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Younger Skin? Institut Esthederm Instensive Range: Review & Must-Haves*

institut esthederm intensive range review

I love discovering new make-up and skincare products, so when one of my favourite brands - Institut Esthederm - have so kindly invited me to have a one-to-one consultation to learn more about their "Intensive" range, I knew I was on to something very exciting. To give you an honest, informative and detailed review - I literally spent more than a month to really test, try and experience these newer [to me] formulas first-hand and I hope you find this review helpful and inspiring. This is not a sponsored post (I wish), but you can read full disclaimer here.

Understanding Intensive Range

You guys already know that depending on our age, skin type and other concerns - we all need a "custom-made" skincare routine solution. Institut Esthederm believe in understanding your skin first, which is why the brand has very smart guidelines on how to mix and match their products to suit your needs. My skin type is dry/dehydrated and since I am in my 20s I don't have any visible wrinkles, fine lines just yet. I do experience skin's texture, occasional hormonal breakouts and dullness, as well as clogged pores though.

Up until this year, I have been using some of their Osmoclean (cleansing), Sensi System (sensitive skin) and Cellular products in my routine and I have noticed a massive difference in my skin. You can read more about these products here. Intensive range, however, is split into sub-categories including:

  • Hyaluronic (dehydration)

  • Propolis (purifying/decongestion)

  • Vitamin E2 (severe sensitivity)

  • Vitamin C (anti-wrinkle/brightening/pigmentation)

  • AHA Peel (textured skin)

Every single product within this range is considered more as a "shock treatment" (in a good way) to bring your skin back to normal, feed it with all the needed nutrients and encourage it to hit that refresh button, so that it is able to give you amazing results on its own (not with skincare products only). Important tip here is: once you start using Intensive treatment, you should commit to it and only stop once your product is finished. Depending on how much you use, these products should last you for couple of months and once you are done - you can switch back to your regular routine and only repeat this therapy when you feel like your skin could use some extra help.

Who will enjoy this range?

Most of the products here are more geared towards 30+ women (and men). If you are just like me in your 20s - you can still use a few of them, but I will explain how later in this post.

Hyaluronic Range

institut esthederm hyaluronic range review

You guys all know what hyaluronic acid is and why we need it to keep skin plump and juicy. Intensive Hyaluronic Serum is made of three different types of hyaluronic acid, so that together they can really get deep into your skin and revive epidermis tissue by filling it with water. Hyaluronic Serum is made for those of us, who suffer from severe dehydration. It should help refill fine lines and wrinkles too. Institut Esthederm also recommend their hyaluronic range for those women/men, who are at an early stage of using botox and actual hyaluronic acid/filler injections. Using this range (serum+cream) should help prepare your skin, as well as prolong the effect of your esthetic treatment.

institut esthederm hyaluronic serum review

Consistency of Hyaluronic Serum is rather milky/watery and it does get absorbed in a matter of one-two minutes. If your skin is more oily, you can use serum alone as it is quite lightweight in texture; but if you have normal to dry skin - it is better stick to a two step treatment.

Intensive Hyaluronic Cream on the other hand is far creamier and does remind me a lot (texture-wise) of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. It is that rich, yet light consistency, which you should be using sparingly as it is quite nourishing and powerful. Little goes a long way with this guy for sure! Good thing about this cream is that it doesn't only moisturize, but it also stimulates production of your natural hyaluronic acid. This way it restores cellular activity and - again - helps your skin rely on itself more, rather than some random creams and lotions. In other words, hyaluronic range is quite the food for your skin. This cream does get absorbed fairly quick and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, silky smooth and glowing.

How/when to apply?

You should be applying both serum and cream day and night. If you feel like this combination is too rich for you during the day time (or too heavy underneath make-up) you can save it for the night-time routine. I personally used both products at night only, because that's just how it worked best for me. Ideally you should only stick to these two products for ultimate results.

institut esthederm hyaluronic cream review

Natural hyaluronic production does decrease with age, which is why the older we get - the more uneven our skin's texture appears. Although my skin is still youthful, I am pretty dry and dehydrated, so I wondered whether I could even notice any improvement. Of course when you are this young, you can rely on your natural hyaluronic, but here is what I have discovered: right after two days of sticking to this two products only - my skin looked exactly the way it did when I was 16. I kid you not, so just let it sink in. If you thought "oh come on, it is not like you are 30 or 40, so what do you know?" - I now know.

My face never looked this good in years (I know, sounds dramatic for a 20- year old). When you think that "nah, it won't even show on my skin" - this might be one of a few ranges out there that seriously did everything it claimed to do: skin looked healthy, plump, properly hydrated and even my cheeks looked rosy every single morning after using these Institut Esthederm products. I was never this happy about my skincare routine, ever.

For the sake of this review, I have kindly convinced my mother to join me in this hyaluronic journey. She is actually the target market for this range (40+), so I thought if this range is really worth it - it will show on her skin. And again, a few days after (she actually didn't tell me when she started using these products) she looked so much younger and her skin was glowing. One morning she was sitting next to me during breakfast absolutely make-up free and her skin was so plump, I asked her "what cream did you use?". Although she doesn't have deep wrinkles, there are a few lines here and there - and even they were nearly gone. It almost felt as if she was photoshopped. Skin became so smooth and hydrated - she barely needed any make-up to mimic a good night sleep. Also her pores were nearly gone. Both of us are beyond impressed with this hyaluronic range.