Let's Talk About Shade & Light Eye Palette*

January 26, 2017


This is certainly not a new palette on the block, but since Kat Von D have recently revamped the original packaging and many of you guys asked for a review on Instagram, I thought it was alright to put my two cents in.


Let's just start off by saying that Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette was one of the first "all matte" palettes on the market and it still is a huge bestseller. Here you have 12 neutral shades varying from white to black. The palette is kind of split into three quads, where you have your basic neutral browns on the left, cool-toned brownish grays and black in the middle and warm-toned browns and peaches on the right. All three bigger eyeshadow pans at the top are "base" colours, while remaining shades can be used for contouring, defining and highlighting the eye.



This is an older version of the palette, which came in a cardboard/eco-friendly packaging. It is quite slim, but has a nice weight to it. You also get a large mirror, which makes this bad boy extremely travel-friendly. Now during Erik Soto's masterclass last year, he did mention that Kat Von D decided to opt for a metallic case instead of cardboard mainly because the latter one was not as durable and it made more sense to amp it up. Plus Kat Von D are now selling individual refills for the Shade & Light Face Palette, so hopefully they will do something similar for their other permanent palettes too. I love both types of packaging, so for me it is not a huge deal-breaker as long as eyeshadows are great. By the way they are great.



Colours & Texture


I remember back in 2015 matte eyeshadows were huuuuge and now we demand chromes and metallics. I love a nice shimmery shadow, but you can't complete a look without at least one or two mattes. Plus the older we get, shimmers and glitters become somewhat tricky to apply, while a good matte...well it is still a good matte! I guess my point is: don't rely on "trends" only when looking at this palette, because it is so universal, basic (in a good way) and most importantly timeless.



Names of shadows in this palette are rather difficult to pronounce. Hopefully it is easier for you guys to have an idea about pigmentation and shade selection as a whole from looking at the swatches below. Click on each image to zoom in.



*For the sake of this review, I did not alter brightness or saturation on the photos above. All pictures were taken during the day time, using natural lighting.


You might think "how many browns does one person need?" and I completely get that; you probably don't need more than two. But since we are talking about various undertones and eye contouring, this palette makes total sense to me. To be fair - all of these browns look quite different; although shades Samael and Solas look somewhat similar on the photo above, on the eye they are not the same. Latinus also looks much lighter in real life, than it does on the photo.


Shades Saleos and Succubus are quite unique in my opinion. Saleos is your perfect mushroom, brownish-gray which looks amazing on all eye colours. If you love a good warm shadow, but nothing too fiery or orangey, you will love Succubus.


All of these eyeshadows are buttery smooth, blendable and pigmented. Colours are exactly what they look like in their pans; some shades kick up a bit of dust, but it never ends up all over your face. Just make sure to tap off the excess and you will be fine. These eyeshadows are in fact smoother than MAC, MUG, MUFE, Smashbox, Urban Decay and Too Faced. They are comparable in texture to Tarte, but I still think that Kat Von D shadows are more pigmented than say those shades in the Tartelette palette. 



Shade & Light Eye Contour Brush



Kat Von D have also designed a dual-ended Shade & Light Eye Contour Brush, which can be purchased separately. Although you can use whatever brushes you have at home, this one is a keeper. It has one of the softest artificial bristles I have ever experienced and both brush shapes are perfect for a precise eye contouring and shading. Easy to clean and carry around. I love this brush and think it is worth the price tag. The only thing I am not sure of is a little coffin case in comes with.




Although I only got this palette recently, I use Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette nearly every single time I do my make-up. It doesn't matter whether I am lazy and just want something quick or I am going for a very dramatic look - this palette saves the day and is so user-friendly - I can't just deal with it. The hype is real guys and it doesn't matter whether you are make-up beginner, enthusiast or pro - you can easily create a ton of looks with it. The quality is top notch and once primed, these shadows will last all day long. If you have slightly hooded lids and it's important for you to create a natural-looking "second crease", this palette will become your best friend. A+ from me.


For more Kat Von D reviews on this blog, please click on #katvond hashtag below. Don't be a stranger, come say hi on Instagram and Bloglovin'. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!






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