KIKO Holiday Collection, Recap*

January 9, 2017


Hello 2017! Welcome to my very first blogpost of the year; I honestly cannot believe that it is already 9th of January. Rambling aside, I am sure you all came here to learn more about KIKO's Lovegrove Holiday 2016 Collection - so let's get straight to the review portion. 


Lovegrove collection came in a special, limited-edition red/silver packaging and has introduced more than 20 brand new products to us, including: bronzers, blushes, eyeliners, mascara, nail polishes, brush kits and even Velvet Passion perfume. Since some of the items are still available for a discounted price, I thought to share my personal favourites with you today. 


2-in-1 Bronzer & Highlighter


Now, being a "what's the country of origin?" freak, I have noticed that the best baked products originate from Italy. As you might already know, KIKO is an Italian brand and even though it is quite affordable, all of the products are still made in Italy; most of them are of a very good quality too. So it is a no surprise that KIKO has a lot of wonderful baked goodies, including this limited edition 2-in-1 Bronzer & Highlighter. It comes in two tones (gold and pink) and the one I have here is called "01 Gold Tan". As you can see it is one of those duo baked powders, where you get a bronzer on one side and highlighter on the other. 


Both bronzer and highlighter feel buttery smooth and add a certain touch of luminosity. None of them are matte, but they do have a lovely glow factor to them. I think that this duo will look best on a light/medium complexion, since both powders swatch lighter than they appear in the pan. Now you do see specs of shimmer in the bronzer, so I tend to use it as a bronzer-topper. It is not as seamless as Hourglass Ambient Bronzer for example, but looks more "natural" than say Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in "Bronze". Highlighter on the other hand is the queen of the duo (in my humble Niffler opinion) and if you were looking for that toned down "glow from within" kind of highlighter, as opposed to "BAM! in your face/seen from space",  this might be your gem.


Double Colour Baked Blush


Continuing with the baked theme, KIKO has also released Double Colour Baked Blush. It comes in two beautiful shades and the one I have here is called "01 Lively Coral". I am a strong believer that you can't go wrong with a coral blush - it looks fabulous on every single complexion. Lively Coral, however, swatches lighter than it looks in the compact and will (again) look flattering on light/medium skin tones. Just as the previous product, this blush is extremely smooth and has a lovely glowy touch to it. It kind of reminds me of Hourglass Ambient Blush, even the marble-like pattern is just as beautiful.


This is a lovely blush for those of you, who like a bit of glow with a soft colour payoff. It blends like a dream and can be used as a blush topper to add that subtle luminous effect to your cheeks. I think a colour like this works well with any kind of lipstick/eyeshadow make-up look in mind. I also have to mention that both compacts feel quite high-end and have nicely sized mirrors in them, which makes these products so travel friendly.


Volumizing Effect Mascara


KIKO have also launched this beautifully packaged Volumizing Effect Mascara, which comes in black colour. This mascara claims to give you an extreme volume, definition and curl. It also contains nourishing ingredients such as Argan oil and Jojoba extract to hydrate and protect your lashes.


As you can tell, the wand itself is quite bushy (classic, non plastic bristles) and has a distinctive curl to it. The formula is on a creamier, slightly wet side, so it might smudge a little when you initially apply it. I did not experience any flaking, dryness or smudging with this mascara. It pretty much does what it claims to, but I feel like I need to use it a bit more to come up with a verdict. Make sure you are friend on Instagram to get an update on this product in the nearest future. So far, so good.


Special Effects Nail Lacquer Kit


Now this is my most loved product from the Lovegrove collection - Special Effects Nail Lacquer Kit. Even though this is supposed to be a "holiday" kit, I tend to wear similar colours on my nails all year round. There is something so classy and sophisticated about this colour-selection: you have your basic white, nude and muted pink, as well as gorgeous reds (true red and oxblood) and finally a vampy black. This kit also includes a regular and "special effects" top coat. The latter one has specs of iridescent pink/green/gold shimmer in it, which will add a nice fun touch to even the most plain manicure.



I don't often wear a nude nail polish, but this shade 02 from KIKO's holiday kit must be the most flattering nude I have ever tried. It is a beautiful mix of beige and pink, while still being on a neutral side (not too warm/cool-toned). I can easily see myself wearing it to death this year and must say I am a big fan of KIKO nail polishes anyway: from the cheapest 3 Euro lacquers up to more expensive gels - colour opacity, application, wear - are simply amazing. I will make sure to share more of my favourites in a separate review sometime soon. 




I think KIKO did a great job with this holiday 2016 collection. Even though we are past the holiday season already, all of the products here can be easily used well throughout the year. If I could choose only one favourite to recommend - that would be either blush or nail polish kit. Everything here is reasonably priced and you can still grab some of these products for a discounted price online or in-store. 



If you are based in the UAE, you can now purchase KIKO products at the Mall Of The Emirates, Mirdif City Centre and Deira City Centre.


For more fun, beauty content on the go - make sure to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin. Have a wonderful Monday!



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