5 Mantras For Successful Bloggers

February 6, 2017


My blog will soon hit its second birthday and although I am not a "big dog" yet, I have learned a thing or two about blogging. Heck, I have learned a lot! In this post I am going to share with you my Top Five Blogging Mantras, which have helped me become a better blogger. So whether you are a beginner or pro - I hope this piece of information inspires you. And yeah, I am going to say it like I mean it.



There are a lot of amazing and talented bloggers out there, but sadly there are also a lot of copycats. I am very proud to say that in my "blogging career" I am surrounded by a lot of supportive and creative minds; but as much as I am inspired by them - I also want to have my own voice. Your style, as a blogger, is like a big jigsaw puzzle made of all the different aspects of your work including: your style of writing, photography, communication, things you like and more.


To me, this blog is an extension of my personality, which is why I constantly work on making it sound/look/feel like me. So that even those people, who have never met me in real life, can identify with me by saying something like"oh that's her signature style" and not something like "oh her Instagram page looks a lot like X page". You like blue lipsticks? Rock them! You love vintage rings? Use them as your props. Add as many "pieces" of you as you can, so that when people recognize your photos/articles, without even looking at your profile photo - that's when you have succeeded. This is why my biggest blogging mantra is find your style and stick to it.




Once you have created this amaaaazing blogging style for your website and social media - be prepared that some people will be inspired to steal it. And I am not only talking about some random bloggers you don't know, I have been "robbed" plenty of times by bloggers, who know me in real life and even have the nerve to come hug me after blatantly ripping off a lot of my photographs on Instagram. And it doesn't just stop there, some of them will copy the way you write, the way you dress...heck even the way you joke!


In the beginning I didn't know how to react, so I thought that confrontation was my best weapon. I would leave a comment under a copycat's image saying something like "hey, I see my photo from yesterday really inspired you to post an exact same one", but then she would act innocent and write back something like "oh my gosh, I didn't even see your picture - what a coincidence". And guess what? You're even more annoyed now. So guys, if someone steals from you and especially if you know them in person, this is what you should do: move on and feel free to stop supporting their work (I mean thievery) by unsubscribing. 


It is okay when people use similar props to create a photograph (in the end we all love marble, rose gold and Modern Renaissance palette), but it is not cool when someone openly recreates your photograph without (at least) having a decency to mention your hard work as an inspiration. It's a sad fact, but ideas are stolen everywhere (not only blogosphere), but even when you feel angry at them, please remember no one can steal your talent and long-term vision. So instead of wasting your time and daily "swiping" energy on copycats, focus on your own goals and share love with people, who are supporting you. Because #goodvibesonly 


Make sure to focus on your goals and be productive. We all have our blogs for various reasons; whether you want to simply help others, create your make-up line or maybe even write a bestseller - always remind yourself why you have created your blog in first place and make sure to prioritize. Even if you have a full-time job, save at least one day a week to really sit down with a cup of coffee and create some cool content for your readers. Don't waste your time on negativity, copycats or even writing about products or brands you don't like. The busier my blog gets, the more selective I become about what is worth my time (and yours too obviously). It is always so much fun to share favourites, than writing about something you don't like just for the sake of pleasing a brand or PR agency. Your time matters, so get shit done and make sure to keep a separate planner to be in control of your blog-life. 



Not to sound cheesy, but I really do thank God every day for being surrounded and supported by the friendliest and kindest people out there. You guys are my priority, so whatever gets published on this website - is created to help and inspire you. Blogging has taught me a lot of things, but the most important one is to be kind and have patience. Thing is, we all fight our own battles and if I am able to help at least one person - it will truly make my day. 


Comparison is really a thief of joy, but as a blogger - you can't help but wonder sometimes why X and Y are now on a PR list of your favourite brand and you are not. Breathe in, breathe out. It is only a matter of time before your hard work gets noticed, so have patience. If you really want to write a review on a specific product, but that brand doesn't work with small bloggers, then I say - buy it. I normally keep a separate "blog budget" and only use it when I seriously want to review a hot new product and share my thoughts with you guys. You never want to be associated with those "collectors", who jump from one event to another and boost their pages with fake followers only to collect PR samples and goodie bags. They are quite sad actually.


My point here is, you can't become blog-famous overnight (unless you are a cute pomeranian with a teddy bear haircut) and there is no point of comparing yourself to X and Y, who might have worked in this field for years and only now enjoy fruits of their success. Just remember why you have started and don't get bitter - get better! It will take time, but it is oh so worth it!



Last but not least - take breaks. If you take your website and social media seriously, then you know just how busy and time-consuming blogging can be. By the time you check your Instagram feed, take pictures, write a post and reply to comments - boom! It is 8 PM already. Which is why, just like with any other job, take a break from social media and even your baby-blog from time to time. Considering this is a very creative field, you do need some time to rest, get ideas and finally let them out when you feel happy and your batteries are fully charged. Don't feel guilty about it and if it is your full-time job, make sure to stick to certain working hours (just like at the office) to really know when to stop typing and start living a little. 


That's it for my top five blogging mantras. Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you want more articles like this in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin for more. Have a productive day!







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