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Spice Up Your Makeup Bag This Spring

hot new beauty products spring 2018

Spring is here and our makeup bags deserve the same revival as our wardrobes. I don't know about you, but I am kind of over this whole unicorn/ mermaid/ holo thing trending at the moment (I mean how many fishtail brushes, rainbow highlighters and metallic lipsticks does one need?). Which is exactly why I picked eight hot new (or newly discovered) bits and bobs, that will inevitably vivify any makeup routine in the most sophisticated way possible.

Disclaimer: products marked with * are PR samples; this post is not sponsored, see full disclaimer here.

My Spring Look

spring 2018 makeup inspiration

Scroll down to see what products I've used to create this look!

Sunkissed Skin

park ave princess bronzer and contour palette review

I think Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette (*) is a gem for anyone, who is seriously into his/her contour-bronzing game.

Here you get two matte highlighting powders (Halo, Enhance), two matte contour/bronzers (Princess Cut, Angle) and two shimmery bronzers (Carat, Crown). As per usual, formula is infused with Amazonian Clay and smells of cacao-vanilla (no surprise, since vanilla is one of the key ingredients here). Personally, I love this scent and find that it somehow boosts my serotonin.

Pros: universally flattering shades, great pigmentation, finely-milled formula, smooth blendability, beautiful design, great wear; you can easily mix various shades to create your perfect bronzer/contour colour and even use these powders as eyeshadows.

Cons: you might not need/use every single shade here, especially if you are only buying this palette for yourself (and not for a freelance work). Shimmery shades might be left neglected, since they only work well for special occasions or photography.

Verdict: personally, I am not offended by a nice selection of bronzing powders here. Would I like it even more, if it had at least one blush shade? Hell, yes! I do think that the price point is good (46 USD or 205 AED) and it is pretty much the same amount you would normally pay for a single high-end bronzer. So, if you are into your inner bronzed-goddess, check it out!

Blush-wise, you can't go wrong with Glossier Cloud Paints. Shade Beam in particular is an absolute must-have and it will look amazing on pretty much any complexion.

I've always struggled with cream blushes; Glossier formula, however, is absolutely unique. I would describe these as whipped, gel-like liquid blushes that are incredibly pigmented and they practically blend themselves to perfection. It is best to apply these with your fingers and application should not take more than a minute.

This formula will look fabulous on beauties of all ages, as it will give your cheeks the most natural, youthful and flattering flush (without accentuating pores, texture or anything like that) and that's exactly what I want during spring (healthy, radiant look). I talk more about all four shades in a separate review here.

Eyes To Mesmerize

urbay decay heavy metal glitter liner review

Holiday season is long gone, but glitter is forever. And thanks to all the latest makeup innovations, glitter is finally a joy to work with. Two formulas, which (as a magpie) I want to recommend to pretty much everyone and their newborn puppy are: Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner and Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow.

Heavy Metal liners come with a very fine brush; this formula is great for spicing up your basic eyeliner, plus it is a wonderful base for loose glitter or any other high-shine shadow (like Natasha Denona sparkling shades for example). These liners stay on for hourrrs without smudging/flaking. Although Midnight Cowboy (beige glitter) will always be my number one, it is the brand's newest colour range that I really want to talk about. I bought two shades: Pyro (iridescent and silver glitter) and Grind (light pink iridescent glitter).

hot new beauty products spring 2018

Being a die-hard Kings Of Leon fan, the minute I spotted a shade Pyro (which is one of the band's famous songs, listen to it here) I knew it would end up in my basket. And, alternative rock music aside, it is a stunner. As you will see in a minute, Pyro is an incredibly wearable glittery shade, that is both delicate and fun at the same time; it has a multicoloured shift to it (but nothing tacky or kids makeup-y). If you are afraid of glitter, but still want to dip your toes, give it a shot.

Grind is the most sophisticated light pink shade ever. I think it will look best on beauties with a fair complexion, especially if you have green or blue eyes. This shade will certainly add to that innocent, modern "English Rose" look. You can add it on top of any neutral/matte shadow, highlight inner corners with it or even draw a line right above/underneath your flick to add that flirty je ne sais quoi touch.

stila wanderlust review

If you want something that packs even more punch, you can't go wrong with Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow. I first proclaimed my love for these back in my December '17 Favourites (read here) and have been a fan of the formula ever since. Now, the brand added a few new exciting colours and the one I adore is Wanderlust (sheer gold and pink sparkle).

This is one of those unique/wearable duochromes that will make any eye colour pop. You can easily pair it with any warm/cool tones and it will undoubtedly revive even the most basic of looks.

My application tip: place a small amount of liquid shadow onto the back of your hand first, dip your finger in it and gently pat onto the eyelid. I find that applicator can sometimes grab way too much product and with this shade in particular it is best to use your good old chicken claws. Beware! This shadow should be the last step in your eye make-up routine; make sure to let it dry first (I typically tilt my head back a little, so that it won't transfer) and please don't disturb it with a brush/finger once it is dry (this can cause flaking). Whenever I wear Wanderlust I get asked about it and I am not surprised; this shade is a keeper!

*Swatches at the end of this post!


These two products have such a good formula, I figured (although they are not necessarily new) I should still add them to the list. Firstly, ColourPop pressed eyeshadows (any). I spoke about All I See Is Magic palette back in January (review here) and to give you an update: I still use it pretty much every other day. I am not crazy about metallic/shimmery shades here (they are nowhere near as good as MUG Foiled Shadows), but the mattes are so damn pigmented - for 20 bucks (or less) you can't go wrong. I think the price point is perfect, especially if you want to play with some new "out of your comfort zone" colours, yet without breaking the bank. A budget-friendly gift option for a makeup obsessed teen in your life as well.

I love Marc Jacobs Highliners (review here), but I had no idea just how good Fineliner Ultra-Skinny Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner was (*). Key difference here is that Fineliner is quite pointy and slim; think about it as a baby brother of Highliner - same exact gel formula with an amazing pigmentation, yet more precise application. I love using it when I have no time for liquid/classic gel liner; one line, two lines, boom! I got a kitten flick in less than a minute. My only grudge though is - if you have a fold or hooded/mono-lids - it might transfer a bit. Other than that, it wears all day long like a champ and will be a perfect liner for any busy lady/gentleman on the go.

Lips, Lips, Lips

sephora lipstories review

Sephora recently launched 40 brand new lipsticks called Lipstories; here you have an impressive variety of popular shades, as well as three finishes (matte/metallic/creamy). Made in Italy.

Pros: great price (8 USD or 59 AED); mattes and creamy shades have a formula, that is quite high-end in feel; phenomenal pigmentation; great wear; subtle berry scent which feels pretty natural (no chemical strawberries or cherries here); cutest/neat cardboard packaging which differs from shade to shade; every colour is marked with #matte, #cream, #metal (depending on the finish).

Cons: I am not that into metallic shades in this line (frankly any metallics in general), because they can look a bit blotchy. However, if you layer them on top of mattes, they do look hundred times better.

As some of you might already know, San Fran used to be my second home for a while, so buying Golden Gate was a no brainer! And lucky me, it is actually a stunning deep, cool-toned plum which looks ah-mazing on pretty much any skin tone. It is also a one-swipe-magic type of a colour and looking at it, I think these are the best eight dollars I've ever spent on a lipstick!

becca liptuitive glow gloss review

And (finally) my last product recommendation of the day: Becca Cosmetics Liptuitive Glow Lip Gloss (*). One tube, many colour variations. This gloss is supposed to "intuitively" adapt to your natural lip colour, thus creating a customized, perfect pink for you. It can go from a very pail pink, up to a rich plum, varying from person to person. Witchcraft or what?

Although it looks like a clear, aqua-blue tinted gel in the tube (with very fine blue micro-glitter running through it) on the lips it looks clear at first, slowly turning into a sexy custom-pink shade. I love everything about this formula and packaging. The latter one in particular, gives me these cool sci-fi vibes and I have to admit that I secretly enjoy reapplying it; it makes me feel as if I got my shhh together and my lips feel amazing (thanks to avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E). Plus this gloss smells like a delicious, heavenly goodness; the scent is quite faint yet hard to label, but believe me - it is the type that makes you love all those small things in life (it may sound silly, but certain makeup products do inject joy into your everyday life).

This gloss feels nourishing, lightweight, silky-smooth, balmy and long-lasting. Never sticky, tacky, gritty or anything like that. I find that you can hardly see any glitter once it is on. On me the colour shifts from pale to medium pink. Even if you are not a gloss kinda gal, you might really fall for this one! It is one of those lovely, universally flattering products that works for everyone and I think Becca nailed the formula.

Please click on image to zoom in

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! What products here would you love to try? Let's chat some more in the comments.

Urban Decay, Stila, Marc Jacobs, Becca Cosmetics, Tarte Cosmetics are available at Sephora (as well as and

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