Little KVD "Lock-It" Haul: Prime, Bake, Set*

August 23, 2017

If you have been reading this blog for a while now (thank you!) then you know how I feel about Kat Von D. I am a big fan of her make-up products, including eyeshadows and concealers (I think they're great), but I have never tried any of her "base" products; which is something we are about to fix in today's post, since I am going to review most of Kat's newer "Lock-It" products. Hope you enjoy!


Lock-It Hydrating Primer

Don't be confused by the packaging: Kat has recently re-designed her Lock-It Featherweight Primer and renamed it to Lock-It Hydrating Primer. Essentially, this is an exact same product, just the one I have comes in its original outfit. I personally like both designs - but what is this primer really about?


Claims: hydrating/ designed for long-wear foundation/ perfect application/ all-day wear/ lightweight texture/ poreless, soft finish/ colourless. 



Application: Now, if your skin is dehydrated you might be thinking "hell yes, give it to me!" and you won't be wrong. Lock-It Hydrating Primer is a very weightless, water-based primer, which is quite fluid and looks like milk; it sinks into your skin almost immediately. This primer has a faint (hard to label) scent to it and although it is pretty much white in the bottle, once it is blended - it won't leave any white blotches or stripes. It is undetectable. The brand claims that it is infused with aloe, jojoba and even shea butter. Even though I would not treat this primer as a skincare product, I am glad that Kat made an effort and created a much better version of your average watery/hydrating primer (which, let's be honest - we have tried a ton of in the past).



Wear: I am not sure if this primer prolongs the wear of my make-up (after all I tend to wear pretty sheer foundations anyway, so it's hard to tell) but it does feel very hydrating. I like having that extra layer of moisture, especially if there was a good time-gap between my skincare and make-up application. There are days when I wear my make-up for 10+ hours and with a dry skin - a product like this can do such a nice difference to both: how your foundation applies/blends and the way your skin feels throughout the day.


Verdict: I really like this primer. I think it is perfect for someone with dry skin and also those of you, who are fans of Lock-It Foundation. Two reasons why: (a) you can actually mix the two to dillute the foundation and make it a bit sheerer, more hydrating; (b) if your skin is dehydrated and you don't want that matte finish, which you normally get with most full-coverage foundations, a primer like this will help make your base look more dewy and feel less drying. If you are on a hunt for a hydrating primer, which you could just pop on any time you feel like giving your skin that extra bit of moisture, give this one a go - it won't disappoint. I think it is now my second favourite after Becca primers (HG) and that says a lot.


Lock-It Setting Powder 

This next product is probably the reason why I have decided to write this entire review. Many of you guys asked me about it on Instagram and here is what I think about Lock-It Setting Powder.


Claims: weightless/ micro-blurring/ flawless, locked-in finish/ prevents dry, chalky look/ diffuses pores/ velvety matte finish.



I believe that when most people hear "Kat Von D", they instantly think about a long-lasting, full coverage foundation (that covers even tattoos) and uber matte, bulletproof powders. Having dry skin, I was a bit worried about Lock It Setting Powder. [Strangely] I expected it to make my skin very tight, matte and uncomfortable. Thank goodness, that was not the case with this product.


Application: For starters you do get quite a good amount of product here. Powder is labeled as "translucent", but looks flesh-toned. Sifter is quite cute too - it has a nice star shape and if you are careful enough, you won't experience any dramatic explosions of powder every time you try to get the product out of the jar. I personally sprinkle a bit of powder right into the cap and swirl my brush around to pick up the product. This powder is finely milled and is so lightweight, you might even feel like you have to use quite a bit of it in order to get a full-on matte finish. Truth is - depending on your personal needs, you can use as little or as much powder as you want. Say, you have oilier skin type or you feel the need to "bake" certain areas of your face - you might use a bit more; if you have dry skin and need a light dust of powder, you will use less etc. This KVD powder feels silky smooth, blends easily, doesn't set into lines or pores, which is great news. 


Wear: Now, I live in a very humid climate (for the most part) and in Dubai most women suffer from an actual "make-up meltdown". Even I, with my Sahara skin, can look oily in certain areas of my face. This powder is seriously amazing at taking away shine, without making you look cakey. If you use a little amount, it will get a bit dewy in 5-6 hours of wear; but whenever I use a bit more - it actually keeps my face shine-free all day long. It doesn't feel drying, which is an instant bonus in my book. Some people online say that they have experienced flashback, odd white residue here and there (especially on women with more of a medium-dark skin tone) - I personally have not noticed anything like that. Even with flash photography. So, I guess there are those rare cases when you overuse the powder and it might, as a result, sit funny on the face - which is why remember to use this product sparingly



Verdict: I love Lock-It Setting Powder. I think it must be of the finest formulas I have ever tried. Unlike many other popular brands, this one doesn't make me feel like I want to rip off my face and drench myself in moisturizers - it is that comfortable and versatile. If you love baking - this might be your best bet. The brand currently sells this powder in a mini size, which is reasonably priced and if you are curious - get that mini first to see how you like the product. I use mine non-stop and think it is incredibly user-friendly (even for make-up beginners). Doesn't accentuate flaws or dry patches either.


Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist

Last but not least - Kat also released her very first setting spray, officially called Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist. Just like with the powder, my initial thought was "gosh, no" or "this will make my face feel so matte and dry". I don't know what it is, but magically, this spray doesn't only make my make-up last longer, but it also feels hydrating and gets rid of that powdery feel we all hate. Must be unicorn tears.


Claims: refreshing/ weightless/ 24 hour wear/ soft mist/ fresh and vibrant make-up.



Application: My biggest tip is actually something I learned from Tati on YouTube. She did say that you have to press it all the way down (put more pressure on the nozzle) to get a really wonderful, prolonged and fine mist. And boy oh boy, she was so right. If you spritz it lightly, it might spit [occasionally] and this seems to be a common issue seen online. But once you try Tati's technique, it will make all the difference. Once I am done with make-up, I just spray this product two-three times all over my face and it works like magic. Surely, one of the finest mists out there.


Wear: I find that not only does this Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist "melt" all of my powders nicely, but it also affects the way my make-up wears throughout the day. As I have mentioned earlier, it makes everything last that much longer and frankly - who would be mad at that? Also, it doesn't make me feel dry and if anything - using this in the middle of the day is a perfect way to refresh your make-up (by the way this spray smells really fresh). Now, if you are very oily, I am not sure if this product alone would help with oil-control. But! It does work for [pretty much] every skin type out there, even dry. I give this one A+.


Verdict: If you are on a hunt for a relatively affordable setting spray, which makes your make-up look prettier and makes it last (although not sure about the 24 hour claim - who wears make-up for that long anyway?) this is a product to try. Kat did a stellar job with all of these newer products, so I really can't think of any cons. 






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