Lisa Eldridge The Ultimate True Velvet Lipstick Collection, Review

lisa eldridge plush velvet lipstick collection review

Just because it is sold out right now - doesn't mean it won't be back in stock soon


That moment when you realize that you were among first lucky customers to order the most sought-after Lisa Eldridge lipsticks, but somehow your review went live in the middle of April. As much as I do not want to bother readers with unneeded personal life details - let's just say I had a very turbulent period from December to February and now that [thank God!] everything is getting back to normal (and I found time to go through boxes of stuff I bought before Christmas), I came across an absolutely exquisite plush velvet makeup pouch filled with three [currently sold out] red lipsticks. It would be a shame not to review these bad boys for you guys, because they will be back in stock at some point in the future and if you want to know whether or not they are worth the splurge and how do they compare to other high-end lipsticks - then just keep on scrolling!

About the Collection

If you pride yourself on being a makeup junkie, then you already know who Lisa Eldridge is (only one of the best makeup artists in the entire World). I have been watching Lisa's tutorials for more than seven years now and it goes without saying that I learned a lot throughout this time. Lisa taught me a lot of things and first that come to mind are: the art of pin-point concealing, how to glue individual lashes, apply gel eyeliner and finally - how to wear a red lipstick.

Lisa is one of the most inspiring women to me and one of these days I will treat myself to a couple of her rings (the Lisa and the Romy are going to look perfect on my index fingers). A girl can dream, ok?