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MOTHERSHIP Eyeshadow Palettes By Pat McGrath LABS, Review

pat mcgrath mothership eyeshadow palettes review

aka review of The World's Best Eyeshadow Palettes


Most of you guys already know that Pat McGrath is my weakness. While I've only reviewed her lip and face products before, as well as mini eyeshadow palettes (all reviews will be linked at the end of this post), I figured now was the best time to pull out the big guns and chat about iconic MOTHERSHIP palettes, two of which I have purchased a few weeks ago. So whether you are still looking for that perfect holiday gift (for yourself included) or want to make the best use out of your 15/20% discount at Sephora, this post might be right up your makeup alley!

pat mcgrath mothership eyeshadow palettes review

About the Product

Now, I am sure you are wondering "what makes these palettes so special?". During the decade-long period that I am wearing makeup, I've tried a plethora of brands and formulas (both high- and low-end). While I enjoy Tarte mattes, Makeup Geek foiled shadows or even MAC loose pigments - once you touch Pat McGrath eyeshadows, there is no going back. Natasha Denona used to hold the"World's Best Eyeshadows" title, but not until Mother claimed her throne. I do not think that it is a coincidence that Pat herself advises to use her palettes "without caution"; she sure knows that once you're in, it is a point of no return.

While they are quite expensive, quality is excellent and always consistent. You get what you are paying for and these shadows practically blend themselves into perfection. Not surprising, considering Pat McGrath is the most influential figure in the makeup world today and if you are in the mood to splurge on outstanding beauty products - look this way.

pat mcgrath bronze seduction eyeshadow palette review

MOTHERSHIP (125 USD; Made in Italy) palettes have x10 pans each and come in five different colour combinations. Every palette is labeled using Roman numerals (I, II, III etc.), which is something you can see on the backside of each palette.

Packaging: these bad boys come in exquisite, sturdy (and minimalistic) black and gold packaging, having a satisfying "high-end" weight to it. Probably not the best for traveling, but certainly oh-so-perfect for your vanity table. The brand's very own hieroglyphs are not just glued, they are actually engraved - a small touch that makes your palette even more luxurious. You do get a high-quality mirror here, however, shadow names are listed on a separate paper card that comes with every palette. Not a massive deal-breaker for me personally.

pat mcgrath mothership eyeshadow palettes review

Colours & Finishes: these are cruelty-free shadows that are available in a variety of finishes. Every palette offers a well-balanced selection of matte, satin, metallic and at least two (or more) pressed glittery duochrome pigments. Aside from Xtreme Black and Astral Ghost Orchid, all shades are unique to every single palette. You can easily create an infinite amount of looks with one palette alone; since you get your basic everyday shades + some unique pops of colour [and amazing glitzy eyeshadow toppers] your options are truly endless. Personally speaking, when I look at these palettes, I am always attracted to the last four colours on the right side. Pat typically places your "wild card" shades there: always a bright pop of colour, as well as two-three delicious chameleon-pigments.

Formula: as I've mentioned earlier, all Pat McGrath shadows are of an excellent quality and I have yet to come across a single dud. Her mattes are finely milled and smooth, her metallics are buttery and foiled, her pressed pigments reflect the light like no other. You do not need much product on your brush to achieve a perfect colour opacity. There is practically no kick-up, however, glittery pigments can cause minor fallout.

Application: from my experience, especially with her newest Bronze Seduction palette, some shades do require a glue (alternatively you can use Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner - a base I use with all of my glitters). When working with pressed glitters - I would recommend either doing your eye makeup first or using glue/tacky base and patting motion to ensure zero fallout; using your fingers is the best technique in my book, otherwise opt for a flat synthetic brush. As for all other finishes, I do not need to dwell on - they are perfect. Doesn't matter whether you are a makeup beginner or pro, you will be able to achieve a perfect look in no time. Build colours gradually and just let your creativity shine!

pat mcgrath mothership palettes review

Wear: these last a very long time on the eye (note: I do use a primer) and begin to fade gracefully around 6-7th hour mark. Of course if you use a special base for glitters here, those will last all day/night long. The minute Pat creates her own primer, I will get one in a heartbeat, but for now good old MAC Paint Pot will do.

Colours: now, as I have mentioned earlier, every MOTHERSHIP palette tells a different colour story. Below is your quick [cheat] guide:

MOTHERSHIP I Subliminal (neutral-cool tones, pops of gold and blue)

MOTHERSHIP II Sublime (warm tones, pops of green and peach)

MOTHERSHIP III Subversive (neutral-cool tones, pops of pink and purple)

MOTHERSHIP V Bronze Seduction (warm tones, pops of rose gold, red and old gold)

Please click on images to zoom in. As always, all of my swatches are raw and unedited (no added colour saturation or brightness here baby)

The Look

pat mcgrath bronze seduction palette review


While I love both MOTHERSHIP palettes that I own, I do think that MOTHERSHIP V Bronze Seduction is the brand's BEST creation yet. Especially if you are into warm tones and some shimmer, seriously - you won't even be able to find dupes here. This palette is absolutely phenomenal; certainly the best eyeshadow palette I own. Period.

If you don't feel as risque in the eyeshadow department and glitter frightens you, then I would recommend going with either I, II or III (all of which are equally gorgeous). See which one calls your name and I can assure you - you will treasure your palette like no other. If you don't like big palettes, but still want to experience the magic of Pat McGrath shadows - check out MTHRSHP mini palettes. They are just as amazing, but not as expensive (55 USD for x6 pans) and should give you a better idea of just how stunning this range is (review here). I will make sure to post more makeup looks using these palettes on my Instagram, so please come say hi! and join the fam (we are a friendly bunch)!

Available at: Sephora stores, and

Purchased products; full disclaimer here

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