Let's Talk About Smith & Cult*

September 27, 2017


So...I have an affair with Smith & Cult. It all began when I first tried their Dark Like Me nail polish (which is practically a nail-star of my Instagram page), yet I never really spoke about the brand on my blog. To fix that horrible mistake as soon as possible, I figured why not share my Smith & Cult obsession with you guys? If you are on a hunt for something alluring from the nail department - this post is for you.


About the Brand

Smith & Cult is founded by Dineh Mohajer (founder of Hard Candy; company that was later sold to LVMH group) and if there is one thing, that stands out to me the most about her brands - is the packaging. At the moment Smith & Cult's product portfolio includes: nail polish, mascara, lip lacquer, lip stains, eyeshadow quads, blush/bronzer duos, highlighter and eyeliner.


Look & Feel


Smith & Cult (appearance-wise) is hands-down my favourite nail polish brand ever. The craftsmanship, colour selection and rather "hefty" feeling you get from holding each bottle (these have a nice weight to them) - is truly amazing. And I am not being paid to say that; it is what it is.


My favourite part about these - is this beautiful, slightly "damaged" lid. This is something that was done on purpose [of course] because the dent is a perfect fit for your thumb, so that you get both: a better grip and control of the brush. Now, you can always take the lid off if you want - all up to you. I think the brush can make or brake a nail polish; thankfully, Smith & Cult gave their lacquers a nice not-too-small/not-too-thin brush. It is a perfect medium size for both: professional or [dare I say it] amateurish use (aka moi). The wand is a touch short, compared to other brands, but once you get used to it - you truly won't mind it.


Application & Wear

Surprisingly, these are very easy to work with, especially if you do your own manicure at home. Formula is perfect: used to be 5-free but now is 8-free (no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, triphenil phosphate and other nasty fellas here) and all of the colours I have tried so far were 100% opaque, pigmented and long-wearing.



I am a swimmer (in case you're new to this blog, hi!) and OG readers know that I test most of "waterproof" make-up, sunscreens and nail polish at the pool. There are only two brands that survive my trainings and Smith & Cult is one of them (Zoya is second), which is amazing, considering both are free of strong chemicals, that might affect your health. Smith & Cult does take time to dry though, so make sure you let it sit on your nails for at least 10 minutes, before you move anywhere.


Swatches & Favourites

For the longest time the only Smith & Cult nail polish I had was Dark Like Me. It is a gorgeous deep berry (or as a brand describes it "aubergine") colour. If you are into your vampy, almost black shades - you can't go wrong with it. It is in fact my signature colour; if you ever see me wear a dark nail polish, 99.9% of the time it is Dark Like Me.


Dark Like Me


Another shade, which gives me massive San Francisco vibes is Beat Street. It is a bit hard to find online (I believe this must have been a limited-edition colour), but if you are into your young turquoise nail polish - it is worth the hunt. Fun fact: when I was a student living in San Fran, I actually couldn't afford going to a nail salon, so I would buy a cheap nail polish at the drugstore and mix colours to get some options...let me know if you've ever been there! So, I would mix pistachio green and indigo blue (with a touch of flamingo pink) to get a colour like Beat Street. And.I.Wore.It.All.The.Time. I even got somewhat "famous" for it (even today some of my classmates ask whether I still wear that "blue" polish).


Throwback to my SF days on the left and Beat Street on the right


A newer (and definitely an unusual colour for me) is Tang Bang. The brand describes it as an "opaque burnt orange" and on my skintone it looks more like an apricot-puree-meets-burnt-caramel type of a colour. This is a new release from Smith & Cult and it is perfect for fall. If you are into your warms and oranges, you will truly adore it. 


 Tang Bang


Last, but certainly not least, can you imagine a magpie without glitter? I wanted to try Smith & Cult glittery goodness for the longest time and Glass Souls is a perfect choice. Currently there are five glittery nail polishes in the line and two of them are more "chunky" (silver and gold), while the rest are finely milled and multicoloured. Glass Souls has both small and big particles in it, which is great if you want more "oomph" from your glitter. I will save this one for upcoming holidays to jingle all the way!


Glass Souls on top of Beat Street



If you couldn't tell by now, I freaking love Smith & Cult. These bad boys are a bit pricey compared to other popular brands, but they are so worth it. These are not a one-trick pony type of a deal, so I can't recommend them enough. Safe, pigmented, long-wearing, beautiful. If you are a nail polish junkie, definitely check it out. I love mine so much, I actually keep them on a bookshelf, where everyone can see them. You can find more inspiration here.


+Added Bonus

News: I have yet another favorite from Smith & Cult. This time it is a make-up product: Lash Dance Mascara is amazing. If you love defined, volumized lashes - this one is for you. It is a slightly wet formula at first, but it layers beautifully. I do keep a lash comb at hand if I need to separate lashes when I go overboard with it, but! Generally speaking - it is one of the nicest volume mascaras I have tried in a long while.


Bristles are made of plastic and wand has an interesting "curvy" shape. You can tell from the images above that as you look at it from different angles - it is both tapered and slightly hourglass-shaped at the same time.



This mascara gives me beautiful, pitch-black lashes. It wears really well: doesn't smudge, flake, irritate my eyes or anything like that. It can be easily removed with micellar water or any other oil-based make-up remover. Definitely a new favourite of mine. *If you are based in the UAE - you can easily find Smith & Cult at Harvey Nichols, Mall Of The Emirates.





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