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February 26, 2017


If you are a friend to the blog or follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I am a big skincare junkie. I love trying new products, so when Foreo have reached out and asked whether I wanted to try one of their best-selling cleansing devices - I instantly jumped on the bandwagon. If you are curious about the brand and wonder whether their products are worth the hype or not - then buckle up and please keep on scrolling! This review is not sponsored and everything mentioned below is based on my own honest opinion.


Product Overview & Claims

You might already know that Foreo are famous for their Luna cleansing tools. You have Luna 2, Luna Mini 2, Luna Go and the smallest of them all - Luna Play, which we will be discussing in this post today. Luna Play is the size of macaroon and comes in 7 beautiful colours; the one I have here is in the shade "Pearl Pink" and it is a very cute addition to my bathroom cabinet. 


Luna Play claims to: gently remove dead skin cells // unclog pores // remove up to 99.5% of oil and dirt // leave your skin glowing, radiant and smooth.


Look, Feel & Use

As you can see, Luna Play has two rows of tiny little silicone bristles. The brand suggests that smaller "touch-points" should be used on gentle skin areas such as cheeks and forehead, while larger ones are best for the T-zone.


Unlike its older brothers and sisters, Luna Play has only one speed mode and can be switched on/off using a control button on the backside of the device. Something a little bit upsetting is that - although Luna Play is the most affordable device in the range - you won't be able to recharge its batteries and once it stops working (Foreo claim that it is good enough for up to 100 uses) it actually stops working and you have to dispose of it.


My skin is quite thin and easily irritable, so initally I was a bit worried about Luna Play, almost wondering if it would make my skin feel sensitive or break me out. To my surprise, this device is extremely gentle on the skin and if you follow the rules (that is using it for 1 minute only morning/night) - you won't experience any problems with it whatsoever. The vibration level is quite powerful here, which is funny, considering this is such a petite device. Foreo say that Luna Play channels 8000 transdermal-sonic vibrations per minute, which should allow a deep and yet delicate cleansing.



Honestly, whenever I use my Luna Play, I can't really differentiate between thicker and thinner touch-points - so I end up using my device well all over the place and I believe that no matter how you decide to handle your Luna Play - you will still get good results. It is a very goof-proof little guy and you can use it with any cleanser you already have and love. Here is how you should do it:


1. Apply your cleanser, switch on Luna Play;

2. Massage your skin in circular motion for 1 minute;

3. Rinse off and follow up with your skincare routine.


I personally love using my Burt's Bees Soap & Bark Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream with Luna Play. This cleanser has a lovely cooling sensation to it and whenever I use them together - the tingling effect is multiplied x10 and my skin looks extremely radiant and feels rejuvenated.


Taking Care Of Your Device 

Foreo say that Luna Play is made of nonporous silicone, so there shouldn't be any bacteria buildup. However, if you are a bit OTT when it comes to cleaning your face brushes, sponges and what not, make sure to never use any alcohol to clean your device. It might ruin the silicone and although Luna Play is much more hygienic than standard bristled brushes, I personally wash it with the same Burt's Bees cleanser after and prior every use and have never experienced any breakouts or anything like that. I always pat dry my Luna Play and store it in its tiny little acrylic container, so that it collects no dust. 



I am very happy with my Luna Play. Even though I don't think that this device will ever replace scrubs and exfoliators altogether, it is still a good addition to every skincare enthusiast's routine. I believe it works best for improving blood circulation and making the most out of your cleanser. If you don't have time or budget for a facial massage, you can easily achieve similar results with Luna Play. I love working my Luna Play in an upward motion, so that it helps lift and tighten skin. It never irritates and as long as you wash it prior every use - you should not experience any breakouts. I love using this device on a daily basis; especially after wearing a lot of make-up, to really awaken and clean my skin. I feel Luna Play is a great gateway drug to the world of Foreo cleansing devices; although it only lasts up to 100 uses - it will certainly give you a good idea whether or not you need to invest in Luna 2 or Luna Mini 2 (which you can recharge by the way).


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