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Black Friday Sale Recommendations

Black Friday Sale Recommendations Beauty

Oyez, Oyez! Black Friday Sale is upon us


'Tis the time to treat yourself and save some cash while shopping. In today's post I will be sharing my top beauty recommendations that are currently on sale. These are some of the "worth the hype" things that have blessed celebrities' bathrooms and fashion magazines (plus personal favorites that I can't imagine my daily life without).

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P.S. Every product mentioned in this post is available for international shipping!


Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Makeup Mirror with Brightness Control (on sale for 175 USD) - is something Evil Queen would have poisoned you for: this high quality, rechargeable, x5 mirror is every beauty lover's must-have. Not only does it have a modern and sleek design that will grace your vanity table, but it also mimics natural sunlight with one USB charge lasting up to five weeks (if only my iPhone battery would work this well). I have had this Simplehuman mirror for almost a year now and must admit that it has been a true friend, especially during colder winter months, when you don't get as much natural daylight in your room (no more makeup application in the dark) .

Worth every penny (plus how cute is this metallic pink color?).



Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment (on sale for 119 USD) - I do not own that many skincare tools, but this one has been with me for many moons now. Espada effectively destroys acne causing bacteria by penetrating it below skin's surface. The secret is in this tool's "dual-action technology" that combines blue LED light together with T-sonic pulsations. Whenever I feel an angry hormonal spot erupting from underneath my skin (you know those that are so big they actually have a heartbeat?), I target it with my Espada and give it about three to four 30 seconds sessions. The blue light technology here reduces the inflammation within a few hours and after two days of consecutive use even the angriest of spots will be flat and gone (no hyperpigmentation, no dryness left behind). Pricey, but absolutely magical if you suffer from occasional acne spots that take forever to heal.



Supergoop! Suncare=Skincare Kit (on sale for 38 USD) - is an excellent way to discover one of the best sunscreens to date for a discounted price. But wait! You also get a decent travel sized mini and makeup pouch for free (hashtag bargain).

The reason why I love Unseen Sunscreen [SPF 30/40 UVA/UVB] so much is because: a) it is scent-free, b) it is colorless, c) it acts as an amazing makeup primer without ever pilling, sliding or moving around. On top of that it feels weightless and hydrating; doesn't clog pores and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. What not to love? Whether you are a makeup wearer or someone who hates the dreadful white cast - you need it in your life.


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