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March 9, 2017


I think I have a thing for Tarte: ever since I have tried the brand's Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara and original Tartelette eyeshadow palette - I instantly knew that I wanted more. Although I was not invited to Bora Bora (maybe next year?) I couldn't tame my excitement and purchased a few of their newer products at the store; thankfully I have later received a couple more PR samples to try as well - so I figured why not review them all? If you love Tarte and wonder whether these goodies here are worth the hype or not - then please keep on scrolling!


Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

"Tarteist Pro" launch was huge and I am sure you could see it all over social media. This new "Pro" line includes two big palettes: Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette and Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette. All of the palettes in the "Tarteist" line (except bigger eyeshadow palette) are scented and smell of cacao-vanilla (very delicious and not overpowering, just think of Nesquik)



Now all of these new palettes (both big and small) come in a newer packaging, which is very similar to NARS in a way that it is the same rubberized satin black finish. Very smooth to the touch, but also the kind that will get quite grubby and fingerprint-y over time. I do love the design though: black with gold lettering + all of these palettes are quite lightweight, slim and easy to travel with (especially those dainty smaller palettes, which we will talk about later in this post).



Tarteist Pro Glow palette opens like a book from both sides and has two cute little mirrors. Quite frankly I never use those mirrors, because it almost feels like I only see a half of my face. You can fold them back though, but on a day to day basis I just use my regular mirror. Inside you get four highlighters and two contour/bronze shades (one creamy and one matte). Highlighters too have a slightly different texture and finish: some of them appear more metallic, while others are quite shimmery and even have some fine specks of glitter in them. So if you were looking for something subtle and "barely there" - I am afraid this palette will overwhelm you, because it is a. super pigmented b. POW! glow seen from space is guaranteed.



Highlighter shades Lit and Strobe have tiny little specks of glitter in them, while Fire and Stunner are more metallic/foiled in finish. Something good about this palette is that it targets a variety of skin tones and there is certainly a shade for everyone here. The only colour I can't really wear is Fire, as it is more bronzy in feel (but it would look fabulous on someone with a medium to dark complexion), while the rest are perfect for both everyday and evening/party looks. The lightest shade Strobe [surprisingly] is not too light and should work even for someone with a medium complexion. Stunner is the most unique shade here and it is available individually; it is also the most "popping" shade, which sends quantum messages through space. I know many people don't like the look of glitter on their faces, let alone having it in their highlighters. To defend Tarte here - I should say that this is the most flattering and "pretty" kind of glittery finish one could ask for in a highlight. It doesn't look crazy disco or "too much" if you know what I mean.


There are also two bronzer/contour shades in the palette: Shade and Sculpt. Shade is the only sheer/creamy/waxy colour here and it can be built up for a maximum effect when needed. Although I would not label it as "warm", on my skin (NC20-25) it does look more like a neutral-toned bronzer, rather than a sculpting shade. If your complexion is darker than mine, then you will really enjoy Shade as a contouring colour. Sculpt on the other hand is your perfect grayish contour shade; you can achieve a pretty dramatic chiseled effect with it if needed and it does blend like a dream (never patchy or powdery). This actually goes for every shade in the Tarteist Pro Glow palette: all of them blend incredibly well and last a long time on the face. Even when they fade, they do so gracefully.


Tarteist Pro Glow To Go Palette

This cute little Tarteist Pro Glow To Go Palette is almost like a little brother to the bigger Tarteist Pro Glow palette. It comes in this dainty packaging and contains two highlighters and one contour/bronze shade; this palette would work best for someone with light or medium skin tones. If you have a deep complexion, I am afraid these shades won't look as flattering on you. All of the colours here differ from the bigger palette and (to my knowledge) are brand new. Shade Chisel is much warmer than Sculpt in the original palette and on me it is actually the most perfect bronzing shade. Unless you have a medium complexion, I wouldn't use Chisel as a contouring shade.



Gleam is a very silvery, bright highlighter with [almost] foiled finish. It is not for the faint-hearted, but if you love that blinding effect - look no further. Burst is more of a white-gold shade, with a slight warmth to it. It does remind me of MAC's Nylon eyeshadow or even Becca's Moonstone, except it is more vibrant. Compared to Gleam, Burst is more subtle and shy - in other words it is perfect for day-to-day wear. I absolutely adore this little palette and use it on a daily basis. You can even use these powders as your eyeshadows: Burst all over the lid, Chisel through the crease and bottom lash-line, tiny bit of Gleam as your inner-corner highlight. Boom! Easy, quick, perfect! Quality of these powders is top-notch: they are buttery, pigmented, long-lasting and easy to blend.


For the sake of true colour representation, I did not alter brightness/saturation of these swatches above. Please click on each image to see more information. 


Tarteist Pro To Go Amazonian Clay Palette

I might sound insane, but I will go ahead and say that this Tarteist Pro To Go Amazonian Clay Palette is much better than its bigger sister (the original Pro eyeshadow palette). Here is why: although there are only six eyeshadows in this mini palette, shade selection and pigmentation are beyond amazing. This is an equally warm/cool-toned palette, where you get three mattes, one metallic and two duochrome shades (those in a round pan).



This is a pocket-sized palette, which easily fits into any make-up bag and is perfect for traveling. All of these shadows blend like a dream, are buttery-smooth to the touch and very pigmented. The only shade, which is a little bit iffy - is Stylin. It doesn't blend just as well as all other shades, but if you mix it with Drive or Crisp - it will work just fine. One colour, which stands out, is certainly Dominate. It is a gorgeous raspberry with a touch of purple to it. It does remind me a lot of MAC's Cranberry, except on steroids. Overall, I think this palette is the best Tarte discovery for me: affordable, portable, beautiful and amazingly pigmented. Highly recommend! 


Please click on each image to zoom in. On my face: Tarteist Pro To Go Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette, Tarteist Pro Glow Highlighting & Contour Palette (Strobe, Stunner, Shade, Sculpt).  As always - swatches and photo of my make-up look - are created using a natural daylight/are not altered.


Tarteist Lip Paints

Last but not least, I have a couple of lip products to talk about. Tarte have recently added a newer addition to their liquid lipstick family called Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint and the one you see here is in the shade Delish. While the brand's original "Creamy Matte" formula remained a little bit moussy and wet on the lips (which is not everyone's cup of tea), the newer "Quick Dry" formula actually sets and remains uber matte on the lips. Even though I am not the biggest fan of liquid lipsticks in general, this particular texture doesn't dry my lips out and stays put for a very long time. Plus Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints have this unique and slightly curved "lip-hugging" applicator, which applies your liquid lipstick like no other.




Delish is a beautiful rich rosy mauve shade, which is going to look bomb on everyone. If you love that bombshell modern 90s look, then you will really enjoy this particular colour. Lipstick itself gets a tiny bit darker once it sets on the lips, but is incredibly pigmented at the same time. One coat is all you need. If you have dry lips naturally, then I would recommend applying a thin layer of lip balm underneath it to achieve a more comfortable wear. This is not an entirely transfer-proof lipstick, so I would still carry it around in my purse to re-apply/touch up the colour throughout a day. Overall, this must be one of the most comfortable formulas I have tried so far and if you find a colour you love - by all means give these babies a go.


Swatched (left to right): Hella, Delish


Now I like a good nude gloss, so when I spotted Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in the shade Hella, I knew I had to get my hands on it. These lip glosses are quite pigmented and can be easily worn on their own. Applicator has this classic elongated shape you see above. The formula feels very smooth and balmy on the lips (never sticky or gloppy). These glosses feel hydrating and nourishing on the lips and help you achieve a very sexy pout. Shade selection is somewhat minimal, but if you were on a hunt for a nice pigmented vegan gloss, these are amazing.



I am really happy with everything I have tried from Tarte recently, including this wonderful "Pro" collection. All of these products are reasonably priced and are of an amazing quality. I can easily recommend everything mentioned in this post, so I guess it just depends on what would suit your complexion or what you would really want to try first. Well done Tarte!


Tarte Tarteist Pro Collection is out in stores now; you can now shop Tarte online via if you are based in the Middle East.


That's it for my Tarte Haul guys, hope you found this review helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments box below. For more Tarte reviews on this blog, please click on #tarte hashtag below and make sure to follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest for more fun beauty inspiration on the go. Have a wonderful day!






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