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March 12, 2017


Although I always try to dedicate my reviews to one brand or one product/line only, I started noticing that I have gathered a lot of wonderful beauty products, which I enjoy a lot on a day to day basis, but didn't have a chance to properly talk about them on my blog or social media. Which is why we are going to fix that today: I hope you are ready to discover some of my Feb-March favourites and yeah, let's get started!


Make-Up Bag


If we are friends on Instagram, then I am sure you have heard that my poor baby dog (who was perfectly happy and healthy) was poisoned earlier this month. I have never lost anyone in my life, not even a pet - so this was a very tough time for me. But I am glad to say that with your love and support I am slowly getting back to normal, although I still miss my little fox-investigator a lot.


During those wonderful six years that we have spent together, I have collected a lot of stuff, which reminded me of her including this Women'Secret make-up bag with little foxes all over it. If you are not familiar with the brand, then it is worth mentioning that Women'Secret is one of the loveliest homewear/sleepwear stores. They also sell underwear, swimwear and (my favourite part) make-up bags. The brand introduces new collections almost every two weeks, where they offer a ton of fun/durable/flipping-amazing mini bags and vanity cases so perfect for tarveling or just storing your everyday make-up. They have both feminine and quierky collections, you can find more here. And what is even better - they are reasonably priced too.



Needless to say, Tori also loved investigating this particular bag. Sadly, I can't use it anymore (too many memories), but if you ever look for a cool make-up bag (small or big) check out Women'Secret


Eye Favourites

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara - I know this is a classic L'oreal product, however, I only started using it this February and must say that it is such a lovely everyday mascara from the drugstore. It does lengthen your lashes more than anything and although it is not labeled as a "waterproof" mascara - it doesn't flake/smudge. I have love/hate relationships with the brush though - my lashes are a bit sparse and long, so sometimes it gets stuck somewhere in the middle and if I still try to brush it through my lashes - it ends up hitting me in the eye. I wish it was a bit shorter in width. But if you curl your lashes beforehand - you will really enjoy this mascara. Plus it makes your bottom lashes pop!



Urban Decay Razor Sharp Eyeliners - simply amazing. These are pigmented, waterproof and don't smudge at all. Although I always panic when it comes to liquid eyeliners (shaky hands here) these are so easy to use - I can't recommend them enough. You can read more about these eyeliners in a separate review here. Shade Demolition is my personal favourite; it is your perfect matte brown so ideal for an everyday wear.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - of course you guys all know this guy here. I was one of the last people on Earth to actually try it and I must say that I enjoy it a lot. I wouldn't say that it is better than my MAC Blacktrack gel liner, but if you figure out how to use Tattoo Liner, you will really fall for it. The shade that I use is called Trooper and it is a very nice, deep black. The applicator is amazing; it doesn't wear down, stays put and is actually made of a bunch of fine little bristles just like an artist's brush. This liner won't survive tears and pools (happened to cry a few times while wearing it and it did smudge) and I also find that it is a good idea to give it a good shake prior every use. I normally warm up a small amount of liquid on the back of my hand and once brush is evenly coated, I then start creating a flick. This formula dries really fast and when you try to layer it, it might bunch up a bit. So work one eye at a time and if you feel like there is not enough ink coming out, give it a good shake again. 


Rimmel Brow This Way - I love a good clear brow gel and this one by Rimmel is amazing. It also comes in coloured versions (brown, black and blonde) and has a very nice little brush, which is slightly bigger than say your Benefit Gimme Brow or L'oreal Brow Stylist Plumper, but still gets the job done. The formula of this gel is very lightweight and almost watery; it keeps your brow hairs in place and doesn't feel dry/crispy to the touch. Plus the tube is cute and dainty - you can easily re-apply and touch up throughout the day (if needed) and there is not much to say except that this is a lovely gel indeed!


Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour - I haven't tried that much make-up from Shiseido, but this cream eyeshadow is lovely. Even though it looks opaque in the pot, in reality it gives you a very flattering sheer wash of colour and a little bit of sparkle. My favourite shade is called BR727 Fog and it is a nice warm gray with silver specks running through it. I love using this cream eye colour on its own or sometimes underneath a darker eyeshadow, almost as a primer. My skin is dry, but my mobile lids do get shiny sometimes, so I would recommend using a clear primer underneath it (especially if you only want to wear it on its own). Unlike most cream eyeshadows - this one is not drying and you have plenty of nice shades to choose from.


Palettes, Highlighters & Tools

Tarteist Pro To Go & Pro Glow To Go Palettes - these baby palettes are everything. I do prefer them to bigger ones from the same line and here is why: for starters they have a great, cohesive shade selection and (for Sephora) they are very affordable. I have more pros and cons (+swatches) in a separate review here in case you are interested. These are as good as they look, that's for sure.



MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish - I feel like I am cheating on my Becca highlighters here, but there is something so magical about "Extra Dimension" range by MAC. For starters they come in four unique shades and can't be compared to anything else. Depending on the colour you go for, you get more of a metallic or shimmery finish. Doublegleam is hands down one of the most beautiful highlighters I own; it is similar in undertone to Moonstone by Becca, but has more oomph to it. It looks like crushed diamond and I am mesmerized. This shade would work best for those of you with light to medium complexion, but MAC certainly offer gorgeous highlighters for deeper skin tones as well. Formula is not for the faint-hearted; these bad boys really look like glass on your skin and thankfully don't emphasize texture, pores or anything like that. They feel a bit stiffer (not as smooth as ABH or Becca), but you can build them up for a maximum POW! glow. Love them!


MAC Full Lash Curler - I haven't tried that many eyelash curlers, but lately my lashes have been acting up and I felt the need to curl them for an easier mascara application. This one by MAC is lovely; it is made in Japan and from my research many people, who used to have Shu Uemura curlers, believe that they are very similar in shape and love them just as much if not more. I can't compare, because I have never owned anything from Shu Uemura, but MAC did a great job and I use this curler a ton and thankfully my lashes are still healthy and a bit more manageable than before.


Random Bits & Bobs

Becca First Light Priming Filter - due to stress my skin looks very dull lately. Thankfully this violet-tinted primer saves the day. It also adds a subtle sheen of glow and moisture, I love it. You can always read more about this product here



Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream - this must be one of the best hand creams I have ever tried; I guess you can tell by the look of the tube that it is well loved. It is a bit expensive for a hand cream, but it does magic to dry/exhaused hands. It contains grape seed, avocado oils, shea butter and other natural antioxidants to nourish and regenerate your skin. Plus it smells amazing. Although it is quite rich ingredients-wise, it never feels sticky or greasy; gets absorbed in no time and if you love a good hand cream - I highly recommend this one.



Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Cava - is such a stunning, unique lilac-beige shade. I absolutely adore Bite formulas: they have one of the creamiest, most comfortable, nourishing and pigmented lipsticks ever. Amuse Bouche line in particular is stunning, every time I get a new colour I feel like buying them all. Cava is a newer addition to the family and with my rather large lipstick collection - I don't own anything like it. If you love a good cool-toned, slightly grayish (still wearable) lipstick - this one is amazing.


Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer - gosh I so love their nail polish. For starters it is very inexpensive and quality can be compared to that of those more expensive "salon pro" brands. These are made in France and last a really good time on your nails. Continuing with my grayish/lilac/pink vibe - shade #29 is so stunning if you love your grays with a hint of something-something. There is a plethora of colours to choose from and if you are a nail polish junkie just like moi, do check them out.


Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil in #RD609 - I spoke about these Shiseido lip liners before and I must say that since posting my review, I have been using these lip pencils to death. My newest favourite is a gorgeous wine blue-toned red in the shade "Chianti", which is a beautiful name considering it is inspired by Tuscan wine. It works so well with all of my darker reds and having a mini brush at hand saves so much time. If you love slightly firm yet still soft lip pencils to outline your lips or add a nice long-lasting stain - you will really enjoy these.



Clarins Light Lip Comfort Oil - is a godsend. I actually prefer it to Bite's Agave Lip Mask (I know, shocker) and find that nothing keeps my lips as nourished and happy as this oil. I love shade Honey because it looks clear on the lips and I can easily wear it during the day or as an overnight treatment. It has a high shine finish, but doesn't feel sticky/gloppy/greasy. Although it is labeled as "oil", it doesn't feel oily - I would say it has more of a balm-meets-syrup kind of consistency and feels very lightweight on your lips. I use it religiously and whenever I switch to something else, my lips get dry and chapped. You can also go for pink/berry shade if you want more of a tinted finish; all in all these are brilliant and HG for me.



That's it for my Feb-March favourites! One long, but hopefully informative and inspiring post. For more beauty content make sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. What are your new favourites? Let's chat some more in the comments box below.






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