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5 MAC Lipsticks You Should Try This Fall

five mac cosmetics lipsticks for fall

Good news: these are all universally flattering colours


We're kickin' it old school today: let's talk about MAC lipsticks. It is no secret that beauty industry is overflowing with all kinds of lipstick formulas nowadays. Personally, nothing excites me more than an invigorating scent of a brand new MAC lipstick. Although I did discover a lot of other high-end favourites over the past couple of years, whenever I crave a trendy colour - I always go back to MAC. Speaking of which, I have also collected quite a few of these lipsticks thanks to the brand's "Back To MAC" recycling program ("bring six plastic containers, get a free lipstick" type of a deal; something more brands need to get on board with). In today's post I am going to share my top five MAC Lipsticks for fall (+ matching lip liners); so if you are curious - please keep on scrolling!

five mac cosmetics lipsticks for fall

MAC Lipsticks (18.50 USD; Made in Canada) come in a number of finishes (everything from sheer/creamy to extra bold/matte). All five lipsticks here have a [modern] matte formula; something the brand has worked on quite a bit in recent years. Compared to their mattes from say 2011, this new generation feels much smoother, comfortable, not nearly as drying or chalky as their predecessors. To keep it short: I love them. Although these bad boys cost two/three times cheaper than your average luxury lipstick, quality-wise they are just as good (if not better).

I am also a huge fan of MAC Lip Pencils (18 USD; Made in Germany). These are some of the best lip liners I have tried: pigmented, creamy, long-lasting - the list goes on and on.

Coincidentally, all five colours I am about to show you are mattes from the brand's permanent range. These shades apply like a dream, feel great on the lips and most importanly - flatter a plethora of skin tones. I have a light-neutral complexion and typically go for NC20 in MAC. I must say though - NC20 is often a bit too yellow for me, so I do mix it with other pinkier shades to create a perfect match.

five mac cosmetics lipsticks for fall


Whirl is described as "dirty rose" and is a new addition to my MAC Lipstick family. Personally, I was never into that 90's lip trend, however! This is as brown as I am willing to go. On me this shade looks like a warm, mid-tone brown with a subtle rosy hue. Depending on your undertone, it will either pull more beige, brown or rose. It is a wonderful nude for girls and boys with a deeper complexion; also a striking lip colour for those of you who are on a fair side (especially if you are not into bright bold lip colours such as purple or red; this could be a great alternative).

Spice is a wonderful lip liner you can use with Whirl. Described as "pink cinnamon stick", this guy here is a true 90s' supermodel must-have and despite the fact that it is a touch more pink, it still resides within the same colour family and looks beautiful paired with Whirl. However, if you want a 100% colour match - you might as well go for the actual Whirl lip pencil instead.

D for Danger

D for Danger is described as "brick red" and this is one of those moments, when I have to disagree with MAC. When you look at my [unedited] swatches below, you will see that it is (as a matter of fact) the most gorgeous mid-toned berry-red with a blue undertone. It is also one of the most sophisticated berry-toned lipsticks that I own; I have recommended it to so many people at this point and no matter the skin tone, this colour looks stunning on every single person.

Although two colours are not the same, I still use mine with Vino pencil, which is a touch deeper/more violet in tone. But! If you apply lipstick first and then fill in any gaps/even out your lip contour with Vino, you will still get a luscious berry pout. Alternatively, you can layer pencil first and add lipstick on top. Sometimes shades don't need to be identical for you to get a beautiful result. If you want a lighter lip pencil though - try Beet.

mac lipsticks and lip pencils for fall

Studded Kiss

If you want that one and done "fall in a tube" kind of lipstick, then you absolutely have to try Studded Kiss. It might not look like much in a tube, but on your lips... this is when you get to experience the magic of a true vampy colour. This shade is described as "dark oxblood red" and while it looks kind of brownish, in reality it is the most perfect combination of brown, red and berry. If you are only interested in one colour, get this one! Compared to D for Danger, Studded Kiss is more muted and leans towards brownish-red. If Diva and Sin had a baby, this would be it.

I wear mine with Burgundy pencil, which has a similar brownish-burgundy undertone. It is not as vibrant as the lipstick, but still works really well with it. I am really into this colour combination.


Now this shade might be somewhat controversial (or even Halloween-ish for some of you), but personally when the weather is all gloomy - I do reach out for a dark colour like this a lot. Instigator is described as "deep blackened plum" and that's exactly what it is. It might intimidate you at first, but in reality - this is the most perfect 20s-inspired black currant shade you could ever ask for. Normally colours like this can be a touch patchy, but I must say that despite the fact that Instigator is not as opaque as other lipsticks, it still is very well formulated (Not A, but A-). Gorgeous fall option for beauties of colour.

Here you definitely need a lip liner and Currant is my go-to. These two work so well together. Unfortunately it looks like MAC have either discontinued Currant or it is out of stock; so if you can't find it, I would recommend getting Nightmoth instead.

mac lipsticks for fall

Red Rock

I saved the brightest colour for last. If you are a friend on Instagram (welcome back!), then you know just how obsessed I am with a good red lipstick (and MAC have an endless supply!). About a year ago, they have added a bunch of new shades to their permanent collection and Red Rock instantly spoke to me on so many levels. This is one of the prettiest reds that MAC carries and I wish more people would try this colour. Although it might look a bit similar to the infamous Ruby Woo, in reality it is a creamier, much brighter "true red" version of it. While it is juicy and vibrant, it still is one of those classy shades you can rock all year round.

I pair mine with Ruby Woo lip liner, because they are a match made in heaven!


Please click on images to zoom in. As always, all of my swatches are unedited and raw

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! What are your MAC favourites? Let's chat some more in the comments!

Purchased products; full disclaimer here

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