Screen Queen Collection by Zoeva, Review

screen queen collection zoeva review

If you are into millennial pink and gold, this post will be a true eye candy!

About the Collection

Zoeva is, hands down, one of the fastest growing beauty brands on the market today with all of their new collections being 100% swoon-worthy. It is no secret that I have been rooting for the brand since day one, so you can probably imagine my excitement when a box with stunning Screen Queen Collection Set landed on my desk. This beautiful launch is a tribute to "all out Hollywood glamour". In today's post we are going to go from A-Z (in-depth, no BS) and I hope you enjoy the ride!

screen queen collection zoeva review

The collection includes: eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, lip crayons and two sets of makeup brushes (face/eyes). You can purchase certain items individually or splurge on a set, that includes everything (minus Screen Queen Complete Eye Set).

Price: 12.80 - 145 USD (complete set retails for 190 USD). If you are based in the Middle East: 55 - 609 AED (exclusive to Sephora).

Screen Queen Highlighting Palette

Claims: velvety smooth texture/ reflective luminizers/ ultimate ethereal glow/ pearl finish/ easy to blend/ superior pigmentation

Price: 16.80 USD (76 AED). Made in Italy.