The Cutest Blush Ever

August 20, 2017


As we step towards September, what is a better time to rock a lavender blush? Many people believe that lavender/purple blush is: (a) scary, (b) suitable for spring/summer only. But I am here to [hopefully] prove you wrong and share [quite possibly] the cutest blush ever: Clinique Pansy Pop.


Colour & Packaging

I am sure you have seen these little Cheek Pop blushes before: the range includes 13 colours (your nudes, pinks, peaches, corals and deep berries). Pansy Pop is probably the only "standout" shade in the range (right after Black Honey) and to my surprise - it is not as scary as it might look in the pan. It is a light-medium lavender with a noticeable cool-toned pink undertone. Translation: it pretty much looks like a doll-pink, except with a little more oomph to it. 



Packaging is really adorable (even for an adult-consumer): you get a sweet little flower blush in a clear acrylic compact. It's simple, practical and quite cute. I don't own any other blushes from Clinique, so this was my very first time trying their Cheek Pop range. The compact is really well-made, but it might get scratched a bit over time. It has a nice weight to it though, so it doesn't feel "cheap" if you will.


Texture & Application

Although I expected a very soft, powdery blush - Pansy Pop turned out to be pretty stiff, yet very blendable at the same time. There is literally no kick-up to it whatsoever; it is very smooth. If you are a blush abuser - this is good news. I tend to be a little heavy-handed with my blush sometimes, but this formula makes every application truly goof-proof. Pansy Pop has a semi-opaque coverage too, similar to MAC's Sheertone formula. It applies sheer, but you can build it up to more of a medium finish; however, it will never give you an opacity of a matte blush. Not to say that it is not pigmented enough, it is. l guess Clinique towned down opacity on purpose, so that this lavender looks more flattering against your actual skin tone (and not like a purplish stripe on your cheek). Click here to see swatches.



This is what Pansy Pop looks like on my light-neutral complexion. I am: NC20/25 in MAC, Shell in Hourglass, 1.5 Cream in Tom Ford for your foundation reference. I am wearing Tarte Pro To Go Eyeshadow Palette on my eyes.


I typically use a natural, dense brush for all of my blushes including Pansy Pop. I do have to dip back and forth a few times to get a desired medium coverage, which is a bit time-consuming compared to my other favourite formulas (Becca Luminous, MAC Mineralized etc.). However! Once it is blended, it almost never looks blotchy, patchy, streaky or anything like that (although I could do a better blending job on my right cheek there). As you can see on the photo above, it brightens complexion, adds a bit of a healthy glow and it never comes across as "too obvious" or harsh.



Pansy Pop has a great lasting power - up to 7-8 hours on my (dry) skin. It fades gracefully and does not stick to dry patches/pores. It has a bit of glow to it, but almost undetectable to a naked eye. It blends easily with my bronzers and highlighters; doesn't disrupt foundation underneath it.



Given that this is a sheer(er) formula, this shade of lavender doesn't look "too light" or like a chalky mess. It almost melts into your skin, by adding a flattering flush of colour. I think it is absolutely perfect for both spring and early fall - that time when you are not into your vampy lipsticks and coppery shadows yet; but still want that fresh, lively blush to pair with some cranberry, purple, warm pink and mauve shades that you might have in your collection. Pansy Pop is one of those rare shades that blends well with warmer, autumnal colours too.



Pansy Pop is definitely a must-have if you love your lavender hues and just pastel blushes in general. A shade like this should work really well for someone with fair, light and even medium complexion. If you have a deeper skin tone, I am afraid it might look a bit stark. Pansy Pop is a great alternative to any pink blush; it is definitely a unique, very wearable shade. One compact like this - will definitely last you a lifetime, because you really won't need to touch it up throughout the day - once it is applied, it stays there for hours. If you find that Tarte blush is a bit too hard in texture or Becca Luminous Blush is too soft and pigmented, but you still want something in-between, check out this range. Clinique did a great job and I do think that these blushes are the cutest. I mean, that flower design alone makes my inner hippie jump with joy.








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