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Beauty & The City: Barcelona

Beauty & The City, Barcelona Edit

What are your beauty must-haves if you live in a fast-paced capital of Catalonia?


We are starting new series on this platform called "Beauty & The City" and I am beyond excited to welcome and introduce you all to our first guest-writer and my friend Pablo Parra - a mega talented illustrator, graphic designer, blogger and most of all an inspiring, kind human being. I met Pablo through the Hey Fungi blog and quickly fell in love with his unique take on all things related to career, art, beauty and lifestyle in Barcelona. In today's post we have a unique opportunity to look at all of the essentials you might need when living in this beautiful Spanish city.

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Illustrations, collages, photography, words by Pablo Parra

Beauty & The City: Barcelona

Intro: Life in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona is a mixture of many things that I treasured during a lifetime: being able to walk around the city (those croissant calories need to get burned), having a chance to connect with foreign cultures and enjoying the weather that is much friendlier compared to other main European cities.

I am currently working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with an ever changing schedule, which is something that I really value about this stage of my life. However, I must admit that as my own boss, I sometimes can be strict with myself (working on that at the moment). So, the perfect way to start and end my day is to have a skincare routine that I can delight in, alongside other enjoyable things like: lighting a candle (I adore scented candles), applying hand moisturizers or adding new beauty products to my endless wish list during a coffee break (coffee hour is sacred here).

My routine is not perfect and it is not my intention to reach perfection, but I have a few essential items in my cabinet that make my life easier. The goal? To find the most comfortable products for my skin.

Lush Prince Shaving Cream

It was difficult to find a shaving cream that would not cause irritation, while still serving its main function. Running a blade across your face every three days is a bit aggressive, so having a product that could pamper the skin after shaving was my priority. Luckily, Prince ticks all the boxes and thanks to fair trade Cocoa Butter used here, this cream also does a good job at moisturizing and softening your skin.

Avène Eau Thermale

An advantage of living in Barcelona is having an easy access to all of the pharmacy skincare products from Spain and France for a good price. If I could pick just one pharmacy product? It would be The Thermal Water. Perfect for cooling off during hot months (Mediterranean summers are a challenge), perfect for after shave and perfect for waking up tired skin.

OUAI Detox Shampoo

Mediterranean water is quite harsh and has a lot of limescale in it, so finding a good shampoo to thoroughly cleanse my hair was crucial yet tricky. After discovering Detox Shampoo, I now use it every two weeks and it leaves my hair almost virgin-like, clean and silky. It’s like pressing a button and resetting my head to zero.