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Top Five Beauty Products You Should Try, July

sephora summer 2019 bestsellers review

Perfectly blinding summer products to scare those retrogrades and eclipses away


Seems like everyone's under a retrograde attack this month and I, your trusted beauty junkie, thought it was a perfect time to distract you with some new, sparkly and glowy launches. In this post I am going to share my top five (+ 1 bonus) product discoveries of June/July. So, if you are interested to hear more, then just keep on scrolling!

#1 Jelly Much Shadow

At first I thought it was going to be one of those annoying "putty" play-doh types of products (which I generally never spend my money on), however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was in fact one of the most glorious shimmery cream eyeshadow formulas out there. Now, I love my Charlotte and Tom, but Colourpop Jelly Much Shadow (8 USD; Made in USA) is on something different.

Imagine gel and mousse having a baby - this is exactly what this texture feels like. Every pot comes with a protective lid, so that your product doesn't dry out quickly. Naturally, the best way to apply a shadow like this would be with your fingertips. Certain shades appear more pearlescent/metallic, while others have a lot of micro duochrome sparkle (I prefer the latter category because it truly is one-of-a-kind). Great thing about Jelly Much Shadow is that it delivers the most insane colour pigmentation, without you having to add water or use various mixing mediums to make it seem opaque, "editorial wet" or vibrant. They stay put and don't crease (like, at all!).

Application tip: work one eye at a time; if you choose to blend out your cream shadow with a brush, then go for synthetic bristles and make sure to wait for your colour to set just little bit before adding a second layer; this way you won't lift the first layer by accident. Once these set, they are not going anywhere! You can use them without an eye primer, as well as on top of your favourite powder shadows.

Colourpop offer a plethora of colours to choose from on their website and if you are eager to discover this innovate [and fabulous] formula, hurry up!

#2 Body Lava

Summer is a perfect season to bare it all and show some skin. Tan or no tan, the latest trend is all about that glow, baby! And here are three amazing shades of Fenty Beauty Body Lava Body Luminizer (59 USD; Made in Italy) that you are going to love in 2019.

fenty beauty body lava review

Let's start off by saying that one bottle is going to last you a lifetime, so don't be that scared by a higher price tag. Even with a lot of other carbon copies on the market, I still believe that Rihanna's creation is at the top of my list for a number of reasons with key ones being: a. they look bomb, b. they smell great, c. they last a really long time.

There was a rumor circling around, basically stating that Body Lava Body Luminizer is uber sticky. And I have to say - only if you apply way too much product on your skin. From my experience, the best way to apply it would be by using a densely packed synthetic brush; something like the brand's very own Face & Body Kabuki Brush (34 USD; Made in China) will do a great job. This brush will allow an even product distribution and seamless blend, where you can still enjoy that Kiss It Better dew and sparkle, yet without it feeling like you've slathered on honey. A little goes a very (very!) long way, so as long as you use this shimmering body veil sparingly, it is going to be your BFF! Personally, I never layer or use more than one pump for a certain part of the body (in other words: the smaller your application area is, the less product you need).

Cult-favourite Trophy Wife is a new, limited edition shade, which happens to be my personal favourite. With this golden-goddess product on, the only two other things I need are Aperol Spritz and the latest issue of Vogue.

If you are based in the UAE, you can now get yours online for 260 AED here:

#3 Glowmotions

If you don't care about micro-sparkles, but still want that Gisele body glow, do yourself a favor and check out one of the Sol De Janeiro Glowmotions (35 USD; Made in USA). Unlike the previous product, this body illuminator is an actual blend of nourishing oils, that will combat dryness and add a very subtle sheen to your skin all in one go.

sephora summer 2019 bestsellers review

The shade I am using is called Rio Sunset and it gives me that natural champagne/translucent sheen. If you crave a slightly more bronzed touch, you will enjoy something like Copacabana Bronze more. There are five shades in total, so it is safe to assume that there is something here for everyone. While being rich, the formula glides on effortlessly and never feels sticky.

But there are a few things you should keep in mind before applying it: a. your skin should be dry, so avoid applying any other body lotions or creams beforehand, b. the scent is quite strong, so make sure it is one that you are going to enjoy before you even buy it, c. this product is more about that "glaze" and healthy body sheen - it is nowhere near as blinding as Body Lava Body Luminizer, however! For a girl/boy, who only wants to sport an inoffensive glow, it is beautiful.

Again, make sure to use this product sparingly in order to avoid transfers etc.

#4 Wanderlust Blush

Last month the entire beauty community was screaming about these new blushes and now I can see why - Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush (22 USD; Made in USA) is something special indeed.

I hear what you are saying "they look just like every other blush, so what's the deal?". Simple packaging aside, these are some of the prettiest semi-glowy blushes that I have tried in a while. You know how some are either too glittery or too chalky matte? Well, Buxom gave us the best of both worlds: healthy, youthful sheen of a glowy product with pigmentation and longevity of a good satin blush.

There are currently six shades available, all being extremely wearable and universally flattering. The two you see above are: Mykonos (peach) and Seychelles (bronze). The latter one in particular does not appear that exciting when you just look at it in the pan, but on your cheeks... it is what JLo dreams are made of. Smooth, luminous perfection. What is even better - these blend like a silky dream, last all day long, surviving heat and rain (hello NYC, I'm talking to you).

The only downside (and that is a very personal thing) is the scent. These have a very noticeable sweet "tropical fruits" type of a fragrance added to them, which is a little too strong for my nose at times.

#5 LUST: Lip Gloss

If you are a friend to the blog (hugs!), then you might remember my initial review on Pat McGrath LUST: Lip Gloss (28 USD; Made in USA) from a while back (click here if you want to read it). It's been more than a year now and the brand added a lot more fun, exciting new colours to the original range, one of which was all I've been wearing during my recent two-week vacation.

No matter what colour you decide to go for, you won't be disappointed with the formula. Pat created a gorgeous selection of finishes: from clear or high-shine all the way to shimmer and glitter. The latter category happens to be my absolute favourite: it gives you the most multi-dimensional, juicy pout of life. Plus glittery particles come in all sorts of colours, making every shade fun and unique. Whether you decide to wear them on their own or on top of your favourite lipstick - people are going to stare at your lips, itching with jealousy and wondering: where on earth you got that gloss from? are those lip fillers? why are you so fine?

My two personal favourites are: Aliengelic and Earth Angel. On my lips above [another front-runner]: Dare To Bare. These guys have a faint vanilla scent, wear longer than your run-of-the-mill gloss and never feel sticky or gloppy.

#6 Bonus Product!

Last but not least, I thought it would be absolutely awful not to mention my new favourite Real Techniques Sugar Crush Miracle Complexion Sponge in the colour Pink (6 USD; Made in China).

sephora summer 2019 bestsellers review

Other new colours are Peach (one you see on your left) and Berry. While I haven't tried Peach just yet (a shade that appears to have a lot of glitter particles in it), Pink has been my go-to for a month now. Just like Peach, it also has a few shiny specs in it, that thankfully neither feel gritty or abrasive, nor do they stick to your face, since they are actually part of the sponge's very own texture.

The quality is on par with the brand's original [orange] sponge - these feel soft, blend makeup well and are easy to clean. Having said that, the colour might noticeably fade after multiple washes, so keep that in mind when opting for one of these bad boys. I will definitely repurchase mine nevertheless; 6 USD versus 20 USD is quite a steal.

What do you guys think about these hot summer picks? Let's chat some more in the comments!

Purchased products and PR samples; full disclaimer here

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