Favourite Body Care Products, Sep. '17

September 17, 2017



Lately I have been trying out quite a few new (that is "new" for me) body care products; everything from a shower gel all the way up to hand exfoliant, and since I liked a lot of them - I thought, why not share them all with you guys? One of my personal goals this year was to take a better care of my body (and skin), so I couldn't really think of a more appropriate time to write this post. Hope you enjoy!


Sleep Tight...Zzz

Due to the nature of my work, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer (or my iPhone) and sometimes I find it hard to just to doze off. It almost feels like I can't relax or keep my eyes shut. This is when a few Lush goodies come in handy.



Although I am a shower-kinda-gal, I find that there is nothing more relaxing than a good bath. And what is a better place to look for bath products than Lush (amirite)?  I have tried a lot of these in the past, but there is something about the brand's Twilight Bath Bomb. For starters, it is pink that turns into a shimmering deep purple (my inner magpie is jumping with joy right now). Secondly, it smells heavenly (lavender oil, tonka, ylang-ylang are key notes here). Unlike sea salt, these bath bombs don't feel as drying on my skin and since this is more of "aromatherapy" type of a product, I find that the scent of lavender in particular helps to unwind and get ready for a good night's sleep.



Lush have recently launched a few new body sprays and the one I got here is - again - from the Twilight range. Twilight Body Spray has an exact same intoxicating and relaxing scent (a touch more intense than the Bath Bomb) and comes in this fun window spray kind of a bottle. This is a vegan product, which is amazing in my book. I typically use only one spritz and call it a day - it is quite long-lasting and does linger for a few hours before fading; not one of those airy body mists in the slightest. This one means business.


I like to use Twilight on days when I just run errands or go to the gym. I think it is too rich for the night-time. The scent helps me relax; I would describe it as orientally sweet and spicy at the same time. It is a unique fragrance for sure, so if you are into Twilight Bath Bomb - you might really like this one too.



Last but not least, once I get out of the shower/bath - I often go for my favourite Sleepy Body Lotion. It has a beautiful, rich yet lightweight texture, which gets absorbed really well (never sticky or greasy). Leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It contains jojoba, almond oil, as well as shea and cocoa butter (great combination) and smells like a subdued version of Twilight. You can easily use it as an overnight hand and foot cream as well, it is that good.


p.s. the colour seems to be a bit washed-off on the photo above; in real life Sleepy has a very soft-lavender hue to it. 


Outdoor Activities

Although it is mid-September already, technically we're still in mid-summer here in Dubai. The sun is active and beaches are packed.



I exercise regularly and since I am a swimmer, my body is always exposed to the sun (training at the open pool doesn't help). Especially during my morning trainings - I do get that odd "tiramisu" type of a tan, which I really hate. But even more so - I get unwanted freckles on my shoulders and back.


When Dermalogica have kindly sent me their Protection 50 Sport, I was seriously jumping with joy, because: (a) it is sheer; (b) it is water-resistant (40 min). Another good thing about this product is that you can easily use it both on your face and body; Dermalogica say that this sunscreen is made of "Oleosome" microspheres to enhance SPF performance and counteract moisture loss (sounds good enough to me!)



Complicated terminology aside, this sunscreen feels like a hydrating body lotion. As you can see from the photo above - it really leaves no traces or white marks. Once it gets absorbed, skin feels rejuvenated and well-moisturized (no unpleasant or greasy residue here). There is a very (very) faint sunscreen scent to it, but honestly - nothing you will notice unless you give it a really intense whiff. I typically apply this lotion all over my body about 15-20 minutes before I go to the pool. I find that even after an intensive one-hour training + shower, my skin doesn't feel as dry and there are certainly less freckles appearing. I still tan, but not as much as I would do without it. Big fan of Protection 50 Sport here and will definitely re-purchase.



But what about all the chlorine and other chemicals found in the pool? If you have been reading this blog for a while (if not, welcome!) then you know my long love affair with Institut Esthederm. I use their products religiously as part of my daily skincare routine, but it was the first time that I actually got my hands on their shower gel. And not just any - Micellar After Sun Shower Gel is a gem if you tend to wear a lot of sunscreen on your body. 


Wonderful thing about this product is that it efficiently removes sunscreen, chlorine (hey girl hey), salt and even sand. It should also be gentle enough to help your skin retain moisture and prolong the tan. Now, I am not sure about the latter part - but it does feel so delicate and hydrating on the body, I love it for that. It won't strip or irritate your skin. Especially if you feel that extra bit sensitive after being exposed to the sun, give it a try. I also use it on my face right after the pool, to further remove any nasty chemicals and it gets the job done perfectly. And - if you are not wowed enough - it has really fine golden sheen to it.



Lastly - after all the sun, sunscreen and chlorine - I do feel a tad guilty about literally "frying" my skin. I have been on a hunt for a rich (yet not heavy) body lotion for dry/dehydrated skin specifically and here is what I have found: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Body Milk.



Technically, Lipikar line is designed for people with "atopic dry skin". However, this Lipid-Replenishing Body Milk is perfect for someone with dry or sensitive skin in general; it even works for babies and seniors.


Now, it is a touch heavier than your regular body milk; it is not as runny or watery in texture either. This is not a body product you apply before jumping into your skinny jeans and running out of the door. Although it is not as heavy as most body butters, it is definitely a rich body milk formula, which you have to use sparingly. Take a small amount, work it into your skin, let it sink in. Once it gets absorbed, you can still see a slight sheen on your body, which is something you either love or hate. I personally don't mind it, because I do prefer to use Lipikar Body Milk overnight.


If you live in a severly dry or cold climate - this is a godsend. It moisturizes my skin like no other (they were not joking about 48hr claim) and one 13.5 fl.oz/ 400ml bottle will last you ageees. Plus it contains Niacinamide (which is great for anti-aging) and shea butter.


Spa at Home


Now, these products are for those of you, who love a bit of "spa at home" time. Seriously speaking - with so much stress in life in general (be it work, relationships or anything in-between) we all need some pampering - even better if you can do so in your PJs.


Prismologie is a brand, which I am reviewing for the first time on this blog. I am very new to it, but do admire the concept of boosting your endorphins with a little help from gemstones. You might already know that both crystals and aromatheraphy go hand-in-hand, but it is the first time I see a body care product actually infused with real gemstones (rose quartz, citrine, jade, ruby, sapphire or even diamond). So far, I have only tried one of their products and I really do like it. 



The product I am talking about is Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant, which contains real nephrite powder and a nice mix of essential oils (tamanu, olive and avocado) to hydrate your skin all at the same time. Mineral exfoliants can be abrasive, yet this crystal powder is so finely milled - it won't scratch or hurt your skin whatsoever. Actually (as you can probably tell from the image above) the particles are so microscopic - you don't even see them.


Product itself feels like gel and has a very noticeable perfumey scent; it is a little strong and masculine for vetiver that I typically use say from Hermes, but since it doesn't linger on my skin for too long - I don't mind it. Using this hand exfoliator is a pure joy: apply a small amount, massage in circular motion and rinse. Hands feel smooth and lovely. Exfoliating your hands might feel a bit extra to some, but it is such a wonderful anti-stress/pamper step in your routine, which (strangely enough) makes you feel nice about yourself. Check out more from the brand here.


BCL SPA is exclusively distributed by Beautylicious (UAE), find more information here.


Onto an actual professional spa line - BCL SPA is a cruelty-free Californian brand, which focuses on certified organic ingredients; this brand is wonderful and all of their formulas are free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates or harsh preservatives (which is awesome). I haven't tried that many products from BCL SPA, but something that stands out to me the most [at this point] is their body lotion range.


One I am currently using is called Gel Lotion Milk + Honey with White Chocolate. If you look at the ingredients' list - it might feel as if you are reading some kind of a food recipe. This formula is literally packed with nourishing and anti-oxidant gems including: babassu seed oil, shea butter, grape seed, oilve oil, argan oil, honey, cocoa, rosemary and a plethora of other wonderful ingredients. To me this lotion has a nutty, rather than sweet scent; almost like almonds. Once you blend it into your skin, it begins to smell a bit more like honey - but in a very sophisticated, subtle way (nothing overly chemical or artificial here).



Unlike La-Roche Posay, this little guy gets absorbed almost immediately, leaving your skin feeling healthy and well-moisturized. You won't be able to see or feel its residue on your skin, it is that lightweight. If that wasn't cool enough, BCL SPA Gel Lotions also boost skin's immunity against free radicals and help restore it from environmental damage #obsessed. I have a mini-sized bottle of their Lavender+Mint lotion, which let me tell you, smells heavenly. It is a perfect size for travels and given its calming lavender notes, I reckon it will be brilliant for long-haul flights (to use on your hands), especially when you want to have a nap and relax a little. BCL SPA have a ton of (potentially) wonderful products; you can explore an entire line here. For those of you in the UAE - you can find it at the leading SPA-salons across the country.


That's it for my September '17 Body Care Favourites. Which ones have you tried already or want to try next?







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