First NARS Boutique In Dubai!

January 29, 2017


This is the moment we (beauty addicts of the Middle East) have all been waiting for - NARS have finally opened their first boutique at the Dubai Mall, Dubai! As a loyal Narsissist and your restless beauty investigator, I had to pay a visit and if you want to know more about the boutique, please keep on scrolling!



We first welcomed NARS to the Middle East only couple of years ago and despite it's tremendous popularity at all Sephora stores across the region, most of us still craved more. Thankfully we can now dive in and explore the world of NARS by visiting its very first boutique at First Floor, Grand Atrium, Dubai Mall.



From the moment I walked into the store, I instantly fell in love with just how "organized" it was. You have these separate areas, where you can explore all of the different products the brand offers; whether you are looking for eyeshadows, base products, lipsticks or even a make-up class/consultation - NARS Boutique has got you covered.



I haven't heard much about NARS skincare range, but I was thrilled to finally discover it at the boutique, as well as some newer limited edition collections. What I admire about the brand is that it embraces diversity and there is truly something for everyone here. Plus NARS have recently expanded their concealer/foundation shade range, so it's fair to say that those of you, who struggle to find a good "match" are more likely to finally find it at the boutique.



As a lipstick and nail polish junkie, I was particularly excited to see this aisle. If you haven't tried NARS Audacious Lipsticks or their lipglosses, I really encourage you to buckle up and drive to the nearest store as soon as possible - because it is a crime not to own at least one or two of them in your make-up collection. I was happy to see some of the rare Audacious shades available at the boutique, which you would normally only find as "online exclusives" at Sephora in the States.



If you are a fan of French photography or Sarah Moon, then you probably wouldn't want to miss out on her recent collaboration with the brand. I love the look of this limited edition collection, especially red nail polishes and lipsticks (yes please!). 



For those of you, who love Radiant Creamy Concealer, there is now a new NARS concealer to try: Soft Matte Complete Concealer, which comes in whopping 16 shades and is now available at the boutique. It claims to give you high coverage and natural finish which, in "concealer terms", means everything! I will let you know on my Instagram if I get to try it first hand.



Last but not least, the highlight of my visit to the NARS Boutique was meeting Alanoud Badr, who is such a sweet lady inside and out. Alanoud is a famous designer and brand ambassador, who has a great Instagram account @fozaza. Make sure to subscribe! P.S. how cute is her dress? #wantedneeded



Hope you guys enjoyed this little tour to the NARS Boutique! If you are based in the UAE and want to have more details about the boutique or anything else, please call this number: 04 4227531


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