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December 4, 2017


As you might recall from my previous haircare article, one where we discussed various ways of taking care of your mane, I am one picky woman when it comes to my hair products. I am very "scalp" cautious, so things like shampoos and conditioners in particular are very hard for me to choose. It's either best or nothing. You might also remember that I am a #1 fan of Grown Alchemist, an organic skincare brand from Australia, very dear to my heart. When I heard that the brand has released a spanking new haircare range, that took 10+ years of research and development, I knew I had to investigate.


Cosmeceutical Haircare

"Cosmeceuticals" - are cosmetic products with bioactive ingredients purported to have medical or drug-like benefits, according to Wikipedia. As much as the term tends to be overused as a smart marketing trick by a plethora of brands, this is not the case with Grown Alchemist, since their key goal (with skin- and haircare) is to actually reinforce healthy cell development, thus change the way the body repairs and regenerates your skin/hair. This accent on cellular renewal and repair, as well as nutrient metabolisation, is what made me fall in love with the brand and their one-of-a-kind bioactive formulations in first place.


What is so special about this new haircare line?

a) Cell Protection - protective actives shield the hair shaft structure from UV radiation and degradation of the Amino Acids of the hair;

b) Tensile Strength - mix of Panthenol B-5, Hydrolyzed Bao-Bab, Ginsenosides, Polyphenols and Fatty Acids to nourish, strengthen, detangle, repair damage from heat stress and condition your follicles to accelerate hair growth;

c) Liposome Delivery - plant-derived ingredient used to bond and penetrate actives deep into the hair cortex, in order to ensure great results.



This haircare range currently includes 6 sets (shampoo+conditioner) designed for different hair needs, including: Detox, Strengthen, Protect, Volumise, Anti-Frizz, Nourish. You can read more about them here, while in this post I am going to solely focus on Detox Haircare Twin Set 0.1.


Detox 0.1

Packaging: First things first, let's talk about the look of these bottles. They are made of soft plastic material and have a very clean and signature Grown Alchemist look to them (less is more). You can either get each product separately for 49 USD (whooping 500 ml) or opt for a smaller x2 set (what you see on my photos) which is again 49 USD, but it contains two smaller bottles (200 ml each). Choice is yours. Bigger bottles are better in my opinion, mainly because they come with a handy pump, while my small conditioner bottle can be a pain in the back to use. I actually have to put some muscle into it and give it a very good upside-down shake in order to get some of the product out.


Ingredients: Minor grudge aside, both of these Detox products have a phenomenal nutrient-rich formula, based on Hydrolized Silk Protein (detox the hair from heavy metal environmental pollutants and free radicals), Black Pepper (nourish/condition scalp), Lycopene (manageability and hydration), Sea Buckthorn (protection) and Amaranth (increase damage recovery). When I look at the complete ingredients list, my green heart jumps with joy because these hair products are 100% made out of plants and flower oils. And this Detox range in particular will also protect your hair from UVB/UVA rays. Everything a fairy godmother would so kindly gift you.



Detox Shampoo has more of a clear, gel-like consistency and for a product free of sodium lauryl sulfate, I must say it lathers really well. Way more than any of my HG Alterna or OUAI products. It has a very calming, fresh natural/green scent. You should be using a very small amount though, because (here comes my favourite phrase) little goes a long way. Even with my long hair, a pea-sized amount is more than enough. By the time I rinse it twice, my hair and scalp feel squeaky clean. I mean verrry clean. Thankully I never experience any dryness, itchiness or flakiness, which is something that normally happens to me whenever I over-cleanse my scalp. Something that did happen a few times though, was that on a second day my hair would feel flat and a touch greasy. Bear in mind I have fine hair, so I suspect that it has something to do with my mane in particular; it can get overwhelmed by plant oils sometimes (this product is filled with them), but I don't think there will be an issue if you have a different hair type.


Detox Conditioner on the other hand is quite thick and has more of a balmy texture. I would typically use more of it than the shampoo (about a tea spoon amount) and work it through mid-end hair section. I leave it on for a few minutes and rinse my hair with lukewarm water. This conditioner works like magic, leaving my hair feeling bouncy, silky smooth and glossy. It does have a different scent to the shampoo, but again - quite natural and nothing that would irritate even the most sensitive nose.




After playing with these for a few weeks now, I am relieved to say that Grown Alchemist didn't waste 10+ years on formulating these haircare products. Not only are they organic, cruelty-free, vegan and made of Mother Nature's best gifts to the mankind - but they also work and you do get to see results right away. My hair doesn't shed as much and scalp feels well-conditioned. I also find that my hair is more manageable and hydrated, which is a terrific thing in my book. I highly encourage you guys to read more about this brand new haircare range and give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed. I am certainly looking forward to trying Grown Alchemist's Strengthening, Anti-Frizz Twin Sets next and give these A.


Grown Alchemist do ship worldwide from Australia, you can always find more information here. If you are based in Dubai you can find Grown Alchemist at Bloomingdale's, Harvey Nichols as well as





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