Tartelette Exposed*

February 16, 2017


I know, I know. I am about a couple of years late to this whole "Tartelette" game, but since we only now have Tarte Cosmetics here in Dubai - I figured it was about time that I try one of the brand's bestselling palettes. If you don't own it yet or just want to know more about Tarte eyeshadows in general (texture, blendability, pigmentation) then be my guest and please keep on scrolling!


Product Overview & Packaging

So Tartelette is the first all-matte palette that the brand have launched a few years back. I remember people going crazy about it, especially because matte eyeshadows were really popping back then. To be fair, we all need matte eyeshadows even today - so I don't think that this palette is outdated or anything like that. But it was massively outshined by its sister Tartelette In Bloom, which was launched a bit later and (unlike the original) has three metallic shades aside from mattes.



The packaging is super cute and lovely. I adore all the golden details and find mirror here to be of a very good quality and size. The palette is slim, so you can easily travel with it and I have zero complaints about the look/feel of Tartelette


Colours & Texture

Now you might already know that Tarte is a cruelty-free brand; plus all of these eyeshadows are free of nasty ingredients, so they won't irritate even the most sensitive eyes. And this is something I truly appreciate about the brand.


Tartelette is a very neutral and "basic" (in a good way) palette. Although I love my Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette by Kat Von D - this one seems a bit different in a way it is arranged. Here you have 12 eyeshadows, which can be virtually split into three categories/rows: neutral-brown, mauve and gray. From afar, most colours here look a like, but when you swatch them - only then you see a difference in undertones. Overall - this is a cool-toned palette. So if you love a nice warm shadow, Tartelette alone won't do it for you.



I have mentioned some weeks back on my Instagram that all of the names here remind me of my mom and it is true - I think this palette is the definition of la femme. Every single eyeshadow here is extremely wearable and texture is flawless: it is smooth to the touch, doesn't have much fallout and blends like a dream. Tartelette doesn't accentuate dryness or settle into fine lines and to keep it short - this is a very user-friendly palette. 


Application & Wear 

Working with Tartelette is an absolute dream: all of the shadows here (maybe except one or two) are very buildable and blendable. These colours are good for most complexions, however, my only concern is that (when blended) most of the shades here look more or less similar. If you look at all of the "highlighting" colours here - when blended, they look alike to the naked eye. Same goes for Force Of Nature and Wanderer or Dreamer and Power Player. Don't get me wrong, I love these colours - but I now understand why Tartelette In Bloom was created; having a better variety of shadows is very important even for everyday looks.


Tartelette wears and lasts incredibly well throughout the day and can go up to 10 hours on me (I always use eye primer); the formula of these shadows is spot on and I can easily say that these mattes are one of the best on the market (after Kat Von D, Tarte is my second favourite).



For the sake of a helpful review, I did not alter brightness/saturation/shadows of these photos below. These swatches were done using natural daylight. Please click on each image to zoom in.


Even looking now at all of the swatches here - you kind of get the same neutral, "easy to wear" vibe. But having a few more warm shades, instead of so many similar highlight colours, would make this palette more awesome in my opinion. 



Overall I am happy to own Tartelette. Considering that now there is Tartelette Pro and Tartelette In Bloom - this original Tartelette looks like nothing new, but this doesn't make it a bad palette. I think it would be amazing for make-up beginners, especially girls at high school, who are just learning about make-up and are very young to wear extremely bold looks. I also believe that those of you, who are pretty much into neutral make-up looks and nothing glittery/shimmery/poppin' crazy, will also appreciate this palette because it is very feminine and can be worn on any occasion. Same goes for brides to be. The quality is top shelf and if you are into these kind of very classic highlight/crease/dark shades - having them all in one palette makes life so much easier. But if you have a ton of similar all-matte palettes already or maybe you are a magpie just like moi - then you might want to go for the other two palettes; especially since they have a lot of fun high-shine shimmery shades too.


If you are based in the Middle-East, you can now shop Tarte online:

Tartelette retails for 46 USD // 215 AED (UAE)


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