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January 16, 2018


Whether it is YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest - quite literally - ColourPop is everywhere. For today's review I cherry-picked a few of the brand's eyeshadow bestsellers, as well as a gel liner, so without any further ado - let's roll!


About the Brand

I am sure you guys all know [or at least have heard of] ColourPop. ColourPop is one of the most affordable online [cruelty-free] make-up shops in the World, and unlike many drugstore brands, these guys stay on top of every new industry trend. They no longer sell single eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks only; today ColourPop is a wildly popular brand that offers concealers, brow products, eyeshadow palettes, blushes and many other things for 5-20 USD, tops. Someone said "they deserve a Nobel prize for creating hip products for such cheap prices" and I have to agree. What's even better - they ship globally.


All I See Is Magic Eyeshadow Palette

Earlier last year, ColourPop started selling their brand new eyeshadow palettes and All I See Is Magic instantly caught my eye. I don't know about you, but I am bored of seeing same neutral- or warm-toned matte eyeshadow palettes all the time; so having a mix of jewel-toned duochromes and wearable mattes, as well as some bright and glittery options, seemed like a great deal. Plus, whenever I look at the colour selection - I get inspired to step out of my comfort zone and create something new, which is exactly why we buy make-up after all (it should bring fun!).



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Price: 20 USD (you get 5 USD off your first order). Made in the USA


Packaging: simple as it can be; lightweight cardboard case that fits 15 eyeshadow pans (each 1.05 g / 0.037 oz). The pan is relatively smaller than a regular/individual eyeshadow (1.8G / 0.064 oz) but should still last you a while. This palette has no mirror, but is still quite travel-friendly and slim (it is a touch wider than iPhone7 Plus).


Colours & Formula: there are five full mattes; two mattes with some finely milled shimmer running through them; and remaining eight shades are a variety of metallics/duochromes/"foiled" shadows with shimmer. Unlike Make Up Geek, ColourPop foiled shadows formula is a touch drier/more loose, so you might experience some fallout. A few mattes here have a kick-up, yet they still blend like a dream, so go with a light hand. There are no "bad" shadows in this palette; for the most part they are all incredibly pigmented and smooth. I only wish shade Treat Yourself was a full matte, so you could set your entire lid with it; but since it has some shimmer in it - it does look a bit chunky to me and I don't really enjoy its rather dry texture. Wishful Winking, on the other hand, is my favourite shadow in this palette; it is one of the softest, most pigmented green-blue-brown shadows I have ever tried (similar in colour to MAC's Blue Brown Pigment). 



Application: mattes here are so wonderful, you can easily wear them sheer or build the opacity as you go; they blend into each other well and All I See Is Magic has got a few wonderful transition shades (Go Wish, Big Spoon) that will help create a beautiful, blown-out/well-blended shadow effect. Quality-wise they do remind me of MUG and even ABH (no exaggeration). Duochromes (Now And Zen, Wishful Winking) are stunning and smooth, same as Metallics (Twinkle Toes, Save It For Later, Pitter Patter). Shimmery/Glittery (11:11, Something Special, Never Never) shades are a touch chunky, nowhere as finely milled and well-binded as say Natasha Denona shadows, but! You can still make them work by layering them on top of a coloured eye base or using Fix Plus. Glittery shadows are my jam and with a little more effort, they will look incredible.



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Wear: I always wear an eye primer, that being said these last on me up to 6-7 hours. I have not experienced any smudging, flaking or anything like that. As a matter of fact - glittery shades here get better as the day goes by (might have something to do with a natural oil production) in a way that they almost look glossy (never greasy) on the lid. Mattes do fade quicker (4-5 hours).



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Final Thoughts?

Do I think it is worth it? Yes! Are these the best 20 bucks I spent on an eyeshadow palette? Yes! Will I buy more palettes from ColourPop? Certainly. I think this palette will be great for both freelance make-up artists and make-up lovers in general. Sure enough, these are not as high-end as your Natasha Denona orTom Ford, but for an affordable brand - I think these are awesome. Some shades here need a touch more work, but results are worth it. Again, not everyone is willing to spend a ton of money on make-up and this is when ColourPop comes into play - great prices, good quality and very trendy colours indeed. I give this palette A-.


Super Shock Shadow

Now, this is a product that made ColourPop famous - Super Shock Shadow comes in various finishes (matte, satin, pearlized, metallic, ultra glitter, ultra metallic) and a ton of colours.


Price: these shadows are sold individually and contain 2.1g/ 0.07 oz of product, retailing for 5 USD each. Made in the USA.


Packaging: simple little plastic case with a transparent lid (so that you can see what colour is inside); light and perfect for traveling.



Formula & Application: being new to this product, I wasn't really sure what to expect "are these cream shadows?", "do I need to set them with powder?". I guess the best way I can describe these is - buttery to the touch, yet "almost" dry upon application. Imagine having an almost dried out cream shadow, which is still very pigmented, yet you need to swirl your finger in it to get some colour - this is exactly how I feel about these. See, Super Shock Shadows are best applied with your fingers (in my opinion), because this formula contains oil/butter and in order to achieve a very smooth application, you need to warm it up first. Warmth of your fingers will almost melt the shadow, so that it glides on beautifully as a result.



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Colours: without realizing it, I ended up buying two colours with the same Ultra-Glitter finish: Bae (rich eggplant purple with blue glitter) and I Heart This (taupe with a silver ultra-glitter sparkle). I should say straight away - these two apply quite differently. Although I love the look of Bae, I truly struggle with it; it applies sheer and when I try to pack on more, blue glitter starts flying and landing everywhere on my face. Quite annoying, but there is a solution! Apply these on top of either glitter glue or cream/stick shadow while it is still semi-emollient. This way they will "sandwich" and last well throughout the day/night.


I Heart This is beautiful. It doesn't look like a true taupe to me, but on its own or as a glittery eyeshadow topper - it is stunning. It feels quite velvety-smooth to the touch and can be layered easily (both on top of any other shadow or on its own). If you like a good "halo" eyeshadow look, this colour will certainly add that wet/high-shine touch. Definitely a winner for me.



Final Thoughts?

Go for metallics and glittery shades, preferably those that are silver/gold/copper, because I feel they should have the best pigmentation. I still prefer traditional matte powder eyeshadows and believe Super Shock Shadows work best as toppers (not as base colours). Ultra-Glitter finish in particular gives you such a flattering [high-end] micro-sparkle, I love it! Also, I know the brand says that these won't crease/fade/fall-out - they somehow do, so use a good base underneath them. 


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Creme Gel Colour

Last but not least, I spotted this little gel eyeliner called Best O (deepened burgundy) and figured that for six dollars - it was a total bargain. I won't talk about it for too long, because unfortunately this liner didn't work for me at all. Although it swatches really well and is quite a colour-saturated formula, when you actually try to apply it - it dries down and sets so fast, you barely have any play-time. And then, for some strange reason, this product irritated my eyes - I could literally feel how my top lash line was burning. Now, it might have some to do with an actual colour - I have noticed in the past that burgundy eye pencils, mascaras and now a gel liner made my eyes itch and burn. Might have something to do with an actual carmine used, so all in all - I will be avoiding creamy burgundy eye products for now until I figure out what is causing this rapid reaction. Having said all that, I can't recommend these gel liners (although I had high hopes that they would replace my holy grail MAC's Fluidline).


If you want me to try any other ColourPop products - definitely leave a note in the comments below. Have a great day!





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