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Caudalie: Number One Must-Haves

caudalie must-haves skincare review

I have been a fan of Caudalie for many years now and during this time I have discovered a number of favourites, that I can't be without. In today's post I am going to share my must-have Caudalie gems with you all. Curious? Then just keep on scrolling!

About the Brand

In case you are new to it, here are a few things worth mentioning: Caudalie is an award-winning French skincare brand, founded by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas. Caudalie was inspired by the vineyards on the family estate in Bordeaux; after discovering a nutritional value of grape-seed Polyphenols (aka "the most powerful antioxidants"), Mathilde and her husband have collaborated with a team of scientists and pharmacists to create a number of patented formulas and one of a kind skincare products, some of which we are going to talk about in this article. Caudalie believes in organic and natural ingredients, is free of all the well-known nasties and donates 1% of its annual worldwide turnover to environmental projects.

My Skin Type

Dry, dehydrated, sensitive; occasional texture and hormonal breakouts.

Premier Cru

Over the years I have tried a lot of different serums from Caudalie, but only Premier Cru Serum stole my heart. Although I jumped late on the "Cru" bandwagon, I can tell you now - this guy is a game-changer.

What is it? a powerful serum with anti-aging benefits, that targets and rejuvenates skin cells in order to make them work harder. Just think of it as a strong cup of coffee for your brain: cells are instantly more awake and productive. This formula contains the brand's star ingredients: Vinergy, Resveratrol (to lift/firm), Viniferine (to brighten) and Polyphenols (to protect). If that wasn't cool enough, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide are also key elements here and, as most of you guys know, both are my favourites. Niacinamide is essentially Vitamin B3, which is going to help minimize pores, brighten and revive skin surface. Over the time cells go back to their youthful condition, while natural collagen production keeps on going up. Complete ingredients' list is here.

caudalie premier cru serum review

First Impression: a liquidy, silky-smooth consistency that gets easily absorbed by the skin, leaving no sticky residue behind it. It is quite lightweight in feel, similarly to your beloved gel serums, but with a bit more kick to it. The scent is described as "an oak rose" fragrance, which reminds me a lot of Lancome Absolue L'Extrait Cream Elixir; it is this signature, luxurious sweet rose scent, which I adore. It won't linger for too long, but if you have a sensitive nose, do give it a good whiff beforehand. Personally, I am a big fan and can easily see myself wearing an actual perfume version of it. This serum works best with the corresponding Premier Cru Rich Cream, but since I don't have one yet - I have been using the serum underneath my [basic] Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and together they worked like a magic duo. Skin feels properly hydrated.

Over Time: although you won't see results right away, I think after a few weeks of religiously using it as my night-time serum, I noticed just how well-balanced my skin has become. I was not getting nearly as many dry patches; even stubborn pores on my nose have minimized. Texture was much softer, smoother and despite the fact that I was still getting odd hormonal spots on my chin, they were not even remotely as painful as they used to be. I do wake up to a very smooth, well-rested skin and it appears to be much brighter than before.

caudalie premier cru serum review

Final Thoughts: now in my 20s, I might not be an exact target-market for the Premier Cru line; however, I do think that it had a great impact on my skin's overall condition and appearance. I am sure that if fine lines, dullness, uneven texture are your key concerns - you might really enjoy this serum. Although it is suitable for all skin types, someone with a dry/dehydrated skin will enjoy it the most. It provides a deep hydration, so if you find that your skin is feeling a bit lacklustre or aggravated from stress, environmental pollution or even sun damage - give Premier Cru Serum a go. It might feel like it costs an arm and a leg, but what good serum doesn't? If you are at the point in your life when you don't mind saving up and splurging on a skincare item (bear in mind, I rarely say this about a high-end product) this could be the one.

Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence

What is it? Vinoperfect range is a recent discovery for me, but I like the idea of it. You guys know my love for Glycolic Acid and Caudalie have created three unique products (toner, serum and night cream) to delicately remove dead cells, thus revealing a beautiful fresh layer of radiant skin. The line also targets dark spots and dullness.

caudalie concentrated brightening essence review

First Impression: I must say that at this point, after using Glycolid Acid serums and toners as part of my skincare routine for almost a year now, I no longer feel the "tingling sensation"; but it still occured when I first used Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence. If you are new to exfoliating acids, then it is important to mention that most of them do sting a bit for a few seconds, yet in a very gentle way. However, the more you use them, the better your skin absorbs the acid, you build up tolerance and as a result after a couple of days you might no longer feel the tingle. It is advisable to only use products like this as part of your PM routine (apply this essence with your hands or a cotton pad to a clean dry skin right before your night serum/cream), following up with a good sunblock in the morning, because the acid will increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. There is nothing to worry about, just a little caution. I typically use it 2-3 times a week only and it seems to work just fine for my skin type.

Over Time: skin texture improves massively; there are practically no dry patches, blemishes heal faster and there is little to no scarring afterwards; pores get tighter and complexion becomes more luminous. Caused no irritation or breakouts. I sometimes get those tiny little bumps on my forehead, but since using this essence, they haven't resurfaced yet.

Final Thoughts: Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence will be perfect for those of you, who are into their acids or simply want to revive the skin and get rid of dry patches, dark spots or post acne-scar discoloration. Little goes a long way, so one bottle (5 oz/150 ml) should last you a while. Glycolic Acid in general is every girl's (and boy's) best friend and this essence will certainly suit everyone; your nemesis included.

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