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I Have A Thing For Bold Metals*

real techniques bold metals brushes review

The most glamourous, Instagram-mable, Pinterest-able brushes are here. And yes, we're talking about Bold Metals by Real Techniques.

I don't know about you, but when I first saw these a couple of years back - I knew I wanted to have them in my collection. Having a magpie eye for everything metallic or shiny (and seeing 100 Arched Powder Brush in Rihanna's BBHMM video), I couldn't wait for the day when Bold Metals would finally reach the Middle East market and now that they are here - I am ready to share my thoughts with you guys.

Overview & Design

As you might know, this line is a bit more expensive and borderline high-end-esque (in terms of price). We are talking 21 USD vs. 9 USD after all, so naturally as a consumer you would wonder "what makes these brushes that much better than the brand's original line?". First thing that comes to mind - the design (of course).

real techniques bold metals brushes review

Although I see nothing wrong with the brand's OG look (read more about my must-haves here), Bold Metals have a very sophisticated and lux appeal to them. They are a bit heavier than your regular Real Techniques brush: the ferrule is made out of real metal, while the hande (although it looks like it could be metal as well) is plastic. I don't like it when brushes are a bit too heavy; first of all your hand gets tired quicker and you apply more pressure, secondly you don't have enough control and precision. None of these are issues associated with Bold Metals - craftsmanship and execution here are truly on point. These brushes are nice to hold and a pleasure to look at.


As much as it is nice to look at a rose gold handle, what else is there to rave about? Bristles of course. I am sure you guys know that Real Techniques are cruelty-free, synthetic brushes; when I say "synthetic" - I mean the softest, most natural-like material ever. If I used these with my eyes closed, I would certainly assume that I was working with a natural-hair brush. Plus they don't lose shape and are easy to wash/dry. I use a delicate, organic shower gel or shampoo for that. I hope the ombre effect won't go away though, because it adds a nice touch to every single brush. From my experience (with Real Techniques as a whole) I have yet to find a brush that sheds and mind you - I have been using the brand for years now.

real techniques bold metals brush 103 review

103 Powder Brush

Now, unfortunately 103 Powder Brush was part of a limited-edition set, but since it is so similar to the brand's 100 Arched Powder Brush - I figured why not include it anyway? This is the softest synthetic powder brush that I have in my possession (believe me I have a lot). The only difference between 103 and 100 is the domed vs. angled cut. That's all (why do I hear Miranda Priestly's voice as I type that?).

Please click on each image to zoom in

I use this brush for my bronzer; especially when I want to bring it a bit further down my neck and decolletage - 103/100 is perfect for that. Just pick a small amount of product and work your brush in circular motion; this way it will both apply and blend your powder seamlessly. You can easily powder with it too, I think this design in particular will work really well with any loose powder you already use and love. And it is as soft as Bambi's tail, what else could you ask for?

300 Tapered Blush

Of course - mother and queen bee of all rose gold brushes out there. Let's have a look at 300 Tapered Blush Brush. Unlike the previous brush, this one is much smaller and flatter. It is not a rounded blush brush by any means, but what it does have - is a soft, pointed tip (designed for highlighting and sculpting).

real techniques bold metals 300 tapered blush brush review

Although it is designed for a blush, I personally use it a lot for powder. Having dry skin, I don't really need to powder my entire face and this brush model is great for precise T-zone application. You can easily set your under-eye with it too; since it is extremely soft, it won't disrupt your concealer or pull delicate skin.

If you love applying a liquid foundation with a synthetic brush, try 300 for that. I still prefer Beauty Blender for my base, but I can totally see myself blending complexion to perfection with a brush like this too. I find that it is a bit large for highlighting, but then again, this model is great for contouring (when you really want to take your time and sculpt your cheekbones a la Gigi Hadid). An added bonus - since these bristles are synthetic, you can easily go with powder or cream formulas and get equally great results.

Please click on each image to zoom in

300 is such a great multi-tasker, I can't recommend it enough. If you are new to the brand and want to start with one face brush first, try this one.

200 Oval Shadow

Last, but not least I have one of the brand's eye brushes to talk about: 200 Oval Shadow. Doesn't it remind you of a larger version of MAC's 217 (aka best blending brush known to the mankind)?

bold metals 200 oval shadow brush review

Just like with its 300 aunt, this little guy is a true multi-tasker. You can use it to both apply/pack on and blend your eyeshadow (especially if you are going for that monochromatic, blown out shadow look), concealer and even do nose contouring or precise highlighting with it. I reach out for mine a lot and it does a great job every single time.

Out of all Bold Metals eye brushes, 200 and 203 Tapered Shadow stand out to me the most. So, if you are on a hunt for a great synthetic brush, which you could use in a million ways, give it a shot.

Please click on each image to zoom in


Although these are a hair more expensive than the brand's original line, considering how well-made these brushes are - I think they are absolutely worth the hype (and price tag). Every brush could be used in a ton of different ways (you are the artist here) and given the fact that they are so soft and durable, I am sure they would work great for both make-up beginners and professionals. Bold Metals are incredibly easy to clean (just like the original line) and they would enrich every beauty lover's make-up bag and/or vanity. Be careful with the handle though, because it is a bit more delicate than the brand's OG, which is why it might scratch easier. Other than that, there is nothing really to worry about and I give these my A+. If you are on a hunt for cruelty-free, well-made, affordable syntethic brushes - look this way. I am also very curious about the brand's newest PowderBleu Collection and hope it arrives to Dubai in no time!

real techniques bold metals brushes review

You can find Real Techniques at ULTA and many other locations here (USA) or Harvey Nichols, Lifestyle and Boots (UAE). The brand is exclusively distributed by Beautylicious in the Middle East*.

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