Let's Talk About Marc Jacobs Highliners*

March 27, 2017


The time has come and finally (thank you make-up gods) Marc Jacobs relaunched his much anticipated Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner collection. After playing with these bad boys for some weeks now, I have decided to share my pros and cons with you guys and I hope you enjoy the review!


Overview & Packaging

If we go waaay back, then you might remember that Marc Jacobs had a range of gel eyeliners before. The range was rather small and I am not sure exactly why, but those liners have been quickly withdrawn and it wasn't until 2017 when Sephora brought them back. Rumour has it - this is an entirely new formula and of course you also get a ton of new (stunning) colours. There are 37 shades available; they differ in finish and are either matte/satin/metallic. I only have mattes here, so I can't really say much about any of the shimmery Highliners. Overall I am pleased to see so many "basic" and fun colours all in one collection; I am sure these eyeliners will be adored not only by us (gals shopping at Sephora now and again), but also by make-up professionals.



The packaging is spot on: it looks sophisticated and modern at the same time. Every pencil is "colour-matched", so even if you have a ton of these - there should be no issue finding a needed shade. Another bonus is - these are retractable and each pencil has its own built-in sharpener. Genius for us lazy/busy gals, right?



This newer formula is made of unicorn tears and pixie dust. There is no other way to describe it. Matte shades in particular are extremely smooth, pigmented and rich. Marc Jacobs claim that these eyeliners also contain Vitamin E and our beloved rosehip seed oil to allow quite a comfortable wear. Plus the brand describes these crayons as "gel eyeliners in a pencil form".




These liners are labeled as "waterproof" and they do set relatively fast. When you first swatch them, they feel quite buttery and creamy; however, in about a minute or so they set pretty matte and won't move. Compared to my other favourite eyeliners - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil - these are even smoother and way more budge-/smudge-proof. Make sure to work one eye at a time; if you want that effortless and easy smoky eye look - you can easily do that by smudging out your Highliner while it is freshly applied. If you want a precise line - you can achieve that too.


I normally use my Highliners when I have not much time to get ready; since this is such an insanely pigmented formula - I can easily draw on a line and wing it out using any angled brush I have nearby. Angled brush will help make your flick even sharper. You can also wear matte shades on your waterline and they do stay put for an impressively long time!


Colours & Swatches

Three colours I have here are (left to right): Out of the Blue 53 (cobalt/royal blue), Fine Wine 47 (suede red), Earth Quake 41 (dark brown). All of them have a matte finish and I must say that I enjoy all three a ton. My personal favourite (and must-have) is Fine Wine. This is just such a unique wearable red eyeliner, which will instantly take any (even very basic) make-up look to a whole new level.



As always, to help you have a better idea of what these colours look like in real life, I have relied on natural lighting when taking this photograph. I did not alter brightness or saturation. In other words, this is pretty much what these colours look like in reality.


Wear & Final Thoughts


These Highliners wear for up to 7-8 hours on me before they begin to fade and even when that happens - they do so gracefully. Although my skin is dry, my lids can get a bit oily throughout the day and even then - these bad boys don't transfer/smudge/or anything like that. 


Overall I am a big fan of this new Highliner range by Marc Jacobs and give it my A+. I can't think of a single negative thing to say. I thought that nothing compared to Urban Decay liners, but these have knocked them off in one swipe. Are they better than your typical gel (pot) liner? Probably not, as the latter one normally has a better longevity and even when the rest of your make-up is gone, it will still be there. However, if you are a #girlboss on the go and love your make-up easy, quick and fabulous - something tells me you will really enjoy this new line!


Highligner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliners retail for 25 USD (USA) or 100 AED (UAE) and you can now get them online via


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