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Gucci Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil, Review

Gucci Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil Review

"I have got to do something about the way I look"


You might recognize the line above if you love Breakfast at Tiffany's. This post will discuss a beauty product that reminds me of Holly Golightly's eyebrow pencil (although hers was turquoise). The Gucci Eyebrow Pencil is from a different century altogether, but it still has that nice vintage vibe to it. Is it as good as Holly's though?

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About the Product

Gucci Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil (33 USD; Made in Germany) - is described as a versatile tool to fill in and shape brows. Currently available in six shades.

Packaging: true to all things Gucci, this product too is beautifully designed. Baby pink with gold accents, this pencil is dual-ended with an additional spoolie. Every pencil comes with a sharpener (Made in Germany), which is something I appreciate. One downside though - over a short period of time the writing will completely rub off.

Formula: the Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil texture is on the drier, almost powdery side. You might even find that you struggle swatching it at first, however, this is good news if you want a pencil that looks natural and blends effortlessly with your brow hairs.

Pigmentation: sheer yet buildable.

Shades: from my point of view, the color selection is great. I have pitch-black hair and shade 06 Noir is an amazing match. It is a cool grayish hue of black that looks uber natural once it is applied (which is also a nice break from all the warm-toned dark browns that create dissonance with black hair).

Application: given the fact that this is a drier formula, I find that it applies best when it is slightly sharpened. The Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil can harden a bit, so it is a nice idea to warm it up slightly on the back of your hand (or tissue) before application. I also recommend wiping your brows first to remove any skincare residue that might add an unnecessary slip and affect the wear time.

This formula, although it does not glide on like butter per se, still does a good job of filling in the gaps in the brow and adding volume to sparse areas. I think it shines when it comes to creating a fuller brow but might lack precision with actual shaping.

Wear: the nicest thing about this formula might be the fact that it is quite long-wearing. I have worn this for at least 8-10 hours on some occasions and it did survive sweaty workouts as well. Now, of course, it is not budge-proof, so it is still possible to "wipe off" your hard work. So be mindful of that.

I am wearing shade 06 Noir in the photo above

who is going to like it

If you have been blessed in the brow department and simply want a quick and easy product to fill in your brows slightly, add some gel, and go about your day - then the Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil could be a great option for you. It is a wonderful product for low-maintenance lovers.

If you look for a product to reshape or draw on your brows, this might not be it. While it can camouflage easily in-between hairs, in actual naked or extra sparse areas it can look a touch "drawn on" or be more susceptible to being wiped off by accident.


If you are not a big fan of waxy brow pencils, the Long Wearing Eyebrow Pencil is a lovely alternative. It is almost like a brow pencil and powder in one. Perfect for laid-back makeup days or on the go, it looks natural and pretty undetectable for a pencil formula. I like the fact that it comes with a sharpener, which is a nice touch of Gucci. Now, for beauties that need more precision out of their brow products (something to create thin brow hair-like strokes for example), this might not be the ultimate winner. All in all, I think it is a decent creation that has its niche and give it a B rating.

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Purchased product; full disclaimer here


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