MAC Haul: Something New, Something Old, Something Gifted

June 21, 2017

It's been a (shameful) while since I last wrote about MAC on this blog. Truly, MAC is still one of my favourite make-up brands and I must admit that I am very drawn to every new collection they release lately. When I asked you guys on Instagram whether you wanted to see my "haul" and read mini product reviews, many of you said "yes", so here we go!

*Most of these products are permanent; LE ones are also still available online/in-store worldwide*


I am wearing some of the products mentioned in this post, including: Face & Body foundation, Extra Dimension Gigablack Lash, In Extreme Dimension mascara in the shade "Well Toned", Extra Dimension Blush in the shade "Into The Pink", Liquidlast Liner.



As I have mentioned in my recent article for one of the lifestyle e-magazines in Dubai /read it here/ I absolutely adore Face & Body foundation. I have gone through a ton of it and always come back for more. You can say it is a cornerstone of my make-up collection. Buildable, lightweight, long-lasting, transfer-proof and comes in a myriad of shades to suit every single complexion. I bought shade N1 to mix it with a darker shade N3 and together they are a perfect match for my skintone (not too warm either, because N1 balances out N3, which is on a yellow side).


I have also been on a hunt for a nice, relatively affordable powder foundation for a while now. Truth is, with my dry skin I tend to use a sheer base quite often, but even something dewy like Face & Body needs setting (lightweight mineral powders don't do the trick here). Someone online mentioned that Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation works extremely well with Face & Body: one gives natural finish, while the other sets it by adding just a bit more coverage where needed.


Now, I must say that if you have some texture, you will need to keep your skin exfoliated in order for this powder to look flawless. More often than not, it might look a bit cakey in areas, where you either have dry patches or anything like that. It does set your skin really well though; might look tiny bit matte at first, but it gets better throughout the day. My key tip would be: use as little as you can. Go for a dense powder brush rather than sponge or powder puff. This way it will never look OTT even on a very dry skin. At this point I am still on the fence about it; but this is a great powder nevertheless. If you like a good full coverage and your skin is on an oilier side - this might be your jam!



I am a concealer junkie, so when I spotted Matchmaster Concealer (which no one seems to talk about) I figured "why not give it a shot?". MAC describes it as "a moisturizing formula suitable for humid climates and all skin types", which sounds like a good idea for someone living in Dubai or any other hot/humid area. This sucker costs good 22 USD (and probably twice as much in Dubai), which is almost the same price as Shape Tape (25 USD), which I don't own but you get the point. Just as everything at MAC, it comes in a ton of shades. It is a very buttery smooth, creamy formula, which gives a light-medium coverage. You can build it up to a full coverage by layering it; all in all it looks natural on the skin, but it is not enough to cover healing acne scarring per say. It also creases a bit under my eyes. Something like Pro Longwear or Studio Finish (which I have used for years) would do a better job here.


I guess I was sold at "sweat-resistant formula" but as much as I kind of enjoy this concealer, you don't get much product at all (3.5g). And with all the layering, you will run out of it in a matter of a month maybe two. I just don't think it is worth repurchasing; although it is not a bad product and it kind of looks effortless, I would much rather add 10 dollars and get something like Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer (which I know will last me aaages and it can be worn both under my eyes and on my face, giving a fabulous coverage).




MAC blushes rock. They are absolutely amazing: pigmented, blendable, long-lasting. Mineralize Blush range is my favourite; I own so many shades from this line already and when I spotted Ray Beam - I bought it without a hint of hesitation. And it is gorgeous. The most flattering peachy pink that looks brilliant with every make-up look. You might wonder "so, what's so special about this formula?" - if you are a blush abuser, this range is for you. It applies lightly (no matter how hard you dip your brush into it) and will give you either a very sheer wash of colour or you can layer it; it won't ever look "too much". Since this is a baked product, it just becomes one with your skin and lasts all day. Highly recommend Mineralize Blushes!


This spring the brand released their brand new Extra Dimension Blush range; these babies have a high-shine finish and come in so many wonderful colours. These are somewhat similar in theory to Becca's Luminous Blushes, however, there is a difference in both texture and finish. While Becca blushes feel smoother and have insane pigmentation, MAC ones feel stiffer and you have to layer them in order to get a better coverage. This is not to say they are not pigmented; they have (as a matter of fact) a nice colour payoff and gorgeous sheen to them, but just like their Mineralize range, these were made with blush abusers in mind. Which is more of a good, rather than bad, thing in my book. These blushes are identical in texture to Extra Dimension Skinfinish, which I personally adore. So, if you already own any of MAC highlighters, then you know the drill. These give your skin that beautiful, glowing look, almost as if you are beaming from within. They last a very good time on the cheeks, are never patchy, but you do need a stiffer/denser brush to get the most out of them. Shade Into The Pink is what you see on the photo below; it is also the lightest colour in the range.


I kept swatches untouched, so that you can see what these blushes look like in real life. Please zoom in for more details. 




This is not exactly the latest collection (it was LE) but these mascaras are still available in stores, so I thought to include them anyway. The collection was called "Work it Out" and it included a bunch of colourful In Extreme Dimension Mascaras. My brother actually bought them for me (telling you, best brother in the world); they are really pigmented


Please click on each image to zoom in.


If you have blonde lashes, these will truly stand out, making your eye colour pop. On my black lashes, however, Well Toned and Feel My Pulse for example look almost identical, so it is fair to assume that you don't need both. Gym Dandy is a great alternative to a black mascara; you can only tell it is a dark blue when light (sun or artificial light) hits your lashes. Surely there are crazier colours in this collection like red, yellow and white. But I am really happy with my picks and find that when you pair these bad boys with similarly toned eyeshadows - they make your eye colour stand out in such a flattering way. If you love MAC's original In Extreme Dimension Black, you will really enjoy these colourful alternatives.



I also (finally) got my hands on the infamous Extended Play Gigablack Lash. I am sure you guys all watch YouTube and know by now that this is (supposedly) the best lower lash mascara. Rumour is true, it is really good indeed. It makes my lower lashes look so good and stays put well throughout the day. It does literally nothing to top lashes, but for 18 USD - I think this guy is a bargain. 


I also bought Liquidlast Liner. I saw this in Adele Make-up Tutorial on Lisa Eldridge's channel. The only way to describe this liner's texture is to call it a tar, because that is what it reminds me of. This is not your typical liquid liner, which is a bit watery; Liquidlast is quite thick and you have to work quickly enough in order for it to look good. Once it is dry, it truly won't move/flake/smear and although it looks quite glossy and even oily at first, it then sets to a very rich matte finish. By "rich" I mean this is the most saturated black I have ever seen. The applicator is quite similar to the brand's 210 brush, which I am used to, because I use it for my Fluidline Gel Liners; it is flexible and bends well. My application tip would be: remove as much excess off the brush as possible, so that you can map out shape of your flick first and then add more liner; this product layers really well. Also, make sure to remove Liquidlast with an oil-based make-up remover, because micellar water won't work here. This is the most long-wearing eyeliner I have ever tried, definitely check it out!


Please click on each image to zoom in.



Now, MAC have recently re-released their Lipglass collection; they basically have unified the packaging (which I love) and got rid of many colours, only keeping bestselling shades. They also added a few "out of the box" colours to keep us entertained, yet all in all I was really into the idea. I am not that into their newest shimmery colours to be quite honest, mainly because they seem to have that frosty finish (gold, bronze and everything in-between). I was, however, intrigued by New Galaxy, which is this unique grayish colour with blue/purple micro glitter. When used sparingly, it looks insanely good and pouty, I really enjoy it. I also repurchased Oyster Girl; this used to be my go to lip gloss back in 2011. If you like that "lip topper" trend, which is so popular at the moment, but don't want anything too metallic or frosty, try Oyster Girl: it has a beautiful pearlescent reflex with a pinkish undertone. Looks great on top of any pink or nude lipstick, as well as on its own. True staple in my collection!


Please click on each image to zoom in.


MAC also had a 25% percent discount on their lipsticks back in May, so a girl had to do what she had to do, right? I always wanted to get my hands on Diva, but for the longest time (believe it or not) I was afraid of vampy, bold colours. Now I live and breathe in them, but back in 2011, I would not even swatch them. Diva is gorgeous; I think if you are into those vampy, rich berry/burgundy colours, then you will really love it. I can't wait for fall to truly rock it! I then also bought Lip Pencil in the shade Burgundy to match the lipstick. When it comes to reds and other vampy shades, MAC is the king of lip liners and I trust mine 100%.


Last but not least, MAC kindly gave me a birthday gift this year (that is, American MAC). Thing is, I buy most of my MAC goodies overseas and I am one of their Select Members, so it was nice to receive a Patentpolish Lip Pencil as a birthday treat. This little guy costs 21 USD, which is more than their regular lipsticks, so I would probably never buy it myself, but hey! It is amazing actually. The shade I have here is called Spontaneous and it is this beautiful my lips but better colour. It is described as "soft plum" and is similar to their Syrup lipstick, except is more balmy/glossy. I reach out for mine on a daily basis and absolutely adore it. It makes my lips look wet and is a very nice alternative to some of the brands sheer "Lustre" lipsticks.


Please click on each image to zoom in.

PHEW! If you made it to the end, I want to give you a HUG! Hope you found this multiple products' review useful, please let me know if you have any other questions in the comments and see you soon!









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