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The Glow Glossary feat. Becca Cosmetics*

becca cosmetics brand review

I am often asked, both on my Instagram and in person, about my favourite types of Becca Cosmetics highlighters and best ways to apply them. Which is why I have decided to give as much information as I can, especially for those of you who are new to the brand, about all of their highlighters, primers, powders and even best tools to apply them with. So this might be one of my "longer", but more in-depth posts and I hope you find it helpful!

Backlight Priming Filter

Let's start with primers, shall we? I have gone through an entire bottle of Backlight Priming Filter, which for a girl who owns a lot of make-up, is quite an achievement. It comes in this luxurious matte glass bottle and contains 30 ml of an actual product. Considering a daily use, one bottle should last you well throughout a year. Now let's see what it can do for you and who will enjoy it the most.

becca cosmetics backlight priming filter first light priming filter

This product was created to give your complexion an instant boost of radiance and glow. It is one of those more hydrating primers, which adds a nice layer of moisture right before you start applying your foundation/concealer/etc. So even if there was a large time gap between your morning skincare routine and make-up application, using a primer like this first will help other products blend seamlessly on top of it. If you ever feel like your skin looks exhausted and lacklustre - Backlight Priming Filter will solve your dull complexion issues in 1, 2, 3. Once blended, it almost gives you that mermaid skin glow, which I love. Another wonderful thing about this product is that every single lady (or gentleman) of any age or colour can use it, because this is a universally flattering primer. It won't make you look like a disco ball and it never appears shimmery or "too obvious" on the skin.

Does it extend the wear of make-up? From my experience it doesn't.

Will it make you look well-rested and youthful? 100 times yes!

Will it work for all skin types? I would only recommend it for girls/boys with normal, dry or very dry skin types. If you are oily or combination, this primer might look too glowy on you.

Best for? Even and luminous "lit from within" complexion.

First Light Priming Filter

Now this year, Becca have also launched a brand new primer, which we have seen all over Instagram and it is called - First Light Priming Filter. At first I am sure we all had doubts about it being violet and whether it would change colour of the skin or not. Fear not my dear friends, this primer is actually amazing and here is why.

becca cosmetics first light priming filter review

Unlike the first primer we spoke about, this one is infused with ginger root extract and sea water. This is mainly why it has this zingy fresh ginger mixed with lemongrass kind of scent. The scent won't linger on the skin though. Although it adds a subtle glow, First Light Priming Filter serves a slightly different purpose and that is - make your skin feels awake, refreshed and hydrated. Just like Backlight Priming Filter, it is also a water-based product and you can feel that as soon as you apply it to your skin. It is extremely lightweight and gets absorbed in a second.

Once blended, the violet tint sheers out and can't be seen to the naked eye. It does, however, help fix the look of a dehydrated and dull skin by adding a gentle colour-correcting. It won't erase dark spots, severe discolouration or anything like that - and this is something worth remembering when buying this primer. Compared to Backlight Priming Filter, this one adds a soft touch of glow and radiance but nothing OTT. So, if you have tried Becca's original primer and you thought it was "too glowy" for you, this one will be a better option. Plus the experience is one of a kind; it can be compared to drinking a fresh lime-ginger juice first thing in the morning - it wakes you up, makes you feel alive and ready for the day. Also, this primer is universally flattering, so all of us can enjoy it.

Does it extend the wear of make-up? Although my skin is dry and make-up lasts well on me anyway, I haven't noticed any improvement. So, no - I don't think it does.

Will it make you feel refreshed and awake? Yes and yes.

Will it work for all skin types? I would recommend it to those of you with normal, dry or very dry skin types. If you are oily or combination, this primer might make you feel amazing and look refreshed, but it won't help with oil absorption.

Best for? Poopy skin days, when you feel dehydrated and exhausted. This primer will be an instant "pick me up". Plus if you are addicted to ginger you will seriously love it.

becca cosmetics primers comparison review swatches

Left to right: Backlight Priming Filter, First Light Priming Filter. Not fully blended*

Under Eye Brightening Corrector

If you are a human-panda (like moi) or tend to have a lot of dull under eye moments due to stress or lack of sleep, Under Eye Brightening Corrector could be a game changer for you. Not to be confused with the brand's colour correctors, this one is actually a pale baby/salmon pink cream with a slight glow to it. If you swatch it on your hand and then blend it out, you can squint and maybe see (especially under a direct sunlight) a very subtle amount of shimmer.

becca cosmetics under eye brightening corrector review

Now, this is a product, which you can either use alone or on top of a concealer/colour corrector. Whenever I spoke about this product in the past, people would ask me one question "isn't it heavy for your under eye to layer this many products at once?" and my answer is yes and no. Here is why.

If you are someone with an occasional or very minimal under eye dullness/darkness, which only appears when you are feeling exhausted/restless/overworked, then this product alone can do it for you. Under Eye Brightening Corrector is quite creamy and pigmented, so even a very small amount is enough to brighten and correct a dull skin area. Shimmery particles (although they won't be visible to the naked eye) reflect the light just like Touche Eclat does, hence will visually lift the darker area, making you appear more awake and well-rested.

However, if you have a severe under eye discolouration and if you have inherited this trait from someone in your family, then Under Eye Brightening Corrector alone won't be enough. To properly conceal the area you might want to use a peach-toned corrector/concealer first and then add a teeny-weeny amount of this cream right where your circles are the darkest (normally it is either inner or outer corner of the eye). I would only save the latter technique for those "special occasions" or days when I want my complexion to look 100% perfect. I would not recommend doing it on a daily basis as it might be a bit heavy for a delicate under eye.

Will it make you feel refreshed and awake? Totally.

Will it work for all skin types? Not to sound like a broken record, but I would recommend it to those of you with normal, dry or very dry skin types. If you are oily or combination, you can go for a similar peach-toned corrector from Urban Decay or Maybelline (Age-Rewind Illuminator).

Soft Light Blurring Powder

I was very excited to try Soft Light Blurring Powder, because it claims to blur imperfections/ eliminate shine/ set make-up and more. It comes in this gorgeous clear/silver acrylic jar and has a sifter. Currently there is only one shade available called Golden Hour; it might look beige to some, but is practically colour-free when blended. It adds a very soft "filter" to your skin.

becca cosmetics instant beauty blur powder review

If you expect this powder to give you any sort of coverage - don't hold your breath. In my book, if you don't like that powdery/cakey face look or a typical mattifying powder feels heavy on your skin, this one by Becca could be your new bestie. But unlike most translucent powders, this one adds a very sublte glow to your skin. This is, again, a universal product - so it will work for every complexion out there.

Since I use a lot of water-based make-up products - even with a dry skin, I can look shiny sometimes. Which is why I think this powder works wonders for someone with a dry skin - it is extremely lightweight and helps set "dewy" make-up like no other. You can't even feel it on your skin, it is that lightweight. Compared to my other favourites for dry skin (MAC's Mineralize Powder for example) this one is ten times more lightweight and actually - you can't even see a trace of it, it is that finely milled. As a matter of fact it has a very similar finish to my other favourite powder - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Similarly to Hourglass, this Becca powder adds a "soft blur" effect to your skin.

If you want more coverage then you might enjoy Becca's Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powders more, but if you are blessed with a naturally perfect skin or it is on a drier side - I would highly recommend Soft Light Blurring Powder. It also works great as an under eye setting powder, without being too heavy or noticeable.

Does it wear well throughout a day? When you first apply it, it adds a satil veil. But even on me it can get a tiny bit shiny in 3-5 hours.

Does it blur pores and fine lines? Pores - no. Fine lines - to a certain extent. Make sure to use a halfway dry make-up sponge for ultimate results. It never accentuates dryness, patches or pores/lines.

Will it work for all skin types? I would recommend it to those of you with normal, dry or very dry skin types. If you are oily or combination, it won't keep your skin matte for too long.

Soft Kabuki Brush

This is my very first kabuki brush and I love it. Although Becca recommend using this exact Soft Kabuki Brush for best Soft Light Blurring Powder application, I find that any regular powder brush can get the job done. Personally, this kabuki is a little too big for my face, so I feel like it can't really access all the nooks and crannies (tiny areas around the nose per say) and is too big for my under eye. It is, however, brilliant for blending your bronzer and blush. Whenever I feel like I have applied too much, I just grab my clean Soft Kabuki Brush and carefully blend around the edges of my blush/bronzer to get that seamless finish. It is made of synthetic bristles, feels luxurious and soft. Doesn't shed and can be easily washed.

becca cosmetics soft kabuki brush review

Shimmering Skin Perfectors

Becca are known for their luxurious highlighters. Honestly, they are my Pokemons: gotta catch 'em all! Becca offer a great variety of shades and three key formulas: Poured (cream), Liquid (fluid) and Pressed (powder).

becca cosmetics opal swatches

From left to right: Shimmering Skin Perfectors in the shade Opal Poured, Liquid and Pressed. Not fully blended*


Poured type of a highlighter is best for people, who love a very subtle glow. It comes in a smaller compact and has a very smooth creamy texture. Once applied, this cream sets to a semi-powder finish and lasts up to 5-7 hours. This formula gives you a sophisticated and delicate glow. You can sheer it out or add more for a stronger finish; it will always remain soft and gentle.

Poured - is best for those of you, who prefer that ethereal "natural" glow. A great formula for ladies and gentlemen of a particular age, because it won't ever accentuate texture, looking smooth and seamless on the skin. This is also one of the most user-friendly highlighters that Becca offers and you can apply it with you fingers.

The glow factor here is 5/10 (10 being POW!)

becca cosmetics highlighters review


Liquid is my second favourite, because there are a million ways that you can use it. For starters, little goes a long way with this one (I am not even using a full pump for my entire face) and one bottle (although it contains 50 ml) will last you forever. This particular formula is loved by Lisa Eldridge, who has been using it in her professional kit since the beginning of her career. And I agree with Lisa, this liquid highlighter is dewy and "in synergy" with your skin. When blended, it becomes a part of your skin and this is why I love it so much. Plus it is the only lightly scented highlighter that the brand has and to me - it smells divine.

You can mix it in with your primer, mousturizer, foundation for that nice dewy glow. It reflects the light beautifully and never accentuates any dryness or imperfections. On my dry skin - this is the most "natural" highligher. I often use it on my arms, legs and shoulders when I want to get a step closer to fulfilling my JLo dreams, because Becca do it, you do it, you're doing it well!

The glow factor here is 7/10 (10 being POW!)


The queen of all highlighters - Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pressed formula is still one of the best on the market. Can be applied sheer or fierce; lasts forever or until you remove it (no jokes) and can be seen from space. This powder is creamy to the touch and blends like a dream. Strangely I have pores on my cheekbones and most highlighters accentuate them, when this one doesn't - it just blends on top of everything and makes you feel like a better, sexier version of yourself. Works well on literally everyone (despite of age, skin type or colour). This is the most light-reflective highlighter that Becca offers and it just beams like no other, making the moon and stars oh-so-jealous. If you are new to the brand and want to try one product at a time - start with this one!

The glow factor here is 10/10 (this is POW!)

For the sake of this review, I did not alter brightness/saturation of my swatches, so that it is easier for you to see the difference between these three highlighter formulas when they are blended.

That's it for my "The Glow Glossary" feat. Becca Cosmetics. What are your favourites? If you have any questions, please leave them below and for more Becca Cosmetics reviews on this blog click on #becca hashtag below. You can follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin for more fun, beauty inspiration on the go!

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