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Colourpop Pretty Fresh Foundation & Concealer, Review

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation and Concealer Review

You got me at Hyaluronic


When Colourpop, aka kings and queens of budget-friendly [and trendy] makeup, came up with a new hydrating foundation available in 42 (!) shades – I knew I had to get my mitts on it. And while I was at it, I also purchased a matching concealer. The pricing is just perfect, but what about the formula? Let’s find out in today’s post.

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My Skin: dry, sensitive (light-neutral)


Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation (16 USD; Made in USA) – claims to hydrate and perfect the look of your skin; medium-buildable coverage.

Gluten-Free🌾 Cruelty-Free🐇 Vegan🍃

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation Review

Packaging: Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation is housed in a mattified, see-through plastic bottle with a pump. I like the “hygienic” aspect of this packaging and do think that it is a very cute, portable and simple design. You get 30 ml/ 1.00 fl. oz.

Formula: Colourpop highlight Hyaluronic Acid and Coconut Water (both of which are known for their hydrating properties) as key ingredients here. This is essentially a water-based formula with a good amount of Glycerin (another hydrating component). Other notable ingredients are Watermelon and Lentil Fruit Extracts.

Now, I am aware that Coconut Oil is a controversial skincare ingredient; it is classified as comedogenic, which means it can clog pores and trigger acne. This is an oil-free formula. Coconut Water used here is rich in Cytokinin (reduces redness and irritation) and Vitamins A, K, C that help with collagen production and allow skin cells to restore themselves. My skin reacts well to Coconut Water, but if yours is extremely sensitive, perhaps you might want to look for other alternatives.

Scent: Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation has a barely detectable, hard to label semi-sweet scent. So faint, you won’t even notice it. Fragrance is not listed as an ingredient, which makes me believe that you actually get a whiff of one of the fruits.

Texture: a nice creamy/watery texture – it is lightweight and decently pigmented at the same time.

Shades: 42 shades, 3 undertones (neutral, cool and warm). From what I can see, Colourpop have achieved a nice ratio of fair, light, medium and deep shades. Make sure to visit the brand’s website first to compare photographs of models and swatches, so to see what tone might suit you better.

I purchased Light 55N, which is an excellent match. My other shade matches are: Fenty Beauty 150, Laura Mercier Cashew, Tom Ford 1.5N, Nars Deauville, Tarte Light Neutral, Dior 1.5N.

Application: my favorite way to apply this product is with the brand’s very own Detail Blending Sponge, which I adore. I have been using it with all of my foundations lately and it is a wonderful alternative to the cult-favorite Beautyblender (yet for 7 dollars only!).

I like to sheer out my foundations a lot and to my delight this formula blends out with extreme ease. You can build it up if you want to, but I would not say that it can give you an extreme full coverage. Light-medium or medium max.

Finish: natural skin finish, that can get a touch more dewy throughout the day.

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation and Concealer Review

Wear: Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation looks natural on the skin and does a decent job at camouflaging pores, however, it can stick to dry areas sometimes (thus accentuating texture). Make sure you exfoliate and prep your skin well, otherwise this foundation will just sit on top of it. The shade Light 55N did not oxidize on me.

Once this foundation is on, you can’t even feel it. It is comfortable, light as air and breathable. It did not get greasy, patchy or blotchy. I find that it wore well for 8 hours on me, without any primers or powder. Obviously, if you prep and set, it might last even longer.

Final Thoughts: for the price, you actually get quite a decent formulation comparable to many foundations that you usually find [for a higher price tag] at Sephora. Naturally, it doesn’t hold a candle to some of my high-end favorites, but I am here to say that I am still impressed. I had no luck with drugstore foundations in the past (not to mention not being able to find a matching shade/undertone), so having this option from Colourpop is amazing.

Since this foundation is not that forgiving on textured skin, please make sure to prep and prime well. This formula will suit people with drier skin types best: normal, normal-dry, combination-dry and dry. If you are very dry, I would suggest using a rich moisturizer to make Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation look flawless. I give it B+


Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer (9 USD; Made in USA) – is described as creamy yet full coverage concealer that should feel cushiony and hydrating.

Gluten-Free🌾 Cruelty-Free🐇 Vegan🍃

Packaging: cute and well-made plastic tube with an elongated, flat doe-foot applicator.

Formula, Texture: Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer indeed has a very cushiony, borderline moussy texture that is saturated with pigment. The formula is enriched with Apple Fruit Extract, as well Coconut Water/Juice. Hyaluronic Acid is mentioned towards the mid-end of the ingredients list, which means you get enough of it (but not a lot).

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Concealer

Scent: this concealer smells identical to some of the MAC Cosmetics liquid foundations. It is that same, makeup-y scent that is hard to label, yet I do not find it disturbing in the slightest (it does not last long). “Fragrance” is not listed as one of the ingredients.

Shades: 30 shades, 3 undertones (neutral, cool, warm).

Not every foundation has a matching shade of concealer, so I picked Light 60N, which is a touch deeper and oddly pinker than Light 55N (foundation). At first, I was skeptical if it would even match me as I prefer slightly more neutral-warm tones for my under-eye area (I have dark circles to cover). Thankfully, with a peachy color-corrector underneath it, this shade works ok for me. Ideally, I would prefer to see more shades of concealer.

Application: although this is a cream formula, that runs on a slightly thicker (less watery) side, somehow it still sheers out in places (especially if you use a sponge). Often times I end up adding more product to ensure that it covers well (if we are talking big spots or under-eye pandas). This makes me believe that Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer is not as full-coverage as it is portrayed to be. On a bright side, you can sheer it out, which might be great for everyday wear when you’re just running errands or go to the gym.

Brushes, sponges, fingertips – you’re the boss here.

Finish, Wear: this concealer has quite a lovely natural finish with a bit of a dewy sheen to it. It can, however, accentuate drier areas and texture (unless you exfoliate and moisturize well). I am not that blown away by how it looks under my eyes per se, unless I use a good eye cream.

Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer wears well throughout the day, but might crease slightly under my eyes when it is freshly applied (most concealers do). Whenever that happens, I just pat the area with my fingertip to pick up the product residue and that seems to work well for my dry skin. If you have more of a combination, oily skin type – definitely set this concealer with powder to avoid a makeup fiasco.

Final Thoughts: I like Pretty Fresh Hydrating Concealer - it is quite basic, yet non-drying or cakey, which is something I appreciate. It is not as seamless or undetectable as some of my high-end favorites, but still is a notable newcomer, that can be a good choice for many makeup lovers. This formula will work well for people with drier skin types, without trespassing the “grease ball” territory. I give it B

What do you guys think about these products? Let's chat some more in the comments!

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