Glossier Lidstar, Review

glossier lidstar review

Aaaand... I am back with a brand new Glossier review for you guys. When I asked you on Instagram (join the fam, we're a cool bunch!) whether you wanted to see this or Lash Slick review first, 68% voted for Lidstar - so here we go! P.S. I am still going to share my thoughts on the new mascara very soon, so please stay tuned.


At this point we are all familiar with the brand and typical "Glossier-Girl" (good skin, minimal makeup, bushy brows, lots of freckles). During my recent visit to Glossier showroom on Lafayette St., I couldn't help but overhear a conversation where one of the company's employees was interviewing a job applicant. Things like "I do not wear much makeup", "I only comb through my brows", "I am not into beauty trends" kept flying out of a girl's mouth and I wondered - is it really what it takes to get a job at Glossier? Mind you, I have no idea how successful that interview was. I might not be an exact Glossier-Girl, but let me tell you something - I like their vibe. Today I am going to show you how you can still enjoy the brand's natural-esque products, even if you love a good 10-step makeup routine.

About the Product

Lidstar is the brand's very first eyeshadow product. It comes in six universal shades and retails for 18 USD (4.5 ml/0.15 fl oz). Made in Italy.

Claims: soft, glistening color/ lasts all day/ silkiest, most blendable formula/ no creasing/ one-step product.

Packaging: it is no secret - I love Glossier look as a whol