Is It Worth The Hype: Sweet Peach Palette Review*

March 31, 2017


Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette is finally here in Dubai and considering just how "in demand" this guy is all of the World, I figured a detailed review was inevitable. I have been testing this palette for some weeks and now that I have formed my opinion about it (that is - I have my solid pros and cons) I am more than happy to share my review and hopefully answer the most buzzing question - is this palette really worth the hype?


Overview & Packaging

As you might remember, Sweet Peach was first released earlier in 2016 and since it had such a great success, Too Faced have decided to bring it back. This time around the palette was accompanied by a few other "peachy" products including: blush, lip oils and even a blush/bronze/highlight trio. One thing that all of these products have in common - is the brand's cutesy peach-toned ombre packaging and, of course, la grande pêche (aka the smiling peach mascot you see on every product from the collection).


When I asked you guys on Instagram, whether you have/like this palette, most of you said that you loved it - but there were also a few of you, who mentioned that you were on the fence. And this seems to be the case with Sweet Peach - mixed reviews everywhere!



There are 18 shades in this palette, with most of them having a satin/shimmery finish. Here you only get 5 mattes. You can certainly tell this is a warm-toned palette with a few exceptions (there is one green, two purpley and two blackish shades here too). Sweet Peach has a nice weight to it, as well as magnetic closure. I am not too fussy about mirrors in general, but I kind of wish that the mirror here would be bigger.



One more (and very important) thing to mention is - this palette is scented. The box says "Smells like peaches!" and oh boy they do not lie about it. When you are at the store, you might not really feel it (after all make-up testers are exposed to lights and air 24/7). But when it is brand new - I can smell this palette from a meter away. Every shadow here, even when sweeped across the eyelid, will have a tendency to smell for [actually] a pretty long time. I am a big fan of peaches: I love how they smell, I love how they taste. However, I am not the biggest advocate of scented make-up products in general. Lipsticks and lip glosses? Well, maybe. Eyeshadows? Ehm, not too sure if I am completely honest.



The only scented eyeshadow palette I have is Tarteist Pro To Go (read more about it here) but then again - it is a hardly noticeable cacao-vanilla scent which disappears immediately. At first I liked how Sweet Peach smelled, but then I started noticing that it was giving me slight headaches (after all this is a "chemical peach" we are talking about). This scent is too sweet, too overpowering. Maybe if they would tone it down a notch, I would be fine with it. But if you (just like moi) have a tendency to get migraines from certain perfumes/scents or even if your eyes are sensitive, by all means - go to the store first, ask someone to give you a brand new palette and give it a good whiff to see if you are okay with it or not. Most of my friends use it without any problems, so maybe that's just me!


Texture & Application


When you swatch Sweet Peach eyeshadows on the back of your hand, most of them seem to be nicely pigmented. Shimmery shades here are actually amazing: buttery smooth, opaque with minimal fallout. Matte shades, however, feel a touch chalky to me. Compared to my MUG, Tarte or even KVD - these feel a bit dry and although they blend well, they can accentuate all the little nooks and crannies on the eye. Overall pigmentation of most shades in the palette is pretty cohesive, with a few exceptions.


Colours & Swatches

Now as I have mentioned already - this is a brilliant palette for someone, who loves warm-toned eyeshadows. Below are all of the swatches; as always - I kept them raw and unedited (used natural light and didn't alter brightness/saturation). Please zoom in for more details.



Winners: Luscious (the most gorgeous colour ever!), Cobbler, Caramelized, Bellini, Peach Pit, Puree, Summer Yum.

Benchwarmers: Georgia, Candied Peach, Bless Her Heart, Delectable, Talk Derby To Me.


The rest are nice, but not mind-blowing. Some shades need to be built up to look that extra bit pigmented; take Candied Peach or Georgia for example - although they are one of the most attractive shades in this palette - they feel dry and I need to dip my brush a few times to make them look opaque on the eye. All of the browns in this palette are top-notch. They are quite warm (except Charmed, I'm sure) and are very versatile. Shimmers are beautiful. The most upsetting shade here is Delectable - I know it is hard to make a good purple in general - but for some reason I really had very high hopes for it.


As for me personally, if you have seen my own customized "dream" palette (click here if you want to see it), then you might already know that I tend to gravitate towards neutrals and cool-toned eyeshadows. Sweet Peach is a touch too warm for my liking, but I am sure it would look simply amazing on someone with green or blue eyes, because it would make them pop. You can create a ton of various looks with this palette and if you want to make these look even that extra bit pigmented - use flesh-toned eyeshadow primer and/or Fix Plus to make shimmery colours pop.





One great thing about this palette is that - it lasts and has a good wearing time. Can go up to 5-7 hours on me before fading noticeably. Certain (more shimmery) shades will have a tendency to fade away first, but that is something that happens with all of my other eyeshadows anyway. Although Sweet Peach looks fun and bright, it works incredibly well as a day-to-day [basic] palette, especially if you don't have much time to do your make-up: Puree in the crease, Luscious all over the mobile lid, tiny bit of Summer Yum underneath your lower lash line, Nectar as an inner corner highlight and you're good to go!


My only issue is - and this is a very personal thing and might not happen to any of you - I've always been (since I was a very little girl) sensitive to certain scents. I tend to suffer from migraines, something that runs in the family. For some reason whenever I wear these eyeshadows, after one hour or two - the scent gets to me and I feel a bit nauseous. Everything in my make-up drawer now smells of Sweet Peach palette, which just goes to show you that Too Faced had waaay too much fun with perfume this time. Like I have their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and it smells delicious; but this guy here - boy oh boy!



Love Too Faced as a brand, but you guys - I think I am not the target market for this palette. To be objective, Sweet Peach palette's quality is really good and I am sure my younger second cousins would kill for it. You get a nice selection of wearable neutrals and a few pops of colour, which are still very subtle and flattering; if I could buy Luscious as an individual eyeshadow - I would! It is one of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen.



If you are a teenager or have one in your family - I am sure she/he would go crazy about Sweet Peach palette. After all you have to admit - it looks cute and is made by a cruelty-free brand (which is an instant bonus in my book). I think it could be a great palette for beginners too. Also, if you are a big Too Faced fan, I am sure you would enjoy having this palette in your collection. As for me I just can't deal with this sickly-sweet scent and I am certainly someone, who adores the smell of real peaches or other peach-flavoured products. If not my headaches, I would seriously rate it highly, but I guess I am going to join the other team and say that this palette (in my humble opinion) is not worth the hype. Eyeshadows here are lovely, but it is not an absolute must-have for a number of reasons mentioned earlier in this post.


If you are interested in this palette or know someone who will adore it, you can find it in stores and online via For more eyeshadow reviews on this blog simply click on #eyeshadows hashtag below. You can also follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin for more fun beauty inspiration on the go. Have a wonderful day!




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