& Other Stories Opens In Dubai!

April 23, 2017



I think it is fair to say that Dubai is quickly becoming one of the new "fashion capitals" of the world and the opening of & Other Stories store at Dubai Mall is yet another score for our fast-growing megapolis. I was one of the lucky few to visit the store prior to its official opening and in this post we are going to talk about all the hottest new things that might spark your fashion/beauty interest. Just keep on scrolling!



I remember first seeing this store back in Milan. Sure, I was instantly drawn to all the cutest little accessories, shirts and shoes I saw through the display window. I then came to know that & Other Stories belonged to H&M group; plus nearly every design is developed by fashion ateliers in Paris and Stockholm. Compared to its older brother, & Other Stories feels a little bit more sophisticated and is slightly higher in price.


love this dress


Now our local store here in Dubai seems to be much bigger and (dare I say) a bit more lux than the one in Milan. It almost feels like you are walking into a perfect Instagram shot: "clean", hip and modern.  You can see accessories carefully laid out on marble boards and beauty shelves are arranged in the most flatlay-able way possible. In three slang words - I dig it.



What's even cooler is that - next to every piece of clothing you can find these kind of "polaroid" lifestyle photographs of models wearing same displayed clothes in a fun and inspiring way. Photographs look very "realistic" as if it was just you and your friend casually taking photos of each other; it also helps you see how to pair certain clothes, especially if you seem to have a temporary fashion block.



If you are an accessories junkie, then this store might be your new haven. At & Other Stories you can find plenty of rings, bracelets, necklaces, mini wallets, phone cases, bags, hats/caps, sunglasses and even hair accessories. I was really intrigued by the brand's newest quirky clutches like this one with Frida and have I mentioned & Other Stories have a stationery section too? 



So if you are on a hunt for stork scissors or fancy gold ruler - here is where you can find them. I also loved all the tiny little wallets; I think they are brilliant for either your keys or loose change, which we all have, but somehow it always ends up at the bottom of your bag and you have to nervously fish for it. #pleasetellmeIamnottheonlyone



Style-wise, I would say that & Other Stories is very progressive. Plus since 30s are the new 20s and 50s are the new 40s - there are plenty of wonderful, contemporary designs here for everyone. Although it is very young in feel, if you are a woman of a particular age, don't shy away from stores like this. Truth is you can find a lot of wonderful feminine and classic designs here, yet with a little fun twist to them, which will look amazing on you. Think Samantha Jones! And if your iPhone needs a matching outfit, phone cases here are really something.



Current collection is quite colourful and fun; although I don't think that I am cool enough to rock this leopard and denim skirt ensemble, I find that there are plenty of stunning casual-chic pieces here too. 



During the opening, the shoe section seemed to be the busiest area at & Other Stories. I felt like Ms. Bradshaw outbreak took place, which is quite understandable - these shoes are really pretty and trendy. Also, if you love sports shoes, you will find plenty of interesting models at the store.


Now onto the grand finale of my trip... the beauty section of course!



If you are a friend on Instagram, then you already know my soft spot for H&M nail polish. So when I saw these little guys, I knew I had to pick at least a few. I ended up spending good 20 minutes choosing my favourites, because there are ton of wonderful shades available. And, since this is a partially Swedish brand, you can find so many rare mauve, greige and lilac nail polishes, which seem to be very popular in Scandinavia. I am currently testing two of them and will soon let you guys know if they're just as good as H&M or (hopefully) even better.



Aside from that, & Other Stories has a moderate selection of lipsticks (creamy, satin, matte), blushes (powder and cream), eye pencils, foundation and a few other bits and bobs. I would say that this entire make-up line is quite minimalistic in feel: just a pretty lipstick for pouty lips, rouge for your cheeks and lightweight base for a fresh/glowing complexion.  Most beauty products are made either in Italy or Germany. Nail polishes are made in Luxembourg. Powder blushes are a bit chalky in my book, while creamy ones seem more promising. Lipsticks too feel lovely, yet they differ in consistency, so make sure to test them out first. Packaging, again, is pretty clean and minimal. Plus I really love a #goodvibes attitude.



You also have a nice "capsule" selection of perfumes, body mists and lotions. Most of them have very interesting semi-sweet or musky scents. Hand creams in particular are quite rich, so I did pick a few while I was at it. I certainly need to come back and try everything once again, to see if I spot any new favourites.



All in all, I really loved the store and will be coming back again very soon. What do you think about & Other Stories guys? Let's chat some more in the comments' section. Have a good one!








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