towards people with normal, combination and oily skin types. If you play for the drier skin team, then you might find that it can land a bit more obviously on top of your textured skin parts (like it did on my forehead for example). To be fair, my skin does not enjoy this cold winter season anyway, so maybe once summer comes around I will be able to use this powder more.

Wearing all three products on the image above


Changemaker Complexion System is a home run in my not-so-humble opinion. I believe there is something here for everyone - whether you have drier or oilier skin type, this line has got you covered. I do hope that the brand creates a clean and vegan alternative to my well-loved translucent powders for dry skin in the future (I oddly feel like I am making a cheeky personal request here). All in all, this is a beautiful collection of products that will enhance complexions of beauties of all colors and ages. I admire this new vegan direction of the brand and look forward to seeing more gems from Bite Beauty.

P.S. if you want to get your hands on the entire trio (with a nice little discount) check out the brand's exclusive offer here.

What do you guys think about this new line? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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