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Screen Queen Collection by Zoeva, Review

screen queen collection zoeva review

If you are into millennial pink and gold, this post will be a true eye candy!

About the Collection

Zoeva is, hands down, one of the fastest growing beauty brands on the market today with all of their new collections being 100% swoon-worthy. It is no secret that I have been rooting for the brand since day one, so you can probably imagine my excitement when a box with stunning Screen Queen Collection Set landed on my desk. This beautiful launch is a tribute to "all out Hollywood glamour". In today's post we are going to go from A-Z (in-depth, no BS) and I hope you enjoy the ride!

screen queen collection zoeva review

The collection includes: eyeshadow palette, highlighting palette, lip crayons and two sets of makeup brushes (face/eyes). You can purchase certain items individually or splurge on a set, that includes everything (minus Screen Queen Complete Eye Set).

Price: 12.80 - 145 USD (complete set retails for 190 USD). If you are based in the Middle East: 55 - 609 AED (exclusive to Sephora).

Screen Queen Highlighting Palette

Claims: velvety smooth texture/ reflective luminizers/ ultimate ethereal glow/ pearl finish/ easy to blend/ superior pigmentation

Price: 16.80 USD (76 AED). Made in Italy.

zoeva screen queen highlighting palette

Packaging: just like every other Zoeva palette, this one too comes in a minimalistic paper/cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure. It is incredibly light and compact, i.e. very travel-friendly. Overall, I do love a mix of white/pale pink/gold here and find that you get a really good amount of product in each individual pan.

Colours: Aloof Beauty (pearlescent champagne), Absolutely Flawless (lilac with a hint of pink and gold), Pearls and Fine Silks (copper bronze). There is zero glitter here.

Texture/Formula: now, I have never tried any of the brand's highlighters before, so I was not really sure what to expect at first. From my experience (and I must have tried a million of highlighters at this point), these do remind me a lot of ABH four-pan palettes, except Zoeva's formula is a bit more tightly-pressed and not as buttery smooth. On a good side note, unlike ABH, these highlighters will not look "ugly-metallic" (no tea, no shade) by accentuating every little bump [turning pores into craters] on your beautiful face. They are also hundred miles away from "powder" town, so you should not expect any powderiness/crumbliness/dryness or anything like that.

Please click on images above if you want to zoom in; FYI all of my swatches are unedited and raw.

Application: since these highlighters are not uber-smooth, they are perfect for all sorts of layering techniques. You can easily sheer them out or add a few more layers for that semi-blinding look. I would say that natural-bristle brushes are your best friends here. Just as promised, these powders blend really well.

Wear: surprisingly, lilac shade here [one that most people would label as "unwearable"] looks more like a pinky-gold on my light/neutral complexion and is certainly the most unique colour in the palette. I love mixing it with the lightest shade; if you have a deeper skin tone, then you might also combine all three colours together (believe me, they look best mixed). Wearing power is quite good here: I would say these highlighters last for at least 6-8 hours on me; they fade quite gracefully too.

Final Thoughts: I think this trio is great for those of you, who are not into sheer or blinding highlighters. Screen Queen Highlighting Palette is a very nice middle ground. I like how these wear and look on the skin; they never accentuate texture/pores, which is amazing. Now, of course if you are a friend on Instagram (hey babes!), then you know I am more into that glass skin, JLo-glow look. That being said, this palette would be my "shy" makeup day option, however, I can't deny how beautiful it is and for the price - I would recommend it.

Screen Queen Eyeshadow Palette

zoeva screen queen eyeshadow palette

Claims: highly pigmented/ ultra-rich/ easy to blend

Price: 26.50 USD (110 AED). Made in Italy

Packaging: as you can tell, here you get 10 beautiful eyeshadow pans, inspired by the glam life of Tinseltown. Just like all other palettes from the brand, this one is incredibly slim and lightweight.

Colours: Screen Queen Eyeshadow Palette presents an interesting array of neutral and cool-toned pastels, as well as a few smoky shades. There is only one matte here (Hollywood Influenced), while everything else is a mix of metallics, duochromes and shimmers.