My "Eco-Friendly" Manicure Session With Kure Bazaar*

May 6, 2017



If you are a friend on Instagram, then you already know just how obsessed I am with Kure Bazaar lately. And there are many reasons why: a. colour selection is brilliant; b. formula is 85% natural (and is free from formaldehydes, dibutyl phthalate, synthetic camphor and toluene); c. quality is truly amazing and these babies do wear incredibly well on your nails (both hands and feet). So when the brand has kindly invited me to check out their first eco-friendly Manicure Bar in Dubai - my instant answer was YES! If you want to learn more about their water-free manicure treatments, then please keep on scrolling!




What is very unique about Kure Bazaar Manicure Bar is actually the fact that no water is used during an entire manicure session. I know, kind of mind-blowing. My first thought was "okay, so how do they "groom" cuticles then?". In this post you are going to see exactly how Kure Bazaar' Signature Manicure Ritual is done and yes - turns out, you don't really need water to achieve great manicure results after all.



Manicure Bar is located on the Ground Floor of the newly opened department store Le BHV Marais, City Walk 2. You can't miss it - as it is at the heart of the luxurious beauty section, right next to Lancome and Dior. The station can fit two clients at a time, yet one thing is guaranteed: you will be surrounded by a plethora of seductive Kure Bazaar nail products. Which, for a nail polish junkie, can be very tempting.




#1 Colour Selection

Choosing your colour might feel somewhat overwhelming at first, I mean just look at this selection! Great thing about the brand is that all of their shades have a great pigmentation and they can be easily applied; they also do dry relatively fast compared to say Essie or O.P.I. Although there is no drying station at this miniature Manicure Bar, with a little help of their Dry Finish top coat, your nails are bulletproof in less than 2-3 minutes.



I have decided to go for something bold and picked shade Rock Star, which is this beautiful slightly frosty/iridescent dark blue nail polish. Very similar to my favourite Aruba Blue by Essie, except Kure Bazaar formula is much healthier for your nails.


#2 Rosehip Oil Nail Polish Remover


You will be surprised, but Kure Bazaar have created (probably one-of-a-kind) nail polish remover, which is not only aceton-free, but is actually made of real rose flower water, rose seed oil and other natural ingredients. It does feel just like an organic rose oil on your skin and is hands down the most delicate nail polish remover I have tried in my entire life. You know how normally any other cheap aceton (one you get at the drugstore) dries out your nails and makes them look dull? Well, with this A La Rose gem you won't experience any of that.  The only thing: an oil-based nail polish remover is a bit more time-consuming, but the end-result is worth it. Your therapist will then file, cut and shape your nails just the way you want it.


#3 The Natural Manicure Ritual


Now this is precisely where the fun begins. Instead of carrying out a bowl with warm water, your therapist will open one of these little white kits, which containts a pair of gloves, file and wooden cuticle pusher. Gloves are actually filled with special cream/mask, which is an organic blend of aloe, barley and avocado extracts. While therapist works on one of your hands, the second one is soaking in the glove. Ta-Dah! Cream replaces water and actually - the effect is pretty amazing. While both of your hands are "baking", your therapist will make small openings on the tips of the gloves in order to get access to your fingertips. She will then push back your (already softened) cuticles and remove dead skin. 



The cream itself has a nice lightweight consistency and pleasant natural scent. Once the procedure is complete, your therapist will remove gloves and massage mask residue into hands, which feels rather fantastic. Almost like a mini trip to the spa. Finally, before applying your colour, any cream residue will be carefully wiped off your nails.



#4 Application

My favourite part. Rock Star, as I have imagined, looks absolutely stunning. But with a little creative input from my therapist, we have then applied a glittery topper in the shade Luna (this colour is extremely similar to Rock Star) and here is what happened.



My mermaid dreams came true! I absolutely adore this unique combination. Here you are your own artist and if you are a magpie just like moi, then you will have a lot of glittery goodness to choose from. Mardi Gras and Rio Carnival in one! And - this glitter doesn't feel gritty or chunky at all. Result!



Dry Finish top coat really speeds up drying time and thankfully nothing smudged. Both base and top coats by Kure Bazaar are just as natural as the rest of their line, so rest assured your nails will be grateful. If you are in a rush, you can always opt for just a polish change instead and below are all the prices and other treatments for those of you interested. By the way, little princesses and men are more than welcome here too. 





I really enjoyed my eco-friendly manicure session with Kure Bazaar. I think that this "water-free" treatment is quite revolutionary and I honestly thought my nails looked just as good as after a traditional manicure. Plus no water was wasted. I wouldn't be so sure about pedicure though (after all feet can be tricky), but for a quick manicure here and there - I think it is absolutely worth it. The more I use natural nail brands like Kure Bazaar, the more I realize that I would rather pay a little bit more, but for a better/greener product that I can trust. The brand delivers through and through, so I am really looking forward to coming to the Manicure Bar again.






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