New Makeup Tools: Hot Vs. Not

makeup tools review

Time for a good old 'brushes and sponges' haul!


So... I did some shopping. In this post we are going to chat about some of the new/popular releases from brands like BeautyBlender, L'oreal, Real Techniques and Sephora Collection. Some of it good, some of it great, some of it mweh. Curious? Then please keep on scrolling!

beautyblender surface simple review

Sur.Face Simple

While I was patiently waiting for a 6 dollar mixing palette to come back in stock on (BTW: it was never back in stock), I came across BeautyBlender very own [sleek] version called Sur.Face Simple (30 USD; comes with a travel case and mixing wand). Do you mix makeup on the back of your hand? Do you hate having to rub your skin with micellar water afterwards? Then you probably thought about investing in one of these little guys too.

I am not going to sugarcoat it, I do not use this palette at all. For starters, it is a bit bulky and heavy to hold. While I appreciate its modern and aesthetically-pleasing design, I have no desire to clean it after every use. I don't mind washing my sponge every day, but I do have a bit of a pet peeve when it comes to dirty surfaces (mirrors, windows, phone/computer screen - you name it!) and it takes me at least good five minutes every time to first wipe off makeup residue with Kleenex, run the palette under water, towel-dry it and spray antiseptic surface spray to ensure there is no bacteria left. Exhausted yet? Because I am!