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Glossier Lidstar, Review

glossier lidstar review

Aaaand... I am back with a brand new Glossier review for you guys. When I asked you on Instagram (join the fam, we're a cool bunch!) whether you wanted to see this or Lash Slick review first, 68% voted for Lidstar - so here we go! P.S. I am still going to share my thoughts on the new mascara very soon, so please stay tuned.


At this point we are all familiar with the brand and typical "Glossier-Girl" (good skin, minimal makeup, bushy brows, lots of freckles). During my recent visit to Glossier showroom on Lafayette St., I couldn't help but overhear a conversation where one of the company's employees was interviewing a job applicant. Things like "I do not wear much makeup", "I only comb through my brows", "I am not into beauty trends" kept flying out of a girl's mouth and I wondered - is it really what it takes to get a job at Glossier? Mind you, I have no idea how successful that interview was. I might not be an exact Glossier-Girl, but let me tell you something - I like their vibe. Today I am going to show you how you can still enjoy the brand's natural-esque products, even if you love a good 10-step makeup routine.

About the Product

Lidstar is the brand's very first eyeshadow product. It comes in six universal shades and retails for 18 USD (4.5 ml/0.15 fl oz). Made in Italy.

Claims: soft, glistening color/ lasts all day/ silkiest, most blendable formula/ no creasing/ one-step product.

Packaging: it is no secret - I love Glossier look as a whole. These little guys are no exception: sleek little "test-tube"-esque packaging, cutest millennial-pink cap and classic doe-foot applicator, which we all are so used to. By the way, base of the applicator is pink too (cuteness overload).

glossier lidstar review

Formula: these feel creamy to the touch and are incredibly lightweight. Even as they dry down, they do not get sticky/tacky. You get around a minute to play with the shadow (blend it out, layer) but once it sets - it is not going anywhere. Bulletproof would be an appropriate adjective here. You can rub it, you can jump into the pool - the colour will stay.

Pigmentation: all six shades have the same sheer(ish) pearlescent finish; I can easily see finely-milled specks of glimmer running through them. You can either wear them as a faint wash of colour or layer (two coats are enough) to get a better colour opacity. All shades reflect the light beautifully, but I would not call Lidstar a metallic, foiled, blingy or glittery shadow. Glowy and smooth? Yes. Blinding or "wet"? No.

glossier lidstar review

Application: now, there are a few different ways you can apply Lidstar - with your fingers or applicator. Although I do like to dab/diffuse it with a ring-finger, my favourite technique involves a synthetic pencil-brush. Call me high-maintenance, but I do believe that a right tool will guarantee a better success rate (i.e. better blending since the doe-foot here can cause blotches). I will gently place cream shadow onto the center of my mobile lid and distribute/blend it with my KVD Shade & Light Eye Contour Brush (the tapered end). This brush gives me a great precision and I can always add an extra layer (tip: wait for at least 30 seconds between layers), without disrupting the product underneath it (which can lead to patches). On my lazy days I will just dab/blend and go.

Wear: Glossier promise a 12-hour wear and oh boy, they do deliver. I can wear these shadows all day long (without a primer, I know shocker right?) and they will not budge, become flaky/greasy or anything like that. Zero fallout; graceful fade of colour. And the best part - they do not crease. Like, at all.

Please click on images to zoom in; as per this website's policy - all of the swatches are "raw" and unedited

Colours: every single shade here, as I have mentioned earlier, is universally flattering. Colours are very subtle, almost pastel-like (baby pink, soft lavender, opal, rose gold etc.). I bought two shades: Fawn (cool, smoky taupe-lavender) and Cub (rose gold with warm shimmer). Both are extremely wearable, beautiful in their own cool-/warm-toned way.

Although I never apply anything on top of Lidstar, you can still easily place extra shadow where needed. Below is an example of how you can add a nice "I still love my 10-step makeup routine" twist: I have used two shades from my favourite Tartelette In Bloom palette; Smarty Pants for a subtle shadow in the crease, Activist to define bottom lash-line and Cub all over my mobile lid. Makeup has no rules (well, almost) so you can be as laid-back/high-maintenance as you want. You do you boo!

glossier lidstar review


I enjoy a cream eyeshadow, but most of the time you have to use a primer + something else on top to lock everything in place. Not in this case! Lidstar is a great one-step product that is both: user-friendly and impressively long-lasting. Perfect for hassle-free, minimalistic makeup looks. What is even better - you can easily incorporate it into your glam makeup routine too by adding a few more touches here and there. Of course if you want an intense baaam! pigment, you might want to look at something like PMG MTHRSHP Eyeshadows instead. But if you prefer a good one-step shadow, one that will make your lids glow in the most flattering way, look this way. I love just how crease-free these shadows are and wear them (pretty much) on a daily basis now. Dewy skin, pop of glistening eyeshadow, red lipstick - done and ready to roll! I give this product my seal of approval and think it will be mostly loved by busy girlbosses, mommies, makeup beginners and natural makeup lovers on the go. My only question is: can we get this same [brilliant] formula, yet in a matte finish? Pretty please, Glossier!

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