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Pixi Pretties

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Every now and again, Petra and the Pixi Team collaborate with influential bloggers to create some exciting new products, so perfect for beauty aficionados around the Globe. This must be the brand's biggest Pixi Pretties collection yet, so without further ado, let's dive in!


This year Pixi Beauty collaborated with three big names in the beauty blogosphere: Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy and Weylie Hoang. There are six new products in the line, including: eye-, cheek-, lip-palettes as well as a dual-ended eyeliner and a lip gloss.

Chloe Morello

pixi beauty chloe morello review

Palette Chloette (24 USD)

What is it? all-in-one eye, cheek and brow palette that offers you three blush shades, six eyeshadows, as well as three eyeliner/brow shades (available in blonde, brown and charcoal gray colours).

First Impression: although I am a bit surprised that there are no matte eyeshadows, Pixi Beauty did a good job formulating every single shimmer shade here. These eyeshadows are quite pigmented and smooth. I do, however, wish that there was a better colour selection; most of these shades strike me as highlighters (pale pearl, soft champagne, medium bronze). I do understand that these are designed as 'neutral' tones, but when you mix and match all six shades, you will still end up with [more or less] the same kind of a look. I wish there was a touch more variety as far as eyeshadow colours and finishes go.

pixi beauty palette chloette review

The little trio doesn't swatch that well, but that is only because these are designed for your brows (and possibly liner). I have used shade Tux to fill in the gaps and it did a fairly nice job at giving me a fuller brow. However, if you are a bit "follically challenged" in the brow department, you would be better off with a brow pencil/pomade instead.

Lastly, we have three blush shades; you get a neutral peach with a soft golden sheen ("Promise"), pale baby pink with a soft silvery-champagne shift ("Bouquet") and classic rose shade with a satin finish ("Romance"). I must say that Promise and Bouquet are my favourite shades here; they are quite pigmented and smooth, blending into perfection like 1, 2, 3. Although both shades have a "barely there" metallic sheen, once applied they give you more of a natural-yet-radiant type of a finish (just like your favourite mineral blush).

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Final Thoughts: I wish Palette Chloette had a few more mattes in order for me to create a variety of looks using one eyeshadow palette only. If there was at least one matte transition/crease and one deep brown shade - I could easily label this little guy as your perfect, all-in-one bridal palette. I am also not that crazy about brow powders here, I wish they had a better lasting power and pigment. This palette will, however, be perfect for those of you who don't wear eyeshadow all that much, but love a good blush and highlight. A little bit of Fairytale all over the lid and on high-points of the face, a healthy flush of Bouquet on your cheeks, Cake on the lips - boom! Every day, easy look achieved.

Lip Icing (14 USD)

What is it? a liquid lip gloss with 3D glimmer in the shade "Cake" (one that actually smells like cake).

First Impression: I love this lip gloss; it is one of those universally flattering shades that looks great on pretty much everyone (your nemesis and puppy included). It reflects gold, pink and bronze, while still remaining nice and natural on the lips. It is quite sheer on its own, so you can easily throw it on top of any lipstick you like. Texture is amazing; it glides on like butter, feels hydrating (thanks to rose hip and marula oils) and never feels sticky/gooey/gritty. An extra thought - loving the bendy, larger-yet-precise applicator.

pixi beauty chloe morello lip icing cake review

Final Thoughts: yes, yes and yes! Even if you are not into glosses, you might still enjoy Cake. It makes your lips fuller, juicier, poutier and who doesn't want that? Don't be frightened by how it looks in the tube, because on your lips it will be one of those perfect every day/evening shades that goes with any makeup look.

Dulce Candy

pixi beauty dulce candy review

Cafe con Dulce (24 USD)

What is it? "Sweet Glow" palette with nine multi-use shades for your eyes and cheeks; all of these are metallic with a "powder to cream" finish.

First Impression: if we are friends on Instagram, then you know I am a shameless magpie and a thought of taking a bath filled with my favourite liquid highlighter is not that foreign to me. That being said, if you are into your blinding, foiled, out-of-this-world metallic highlighters and shadows - this palette will make you happy. Texture-wise it gives me ABH vibes: creamy and smooth powders that pack a punch in terms of pigmentation. You can use them on your cheeks, lids and even body (shoulders, legs, arms - I am down for it!).