Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches*

June 18, 2017

Zoeva is finally coming to Dubai and since the brand will soon hit Sephora shelves, I thought it was a great time to review one of their bestselling eyeshadow palettes. Yes, I am talking about Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette, which next to the infamous Cocoa Blend, seems to be just as wildly popular in our beauty-obsessed blogosphere. Curious? Scroll down for more.


About the Brand

I think that by now, Zoeva is a German brand that needs no introduction. I remember annoying my German friends to send me some Zoeva brushes  when they first came out a few years ago; back then the brand was only producing eye, lip and face brushes. Fast forward to 2017 - I am happy to see the brand grow and become global; especially now that they have selection of eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, highlighters and many other cool beauty tools. Most products from the make-up line are manufactured in Italy/Germany, while brushes are proudly made in China.



Here are some of my very first Zoeva brushes; they must be more than three years old now, but still in a very good condition (never shed, break or anything like that). As you can see, they used to come with a little plastic pouch before - I actually still use it whenever I travel/feel the need to protect my brushes from any possible damage. Newest packaging (a fancy box) is also quite cool and although prices are a bit higher these days (yet still quite affordable compared to other brands on the market), I am more than happy to report that quality remained the same over the years that I am using Zoeva.  Big fan of their brushes here!


Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette



Now, onto the actual star of today's show: Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette. This guy comes in this very slim, rubberized (think NARS, Tarte Pro) packaging and contains 15 regular-sized eyeshadow pans. I love the packaging: it is neither bulky, nor heavy. As a matter of fact it is so lightweight, I find that it will be great for traveling or those of you, who do freelance make-up. Over time the outer packaging might get a bit grubby, but I personally don't mind it, because that's what make-up is about: getting messy and creative. My only complaint would be - shade names. I wish they were actual words, not digits. But, oh well! Nothing I can't work with.



To be very honest with you, when I first saw this palette, I wasn't that inspired to use it. As a blogger, I now own probably a dozen of neutral matte/shimmery eyeshadow palettes and it's fair to say that "I've seen/tried them all". Naturally, I didn't expect much, but boy-oh-boy I was very wrong about this one. For starters, although most colours look similar to what you get in other popular neutral/natural palettes, they look so flattering on the eye. Plus, having all your neutrals in one place, seems like a great value for the price.


Texture, Pigmentation & Swatches

Unlike many other overhyped matte palettes (not pointing fingers, Too Faced) these are not chalky, drying or lacklustre. Matte shades might have a bit of a kickback, which is something that happens with all (uber) pigmented eyeshadow formulas anyway. In other words, tap off the excess and you will be fine. As you can judge from the picture above, all of these colours are extremely wearable, varying between warm/cool or matte/metallic/shimmery. One thing, that they all have in common, is their amazing pigmentation and buttery-smooth texture. I would say it is extremely similar to MUG or even ABH (especially matte shades).


Please click on each image to zoom in. As always on my blog, none of these swatches were altered (brightness/saturation/lights/shadows) and were made using natural daylight. 


Metallic shades on the other hand have more of that 'satin' touch to them; they are not 'foiled' or 'textured' by any means, so if you don't like overly sparkly or glittery eye situation - these are your dream come true.



Although Zoeva shadows have a great lasting power, I would still recommend using a primer just in case your eyelids are more on an oilier side. These wear all day long and fade gracefully. I never experience any patchiness, fallout or anything like that with this formula, so it is safe to say that I give this palette my seal of approval.



Here I am wearing a mix of shadows from my Nude Spectrum palette plus a sparkly Tarte eyeshadow right in the centre (I am a magpie, so I need my sparkle!). Zoeva shadows blend like a dream, so I tend to complete my eye make-up in less than 5 minutes. I also use a ton of Zoeva eye brushes on a daily basis and here are some of my favourites (some of them were renamed/redesigned):


222 All Over Shader (replaced with 144 Soft Concealer)

229 Eye Finish

315 Fine Liner

228 Crease (replaced with 228 Luxe Soft Crease)

221 Luxe Soft Crease

231 Luxe Petit Crease

232 Luxe Classic Shader




I am very happy with my Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette by Zoeva. Now that I have discovered it, I find myself reaching out for it on a daily basis. I know this palette is pretty much goof-proof and user-friendly, so it is a brilliant choice for both beginners and professionals. You can always spice up your eye make-up by adding extra glitter or pigment (if you feel the need), but for basic necessities - it is perfect. It will be great for everyday, special occasions (especially brides) and since it is so forgiving on the skin, I can easily recommend it to beauties of a particular age too. If you are on a hunt for that "all-in-one" neutral eyeshadow palette, this one is great!


*Zoeva launches in the UAE this July! Exclusive to Sephora.









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