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Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette, Review & Swatches*

becca chrissy palette review

This must be the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen: Becca Cosmetics x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette is finally mine and I after playing with it for a few weeks now, I have decided to share my detailed review (+swatches, make-up look) and all that good stuff. The palette is currently available online/in-store in North America and at Sephora across Europe; so if you are interested to hear my candid opinion, then please keep on scrolling!


I am sure you all know who Chrissy Teigen is (unless you just landed from Mars, in which case hello!) and this must be the brand's very first collaboration with an actual Hollywood celebrity. Chrissy is known for her perfect complexion and popping cheekbones (and a myriad of other wonderful qualities), so seeing this collaboration come to life seems very appropriate [if not flabbergasting] to me.

I should say, this palette looks much better in real life, than it does on photos: perfect mix of pink marble and rose gold; good weight and high quality mirror inside (so perfect for traveling too). This palette screams A-class sophistication to me.

becca chrissy palette review

Shade Selection

As opposed to last year's palette in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, Chrissy's palette has four products only including: two highlighters, one bronzer and one blush. Three colours here are brand new and limited edition (Beach Nectar, Hibiscus Bloom, Malibu Soleil). Rose Gold is a permament shade. Both highlighters come in full size (0.18 oz/ 5.1 g), whereas bronzer and blush are relatively smaller (0.085 oz/ 2.4 g).

Some people say that both palettes (from this and last year) are too similar, however, they are pretty different in my book. Jaclyn's palette has more of that golden vibe to me (click here to see it), whereas Chrissy's is quite peachy/bronzy. Some also insist that Hibiscus Bloom and Snapdragon (blush from the brand's permanent collection) are the same; having swatched them side by side, I should say that although these blushes are similar, they have a slightly different undertone, hence look differently on the cheek (Hibiscus Bloom has a pink hue, while Snapdragon is a true, reddish coral; both have golden sheen to them). Click here to see/read more about Becca blushes.

Malibu Soleil is a beautiful, goof-proof bronzer exclusive to the palette; just like all other powders it has a great pigmentation and little goes a long way. I can see it work for a plethora of skin tones as well; it has more of a neutral undertone (not too orange, not too pink). It is not the same as Amaretto blush in last year's palette, just in case you were wondering. Amaretto has more of that peachy-pink hue, compared to Malibu Soleil, which is quite brownish and neutral (as a bronzer should be).

becca chrissy face palette review

Texture, Pigmentation & Swatches

Quality-wise, this palette is top-shelf. All powders are extremely smooth, buttery and verrry pigmented. Since this is a "face" palette and depending on your skin tone, you can use all of these products in any way you want (as a highlighter, blush, blush topper or to create bronzed glow). Beach Nectar is the lightest shade in this palette and it is this absolutely gorgeous apricot with gold sheen; neither warm, nor frosty, which is something I truly appreciate as most "peachy" highlighters look a bit icy and accentuate every little pore or bump on your face. Beach Nectar doesn't do it; as all Becca highlighters it just glides right on top of your skin. Rose Gold, however, is too dark for me to be used as a highlighting shade.

Please click on each image to zoom in and read more information. As always, I did not edit saturation/brightness/lights so that you can see true colours; swatches are made using natural daylight.

As you can probably tell, Beach Nectar looks quite 'neutral' on my skin tone (NC 20). It is not popping as something like Pearl, Moonstone or Opal (my usual go-to Becca highlighters), which is why I assume that if you have a deeper skin - you will actually enjoy this palette a ton more, than say someone with a very fair-light complexion. Mainly because highlighters will POP! That is if you are looking for a *highlighting palette*.

But if you love a good luminous blush and natural bronzed glow - by all means get one of these before they sell out, because shade selection here is extremely wearable and flattering on every complexion. Although Rose Gold is technically a darker shade of highlighter, it never looks OTT when used as a blush topper. Same with Beach Nectar. I often use Rose Gold all over my mobile lid, then add Malibu Soleil to my crease and bottom lashline, add a bit of mascara and voila! Easy summer eye look complete. All powders last a very impressive amount of time on the skin.


becca chrissy face palette review

I am very happy with my Becca x Chrissy palette. I think that if you are on a hunt for a beautiful cheek palette this summer, check it out - it won't disappoint. Again, depending on your skin tone - it will either become your highlight/blush/bronzer or just blush/blush topper/bronzer palette. Just keep that in mind when you plan on making a purchase. As I have mentioned already, I personally use it all over my face (including eyes) and it is just so user-friendly. If I still want to rock that peachy highlight, I will add a bit of Pearl/Moonstone right on top of Beach Nectar, so that it "comes through" on my complexion. This shade in particular is my personal favourite. If you already own Jaclyn Hill palette, just swatch Chrissy's while you are still at Sephora, so that you can have a better (visual) idea. I have both and love them equally!

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