Swatchfest: KVD Everlasting Lip Liner (+Review)*

September 24, 2017


Kat Von D, pioneer and queen of liquid lipsticks, has recently launched 30 brand new lip liners and these have some serious claims: 24hr water-resistant wear, weightless color, comfortable matte and high-pigment formula. I have 28 shades to show you guys and if you are curious to hear more about this launch (+see all of the swatches), then just keep on scrolling!



As you might know, KVD is uber famous for her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. These spread across the Internet and blogosphere like wildfire, so it was only a matter of time before Kat came out with matching Everlasting Lip Liners. Every single colour here was created to match both liquid and regular Studded Kiss Lipsticks. You can easily spot a lot of iconic shades here like: Lolita, Outlaw, Bow N Arrow and more. 



The shade selection is brilliant. You basically have everything you might ever need: from the palest of nudes, to the darkest of vamps. And, the packaging didn't disappoint either. Every liner comes in a beautiful, gothic box with a matching colour-sticker on top. These are retractable and you get 0.25g/ 0.009 oz of product in each. It is much less than what you get with a regular MAC lip pencil per say (1.5g/ 0.05 oz), yet it is an exact same amount you get with their retractable Cremestick Liner (0.25g/ 0.009 oz), which makes me think that it is a standard amount on the market. Something more high-end like Guerlain or Lancome would be around 0.5g but for twice the price, so you do the math. You get less, but you don't waste anything while sharpening your beloved pencil.



Outer packaging is exactly the same as the actual colour of each liner. It is no secret that Kat creates all of the logos and desings herself, so every product she releases feels special to me. I really adore (what looks like) sketch of a tulip flower that you see on every liner; it is an exact same ornament you see on her liquid lipsticks, which is a nice personal touch in my book. These are cruelty-free/vegan and made in Germany (aka country that produces World's best retractable lip and eye liners).


Formula & Wear

Kat Von D say that every single shade has a unique formula; something that was done in order to "max out pigmentation while maintaining the high performance". Overall, these liners are incredibly creamy and smooth. They glide on like butter and do set relatively fast. Once they dry down, they become budge-proof; rub as much as you want, these won't smudge or transfer. Of course, if you eat something that has oil in it (say a salad with olive oil) colour might move a bit, but other than that - there is nothing to worry about here.



From my experience - both pigmentation and wear seem to be consistent, no matter what colour you choose. There isn't a single disappointing shade here, but there are two colours that seem a little patchy; I am talking about Roxy and Satellite. While every other shade is "one-swipe-magic", these two require some build up, so that they look just as opaque as their gorgeous siblings. Purples in general are not as "even" in colour (as you might know, matte purples - eyeshadows or lipsticks - are hard to make). The only colours I don't have are Lolita II and Poe (these are PR samples, check full disclaimer here).


Everlasting Lip Liners are incredibly easy to work with; whether you are a beginner or pro - you will enjoy these a ton. They do last for hours and hours; you can easily wear them all over your lips (that pigmented!) or paired with any other lipstick you already own and love. All of these (even the most daring shades) are rich in colour and they don't feel drying. I love wearing Everlasting Lip Liners with any of my regular/bullet lipsticks (not a huge liquid lipstick fan here) and a few of my friends told me they wear shades like Lemmy or Skully on their eyes (just like any other retractable, long-wearing eyeliner), which is something I have yet to try. I haven't seen anyone use these on their waterline though, so please beware! Also, with dark shades - make sure to match your lipstick perfectly. If you decide to layer them, they will layer and make outline of your lips look a different/ more saturared shade than your actual lipstick. Otherwise, exfoliate, fill in your whole lip with a lip pencil first and apply any other colour on top for an extra smooth/bulletproof wear.



I give these A+. Although I still love my old-school pencil lip liners, these bad boys are very impressive. Every single colour is trendy, hip and modern. You also get a flesh-toned shade here called Swanly, which you could use as an "eraser", especially if you naturally have very pigmented lips. Price (18USD/90AED), quality and selection are simply on point, so I can't really complain about anything. If you love your lip liners, check out Everlasting Lip Liner range ASAP.

 Wearing shade L.U.V. Don't mind my hair; it has a mind of its own.



Disclaimer: I do not edit my hand-swatches (no saturation or brightness adjustments here); so this is exactly what every single shade looks like in real life. I take my pictures using natural daylight only. Please click on any image you like if you want to zoom in/read shade description.


#1: Nudes

#2: Reds & Berries




#3: Orange & Pinks

#4: Purples & Bolds


KVD is exclusive to Sephora. You can find more products online: or






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