Christophe Robin Regenerating Range, Review*

August 6, 2017

Christophe Robin is now part of the ever-growing Sephora family and of course, being your restless beauty junkie, I had to investigate. In this post we're going to talk about the brand's Regenerating Shampoo + Regenerating Mask and I hope to answer the biggest question we all have: are these worth the splurge?


About The Brand

Christophe Robin is an expert colorist from Paris. French boheme, supermodels and Hollywood celebrities - this is pretty much Christophe's clientele in a nutshell. Monsieur Robin has been collaborating and working with L'oreal Paris since 2004, while still creating innovative formulas and adding exciting new products to his own range. The main focus of his brand is on color treated hair and use of unique natural ingredients.


Regenerating Shampoo With Prickly Pear Oil

Claims: repairs dry, damaged hair/ deeply nourishes/ controls frizz/ restores shine

Key ingredients: "prickly pear oil" - rare, natural ingredient, known for its antioxidant and regenerating properties

My hair situation: wavy, fine hair with dry ends and occasional frizz (not colored)



Packaging & Texture

I am sure you must have guessed by now that Christophe Robin is a luxury brand. Hence the prices. With Regenerating Shampoo you get about 250 ml/ 8.33 oz nevertheless, which seems like a fair deal. Now, the packaging looks sophisticated, but is very simple at the same time. I really like the fact that this is a black bottle; the shampoo itself is not too runny/liquidy and is practically clear.


This product is scented and this might be a deal-breaker for some; if you don't like old-school, classy Chanel-esque perfumey notes - this might not be your cup of tea. I must, however, admit that the scent softens and becomes a bit more fruity when you actually rinse your hair. Given this is a silicone-, oxidants-, ammonia-free formula - this shampoo won't lather as much. Yet still - important notice - little goes a long way with this product, so make sure to use a moderate amount.


Feel & Results

As I have mentioned above, use this shampoo sparingly, because it is quite concentrated. I find that this product cleanses better than any other shampoo I have tried in a long time. I can literally feel just how squeaky clean my scalp is, especially the back of my head, which is a great thing in my book. Even when I use this shampoo on its own, without a mask, I can instantly tell just how much glossier it makes my hair look. It feels soft, healthy and fresh. I don't feel that it is hydrating enough for my hair; something like OUAI Smooth Shampoo does a much better job here, so I was honestly expecting similar results, but over the course of two months that I have been using Regenerating Shampoo, I haven't noticed any difference in my dry ends or frizz. As a matter of fact, my scalp started getting a bit itchy, which can only mean that I don't get enough hydration from this product and have to use a separate calming scalp treatment at least once a week to prevent potential dandruff from happening.


Regenerating Mask With Prickly Pear Oil


Claims: intensive care mask/ nourishment/ radiance/ protects, revives pigments in hair/ controls frizz/ deep, long-lasting results

Key ingredients: "prickly pear oil" - same ingredient found in the shampoo (free of silicone, ammonia, colorants, oxidants)


Packaging & Texture

Now, Regenerating Mask comes in this little bright orange-red cardboard box (you can see it on the cover photo) and inside you get a cute little black plastic jar with 250ml/ 8.33 oz worth of product. The price point here is 71 USD or 195 AED (UAE). This must be the most expensive hair mask I have tried so far and, surely, you would expect Disney Princess kind of hair when buying it. Just like the shampoo, this mask too has a very distinctive sophisticated scent, which most of us would associate with our grandmothers. I personally don't mind it, which is quite surprising, considering I can easily get a migraine from certain heavy powdery/floral scents. Thankfully, by the time I rinse Regenerating Shampoo/Mask, my hair actually smells very nice.



Consistency is very creamy and easy to work with. The brand suggests that you can use it all the way from your roots to ends; I personally rarely apply anything to my roots, but always make sure to hydrate mid-end section of my hair (which also tends to get quite dry/frizzy). You should use it right after the shampoo, (there is no conditioner in the line, but with this mask, you won't really need it) work it into your hair, wait for 2-3 minutes and then rinse. You can keep it on for longer if you want even better results.


Feel & Results

The minute I wash my hair, I can instantly tell just how smooth it feels. It is almost like using your favourite hair conditioner but on steroids - so good. As a result hair is extremely soft, shiny and full of life. I don't necessarily use this mask every singe time I wash my hair, but once a week does a trick for me. Now, my hair is not color-treated, so I also asked my mother (my favourite sidekick) to use both shampoo and hair mask for about a month with me. Reason being - her hair was colored multiple times and since she is blond now (with a lot of low/highlights), I figured she would be the best "study group" for this review. Right off the bat, I could tell just how much glossier and healthier her hair looked after incorporating both Regenerating Shampoo + Mask into her routine. It almost feels as if her hair is more polished, silky, "obedient" and not as dry and processed as it used to look before. Unlike me though, my mother is not a big fan of the scent; she finds it a bit off-putting. So here is her two cents, if you will. Both of us agree [nevertheless] that this mask works much better than most well-known chic haircare lines such as Kerastase etc.




As a result, I enjoyed both shampoo and mask from the Regenerating range by Christophe Robin. I must admit that I like the mask more than the shampoo, mainly because the latter one dries out my scalp (could be one of the ingredients, could be because it cleanses my scalp a bit too well) and I find myself reaching out for my OUAI Smooth Shampoo way more often; I also feel that OUAI formula is more nourishing, after all it has a lot more natural ingredients in it - but again, could be my particular hair type. If you are someone, who has more of an oilier scalp or perhaps you often use various styling products and need a really good cleanse, this shampoo might become your bestie. I really enjoy the mask, I think it lives up to its claims and gives me the softest, angelic hair. If your hair is very dry, you might want to get a deluxe size/sample and give it a shot - so to see how it works for you specifically. As for me, I am not too sure if I would be okay spending 71 dollars every time I run out of it. It is a great product, don't get me wrong, but I honestly think it is a bit overpriced for what it is. I have a few Phyto masks, which I bought for 8-10 Euro while I was in France this summer and they pretty much do the same thing that Regenerating Mask does (yet for much, much less). If you don't mind investing in your haircare routine and going that extra mile to experience Parisien luxury - Christophe Robin is where it is at.


Christophe Robin is now available at and









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