Is It Worth The Hype? Nails Inc Haul & Review*

April 13, 2017


When it comes to manis and pedis, all I am really looking for is a bulletproof colour pay-off with zero chipping. Not too shabby, eh? For the longest time that I have been reading other beauty blogs and watching YouTube, I could hear Porchester Square and Nails Inc names come up all the time. Allegedly, it is also Victoria Beckham's favourite nail brand, so when they have finally launched in the Middle East, I knew I had to give it a shot (I mean, Posh knows her onions!). Today we are going to talk about a few products from Nails Inc including: base coat, gel nail polishes and their newest spring '17 releases. Interested? Then just keep on scrolling!


"6 Free" Nail Pure Base Coat

Before we move forward, I should come clean and say that [sometimes] I can be less than smart about my nail polish choices. I know and like a lot of affordable brands, which give you that "high end" lacquered shine, but sadly most of the cheaper formulas come with a lot of nasties too. Good thing about brands like Nails Inc - is that they pay a lot of attention to what their products are made of, hence most of their goodies are free of any "shady" ingredients, which might damage your nails or cause any other health-associated issues.


Let's start with their "6 Free" Nail Pure Base Coat. It claims to give high shine finish and actually enrich your nails with some very much needed vitamins. I mean, we are talking about a two-fold Aldehyde, Zinc, and Calcium blend, which should boost your nails' natural keratin production.



Plus this base coat is free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Animal derivatives, Camphor - in other words this is one of those formulas, which is so hard to find these days and I am happy to know that it even exists in first place. This base coat does not have a heavy smell and glides on like a dream, leaving both sheer and shiny finish. I find that it does feel pretty lightweight and breathable; any nail polish applies really smoothly right on top of it, which is why it has quickly become my go to base coat.


Who will like it? Everyone, but your cat (lucky fur babies have pretty neat claws anyway). I find that whenever I use it - my nails never look stained or exhausted (you know that feeling, when you really consider a nail rehab?). I am really enjoying this Nailpure little genius and highly recommend it; especially to those of you, who care for Phthalates-free products.


Long Wear Nail Polish

Nails Inc just launched some very pretty pastel shades, which are now available as part of their spring '17 nail polish collection. You have your pastel mint, coral, pink and this gorgeous lilac called Cambridge Grove, which I am so in love with.


These nail polishes are supposed to have a long wear, high shine and good colour pay-off. And, from my experience, these do live up to their claims and are simply brilliant trendy shades, which you will really enjoy this season.



Here it is - Cambridge Grove - in its full glory. Isn't it the most beautiful greyish-lilac shade you have ever seen? I am a huge fan of Essie's Go Ginza, but this guy right here just beats it to the punch.


Just like the brand suggests, this nail polish formula is very long-wearing and it lasted for about 5-6 days on my nails, before I could see a noticeable nail gap (my nails grow pretty fast). I have not experienced any chipping though, which is a great thing in my book. It almost feels like this formula "fades" gracefully rather than chips. I tend to refresh my manicure every week anyways, so I would say that I am pretty happy with how this nail polish performed.


It applies easily, leaving no streakes and if you see a colour you like, definitely give this range a go.


Gel Effect Nail Polish

Now this nail polish is really something. For starters, it is infused with real charcoal, one of those rare ingredients, which you don't necessarily associate with the nailcare world. Gel Effect line offers a lot of beautiful and bold colours; the one I have here is called Noble Street and it is your true berry-fuchsia with a high-shine finish.



You can easily spot Gel Effect range thanks to its slightly different packaging; caps here are always the same colour as the nail polish itself. Nails Inc gel formula is slightly thicker than its regular line and will add more "volume" to your nails; it might even conceal any ridges or curves that you might have. Plus charcoal is supposed to protect your nails from toxins and other pollutants, so why not really?


These bad boys can be used without lamp (yay to no UVA!) and they are one of the most user-friendly gel polishes you can actually apply yourself at home. The brush is pretty wide, so you can cover your entire nail in one stroke. This gel formula feels pretty lightweight though and does last up to 1 week on my nails (of course if I am swimming, it would be reduced to 5-6 days). Both coverage and wear are great, so I must say that Noble Street passed my beauty test and if you are on a hunt for a good gel polish - look this way.



Overall I am very pleased with everything I have tried from Nails Inc so far and think that this brand is worth the hype. They truly nailed it (don't judge me unless all of your puns are actually funny, in which case I applaud you). Their base coat, regular and gel nail polishes are great and I can easily recommend everything I have mentioned in this post to you guys. Now price for Nails Inc might be slightly higher than for other more affordable drugstore brands, but you also get better/green ingredients here, which is why I justify it and won't mind adding more bits and bobs to my collection. It is totally up to you what shades to pick and you can rest assured that the quality will always be there. 


If you are based in the Middle East, you can now find Nails Inc online






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