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September 3, 2017


Bathroom backdrop is back and that means - it is time to talk about some skincare! If you have been reading this blog for a while now (thank you!), then you already know that I have a thing for a good face mask. GlamGlow recently came up with an exciting new product and if you want to know more about it, then just keep on scrolling. 


DreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment

This is not your typical GlamGlow mask: DreamDuo Overnight Transforming Treatment is actually a "treatment" made out of two different products, that you apply one after another for "visibly plumper, more hydrated skin that lets you wake up to a soft, smooth complexion".



Claims: moisturizing/ helps with dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and texture/ radiant, prepped, plumped, glowing skin - sounds hella good to me!


Ingredients: green coffee, green tea leaf extract, green algae, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, barley, blueberry, cranberry, pomegranate and more. Find complete list here.


Packaging: although we do see a very typical GlamGlow jar, the box is what I love the most about the packaging (I know, so weird). It's holographic, keeps the product nice and safe (especially if you order it online). With DreamDuo you basically get a (1) dreamserum and (2) dreamseal in one little jar; they are obviously divided and you will see how in a minute. Now, the sad part is that you only get 0.68 oz/ 20 g of each mask (40g total), which honestly speaking is an underwhelming amount (price: 59 USD). On the other hand this product is a little bit cheaper than the brand's regular mask (those contain about 1.7 oz /50 g and cost 69 USD). In the UAE - all of the GlamGlow masks retail for 100/320 AED (depending on the size you get).


Texture:  now, both serum and seal have a very similar gel-like consistency. Close to Clinique Moisture Surge, except DreamDuo feels richer/more concentrated. Dreamserum has a light, almost milky-white colour with a noticeable pearlescent peachy-pink shift to it [think of a subdued version of MAC's Pink Opal ]. Dreamseal on the other hand, looks pretty much gray in the jar, but applies sheer.


Scent: both have a very distinctive sweet/candy scent, which is not faint in the slightest. It does vanish in a few hours though; yet if you have a sensitive nose - do give it a whiff first (so to see whether this is something you like or not). I personally don't mind it; although my skin can get easily irritated, I did not experience any problems whenever I used this product, so it is safe to assume that it should not cause any drama.


Application: step 1 - apply serum, let it "bake" for about a minute; step 2 - follow up with seal. If you get confused, always apply the light one first. Both Dreamserum and Dreamseal have a wonderful texture, which literally melts into your skin. A bit similar to my favourite Eminence Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment, which I adore. There is no greasy residue or stickiness; your face might feel a bit tacky at first, but that is okay, because most skincare products with hyaluronic acid can feel that way (anyway). There is no need to use any extra products (oils, serums, nada!). I personally only use an eye cream and call it a!



Results: although I did not expect to see a dramatic difference after a single use, ladies and gentlemen, this stuff works. I don't know how, I don't know why, but whenever I use it - I wake up with a well-rested, plump and hydrated skin. I can't say much about wrinkles and such, but if you are in your 20s (like moi) you can easily use this treatment to really nourish and moisturize your skin effectively. My dry skin literally drinks it up and I can see how a product like this should work for someone with normal/normal to dry/combination/dry skin types. If you are extremely dry/oily - I am not sure how you would feel about DreamDuo as it might either be too intense or not rich enough.


*I would not eliminate my night creams and oils from my skincare routine, only because DreamDuo is so hydrating. If anything, it is a great addition (not a substitute). In my mind, I can see how it will easily work for all the different age groups, mostly between 20s-50s. If you are 50+, I would probably go with something a bit more intense like Institut Esthederm Hyaluronic Range, which is insanely good and will give you amazing results.



Despite the fact that I was initially upset about the amount you get here, I quickly realized that you don't need that much of this product to get a desired effect. I've been using it well throughout this summer and still have a lot of it left. Little goes a long way with DreamDuo and I think this overnight treatment is worth every penny. Although I still love my Eminence Lotus Treatment, this GlamGlow guy is a great (more affordable) alternative. It feels lovely, does what it says and if you don't mind its (very) sweet scent, it might become your best friend. I personally use it whenever I feel like my skin is a bit dull or lacklustre; plus prior to any flight or event - it works like magic. I exfoliate, pop it on, sleep and wake up to a baby smooth face. If you are looking for a very hydrating mask in a jar (not a single-use sheet mask), look this way.







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