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MTHRSHP Eye Palettes by Pat McGrath LABS, Review

mthrshp eyeshadow palettes pat mcgrath labs review

Sorry, Natasha Denona, but you have been dethroned. Dramatic intro aside, guys, I think I have discovered the best eyeshadow formula. If you are an eyeshadow junkie just like moi, then do yourself a favour and just keep on scrolling!

MTHRSHP Eye Palettes

If you are a friend to the blog (welcome back!), then you know just how much I am into Pat McGrath LABS at the moment. When Mother released her original MOTHERSHIP Eyeshadow Palettes, I could feel the earth quaking. All three (now four) palettes looked phenomenal, however, I could not decide which one I wanted to invest in. Now, imagine my excitement when the brand launched three new and smaller MTHRSHP Eye Palettes for less than half the price? I don't remember entering my card details this fast (like, ever).

Overview: three one-of-a-kind palettes, containing six eyeshadow pans each. Think of MTHRSHP as a younger sister of MOTHERSHIP: every little palette here has a similar packaging/colour-theme, except all of the shades you see are new and unique to each individual palette.

mthrshp eyeshadow palettes pat mcgrath labs review

Claims: creamy, soft texture/ extreme blendability, adherence/ no creasing/ bright and multi-dimensional finish/ emollient-like texture and glide/ one-stroke pigment/ opaque colour saturation.

Price: 55 USD (approximately 9 USD per pan).

Packaging: this is Pat McGrath we are talking about and as a true visionary, she did a fabulous job designing these palettes. I am a huge stationary hoarder; I can literally spend hours at an art store selecting high quality paper for my illustrations. Needless to say that I adore all of the retro paper envelope/folder details here, as well as unique artistic illustrations inspired by Mother's editorial archives. Another added bonus: every palette opens just like a book, where you get a beautiful large mirror and enough room to maneuver comfortably with your brushes.

mthrshp eyeshadow palettes pat mcgrath labs review

Texture: these indeed feel ultra buttery and smooth to the touch and have practically zero kick-up. Every negative thing that is normally associated with poor quality eyeshadows (chalky, dry, patchy, hard to blend, crumbly - you name it!) can't be applied here. Pat McGrath LABS formula feels expensive, looks luxurious and is formulated in a way that, it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or pro, you will be able to complete an entire [red carpet worthy] eye look in 1, 2, 3. What is even better is that all of the metallic/foiled-looking shades glide on the lid like a dream; almost as if you are using a wet brush, except you are not.

Application: you can literally apply these shadows with a cotton swab and still look gorgeous. I can't stress enough just how easy they are. The brand did not joke about one-stroke opaque pigment. When you have such a perfect formula at your disposal - every eye makeup application will feel like a breeze. Personally, I use my Hakuhodo brushes (same ones I use with all of my other eyeshadows) and am more than satisfied with the results. Sometimes I might use my ring finger, if I am trying to create a halo look, but other than that any good-quality brushes will do a great job.

mthrshp eyeshadow palettes pat mcgrath labs review

Wear: MTHRSHP shadows have a phenomenal lasting power. Not only do they stay in place all day (no creasing, no smudging, no fallout), but the pigment is still there after 6-8 hours. If you are a fan of purple/pink shadows in particular, then you know how they tend to wear off or lose intensity after a few hours; well not in this case! My favourite shade Purple Reign is a perfect example here (it is so vibrant, it doesn't even need a dark base underneath it). I do use my MAC Groundwork and don't feel like I ever need a fancy eye primer. These shadows are bulletproof.

Colours: now, as you might have noticed before, all three palettes are visually split into different colour-categories: neutral-taupe-bronze; warm-gold-copper-bronze and colourful-violet-pink-plum. I purchased two palettes: Subliminal Platinum Bronze and Subversive La Vie en Rose. Both palettes are equally pigmented and rich in colour as you will see from the swatches below; the only shade that looks more pigmented when it is applied with a brush (rather than hand-swatched) is Paranormal.

Please click on images to zoom in

As you know, all of my swatches are always 100% unedited (no artificial lights or added saturation, brightness etc.). I never use a primer and all of these swatches above are one swipe magic. I mean, look at that matte brown on the right! One swipe, ladies and gentlemen, one swipe only!

Favourites: I must say that I certainly have a few favourites here. These are the shades that I either don't see often or don't have at all in any of my other palettes. For starters, Gold Nectar. This is not just a stunning warm gold, but as you blend it out, it turns into a beautiful warm transition shade; one that almost fools you into thinking that you are wearing two shadows instead of one (look at the central photo below). Purple Reign is the most sultry, very Pat McGrath shade in my book - I love wearing it alone, thrown all over the lid with a few coats of a pitch black mascara. Telepathic Taupe has the most beautiful sparkle in real life; picture a candlelit dinner, you and beau - no one will be able to resist the diamond glow of this shade; it is called "telepathic" for a reason! And of course, Deep Velvet - the most chocolate-y, delicious, ridiculously pigmented brown shadow you will ever see.

Please click on images to zoom in

On my lips: (left) LUST: Gloss in Aliengelic; (centre) MatteTrance Lipstick in Full Blooded; (right) LUST: Gloss in Dare To Bare.


You know that feeling, when you wake up looking forward to playing with your makeup? This is exactly how I feel now that I own a relatively small, yet such a divine Pat McGrath LABS collection of lip and eye products. When you have both: perfectionist and artistic genius as a head of a makeup company, you can only get 100% stellar quality as a result - pretty much how I feel about the brand now that I've played with quite a few of their products. MTHRSHP Eye Palettes are no exception. Frankly, I kind of forget I own anything else, because these bad boys are the only thing I want to wear. I think that, depending whether you prefer cool/neutral or warm tones, you can easily find a perfect match in either Subliminal Platinum Bronze or Sublime Bronze Ambition. If you love a bit of colour, you will be addicted to your Subversive La Vie en Rose. I can't choose sides here, because I equally adore both palettes that I own. One thing is certain - I want to see more petite palettes like these from the brand. They are perfect in terms of price, size and will become your best work/travel-companions. I give these A++ and must say that from now on, these are the World's best eyeshadows (in my not-very-humble opinion).

pat mcgrath mthrshp eye palettes review

Purchased products; review is not sponsored - full disclaimer here

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